Saturday, July 29, 2017

Grandpa and Grandma Came to Visit!

MJ and Dawsen came too, but that would've been too long of a title. :)

We really had SOOO much fun spending the week with our family from Texas. They were here for a full week, but it went by too fast.

One of their first days we decided to drive up to Silver Lake and go for a little walk. Charlie LOVED it when we let him out of the stroller to walk around. He thinks he's such a big boy!

On Sunday, we hiked up to Timp Caves. It was nice to have all the boys help carry Charlie so I didn't have to, ha! Unfortunately when we got into the cave, Charlie lost it. I'm not sure if he was just exhausted or if he was scared of the dark (maybe a combination of the two) but the cave tour guide was like, "now would be a great time to take any kids who may not want to be here out of the cave..." woops! So Landon took Charlie out and had to wait outside for over an hour...

Okay, I guess I did carry Charlie for the last part of the hike. Big hiking backpacks aren't allowed in the cave :)

sound asleep!
He slept right through our picnic. I can't handle that little tootsie hanging out!

We took a little pitstop to Cascade Springs
We  had a really fun time celebrating the 4th of July while they were here too. Daren grew up in Orem, so going to the Provo Parade was a must. It was really hot, but we had fun. Charlie waved to the people and seemed to be pretty entertained (although, he was pretty straight faced the whole time haha).

The sweetest lady (you can see her in the pic) let me borrow their umbrella that she wasn't using. Life saver!

Then we had a little picnic at the park by our house with some yummy Firehouse Subs and then later a BBQ at Suzette and Jason's followed by the Sandy fireworks.

Charlie is OBSESSED with the American flag. Seriously he will start reaching for it and "ooo-ing" whenever he sees one. So when it's out in front of our house, he gets extra excited!
the cutest BBQ! And I'm so mad I didn't get any pics with Suzette and Jason!!! 

I was worried that Charlie would be scared of the fireworks, but he actually liked them! He would point and wave to them and it was adorable!

On their last day we went to the new splash pad out in Bluffdale and Charlie had a blast! He didn't love it when we went a few weeks ago, but he was REALLY brave this time. Grandpa was in heaven holding his hand and walking through the water.

By the end of the week Charlie had totally fallen in love with Daren and would say "Bampa." It was the cutest thing! He loved it when Bampa would chase him, but of course I was too busy dying over the cuteness to get it on video.

Charlie was also totally obsessed with Uncle Dawsen and had sooo much fun playing with him! We had to get a picture of Charlie with Dawsen while he was wearing the overalls Dawsen wore as a baby. So cute!

We had so much fun and we already miss everyone like crazy! Come back soon!

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