Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Charlie Update.

It's time for a random update on our little love.

Charlie is turning into such a little boy! He is starting to TALK, which is absurd to me, and his little personality is as big as ever. He has ALL the feelings. Gosh, we love him SO much!

-Some words he says: Mama, Dada, Bampa (grandpa), Papa, pretty (in reference to Nini's anklet or flowers), wow, woah, woof (when the dogs bark), ball, baby, share (sheh), num num. I've also heard him say "water" but that was a one time thing. It was impressive, ha!

-He is absolutely obsessed with balls. After his first word (woah), ball was definitely the next word he said and he pretty much says it all day long. He looooves to throw his ball and hold it and kick it. We definitely think he's going to be into sports.

-He also LOVES music. He still loves to sing and our favorite thing is when he sings along to the hymns at church. He loves to play his xylophone and recently played the piano at Nini's house. He thought it was the coolest thing ever!

-Charlie made a new friend, Finn! They play really cute together and an added bonus is that we really love Finn's parents and they live right around the corner! :)

-Charlie LOOOOVES airplanes. As soon as he hears one, he immediately looks up at the sky and then when he sees it he reaches up with both arms and says "wow!" or "woah!" It is the cutest thing. I wonder if liking airplanes is in his blood? I need to get his reaction to planes on video because it really is so cute. 

-Landon has been giving Charlie "swimming" lessons in our hot tub when the temperature is low. It's been awesome because Charlie is now super comfortable and confident in the water. Little fishy!

The way he reclines on his little floatie kills me!! SO funny!

-Charlie's new favorite thing is opening the cupboards. He has a favorite item from each cupboard, and it just cracks me up that he only goes for that one thing every single time.

-For Father's Day we went up to Brighton for a picnic and a walk around Silver Lake. Landon is the dad I always dreamed that my kids would have. From back rubs, to tickle and cuddle sessions, to teaching Charlie about lady bugs, how to swim, and how to whistle... I tease that Charlie was supposed to be "Mama's boy," but he is, and always will be Daddy's boy!

-We spent a fun day up at Deer Creek with my family. Charlie did not love the water at first, but he really loved playing in the sand! 

-Charlie got his first haircut on June 23rd. Landon and I both about had a heart attack when I snipped off the first piece. It was just soooo sad! 

 -Charlie is a big fan of books, so we took our first trip to the library and he got to pick out a few. He is obsessed with the book "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and will say "baa baa baa baa" and then go grab the book for me to read it to him. It's the cutest thing EVER. We also went to story time at the farm a few weeks ago and he looooved the animals!

At first he couldn't figure out how to say "baa baa" so he would say "ma ma" instead. So sweet!

Saying "ooooo." It was pretty exciting to sit on the tractor :)

-We had a fun play date with Jen and Lydia at Liberty Park. I just love the Egberts so much and wish we lived closer so I could see them every day!!! Ha :)

And just some random stuff :)

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