Sunday, August 27, 2017


Landon's work has a company Lagoon day every year and luckily he snagged some extra tickets so that we could bring Charlie, Suzette, and Jason with us this year. It was SO.MUCH.FUN!

I wasn't sure how much Charlie would even be able to ride or if he would even like it... but he was actually able to do a lot and he had a blast! It is the best thing getting to watch him experience new things.

They were wearing matching Spiderman shirts, so of course they had to get their picture with the spider. 
Charlie wasn't so sure about being thrown up right next to it though ha!
We rode a few of the "adult" rides before dinner and did the baby swap with Charlie (I didn't even know Lagoon did that!) Cannibal is definitely my favorite ride, but also the most terrifying ride ever.

Charlie was pretty entertained just watching the big rollercoasters and kept saying "woah!"

The wait for Wicked was pretty long, so I decided to take Charlie to the carousel and he sat on a frog all by himself like such a big boy. He would get a little nervous and reach for me, but he was so brave. We also watched a little bit of a show and he was mesmerized by the singers and dancers.

After eating dinner we all felt stuffed, so it was perfect to take Charlie on his rides. First stop was the boats and he was not super happy when Landon started walking away... It was SO sad and he almost took him out. But I'm so glad that we left him in because less than 30 seconds into it and he started to really like it and was even turning the steering wheel. It was soooo cute and we were so proud of him for being so brave!

It was actually pretty funny because he had four adults cheering obnoxiously on all of the rides. People were definitely giving us funny looks, but we were just so proud of him! :)

His favorite ride was definitely the Jeeps. They would whip around the corners and he thought it was sooo fun. It was the cutest thing!

Of course Landon had to go on the airplane ride with Mister.

Nini went on this bouncy off-road car ride with Charlie and for some reason their car was bouncing twice as high as everyone else's. I felt SO bad for Suzette! She was trying to hold Charlie's head to keep it from bonking and it just hurt her body with all the bouncing.

Everyone else's favorite ride of the day was the whale ride. He was SOOO cute in that tiny little whale. I can't even handle it!!!

The last ride we went on was the Puff rollercoaster. As we were waiting in line, I kept thinking that maybe this was going to be a little too intense for him... but we decided to take him on his very first rollercoaster and see how he did. Well, he didn't cry but his little face when we went down the little hills was SO heartbreaking! I felt so bad!! But he was just so brave and handled it like a champ. He didn't start fussing about it until afterwards. :)

Before the ride...
During the ride... :(
Within five minutes of being in the car, he passed out! Sweet boy was exhausted from all the fun and excitement.

It was a perfect day!

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  1. "four people cheering him on at every ride" It's funny because I see that I every once in a while and I chuckle to myself and think "aw, first grandbaby!" It's cute and it changes too fast, so enjoy it - not like I have to tell you! You are!


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