Monday, July 10, 2017

Emma and Tanya's Wedding!

After 20 years, my sister FINALLY married the love of her life, Tanya.

I'm really having a hard time finding the right words to adequately explain how I feel. Pure, overwhelming, bursting at the seams JOY!!!

I put myself in their shoes and try to imagine how it must have felt to keep their love a secret for two decades... To feel scared what people might think of them because of who they love. I can't even think about it without crying.

And then to finally tell the world and finally get to be together... WOW! Can you even imagine?!

Emma has always been like a mom to me. In fact, I accidentally call her mom all the time. In fact, I called her "Mom" to my mom only a few months ago!

She is the most kind, giving, selfless, sassy person I know. All of my favorite barbies/dolls growing up were named "Emma" because she was such a special person in my life. I will never forget when she left for her mission and they basically had to carry me out of the MTC (bawling my eyes out) because I refused to leave...

But that's where she met her Tanya, so I guess it's okay she left me. ;)

Mission companions :)
I met Tanya when I was about 9. She really is like a sister to me. She is always going out of her way to make me feel special (like sending the cutest holiday cards/CD's) and even sent Charlie his very first package after he was born. She is intelligent and funny and she loves my sister the way she deserves to be loved (and that's saying a lot, because Emma deserves the very best!!!)

They've always been "Emma and Tanya" for me, but I'm just so happy it's official. Their story obviously has a lot more to it than I'm giving it credit, but hopefully Tanya will finish writing that one day and I'll share it. :)

Anyway, their wedding day was SO beautiful and the love was just radiating from both of them. When I saw each of them come down the aisle, they really were glowing. I couldn't stop crying!!! So much love!

Don't worry, he wasn't wearing that hat the whole time.... 

Photo cred: Derek Chad Photography
Photo cred: Derek Chad Photography
Photo cred: Derek Chad Photography
Photo cred: Derek Chad Photography

The adults were more excited about the bubbles than the kids... ha!

Emma and Tanya, I really couldn't be happier for you!!!!

I forgot something so I had to run back inside before the sparkler send off and I found them having a little private dance party. They're really the cutest ever!!!!!!!

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  1. Hannah, I absolutely love this blog, and all the pics. Love you. :)


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