Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Charlie is growing up so dang fast! I have an update that I will be posting soon with all the cute things he's been doing lately, but this story needed its very own post. :)

All three of us were playing in the front room and Charlie was showing Landon a ball. Landon said, "woah!" to which Charlie replied, "woah!" It was the cutest thing EVER! And even though Charlie has said "ma ma" and "da da" for a long time now, this felt like an actual word. So, Charlie's official first word is "woah!"

I can't wait to hear what else Charlie wants to say to us. He babbles ALL day long, so I know he's going to have a lot to say once he can figure out how to say it.

We sure love our sweet boy!

P.S. We are cutting that crazy hair on Saturday. Sad day!

P.P.S. Another funny story, Charlie burped last night and then immediately after did a little "growl" like a fake burp. He is really the funniest, silliest little boy!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dad's 70th Birthday Party!

With my sister getting married 2 days after his birthday, my dad was not expecting to get any kind of celebration for his big 7-0. But, we managed to surprise him with a big 70th birthday party!

the big entrance! 
Jeremy and Autumn were the main organizers of the event--assigning food, decorating (including making the most awesome center pieces), and making the program of events.

How cool is that drum set? Autumn made it!!

Everyone brought curry, of course.

All 9 of his kids and my mom gave Dad "toasts" sharing funny memories and why we love him. I also made all of the toasts (including toasts from his sisters and the in-laws) into a book with pictures. It was really special!

The grandkids then sang, "All You Need is Love" and then Dad sang, "In My Life."

All the grandkids minus Audrey and Evie (who were in Spain, where they live).
It was such a happy event, especially getting to be with my whole family (minus Tom, Audrey, and Evie) to celebrate my Dad.

All 9 of us! 

Daddy, you truly are my hero. You have shaped me into the person I am today. I am so grateful for your patience with me, for your example and your testimony, for all that you've taught me about the world, and for your LOVE for me, all of your kids, your grandkids, and especially my Mama.

Happy 70th Birthday Daddy!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Charlie Update.

Charlie is full of personality and makes us laugh ALL day. I don't want to forget a thing, so here's a little update :)

-He waves hello/bye ALL the time now and it is honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen. I will never get over it.

-Tanner came home from Dubai! It was soooo fun getting to hang out with him. We sure missed him and we are happy he's home :)

-He is a pro walker and just walks around everywhere now. I love how he would walk with his arms in the air, but he's kind of stopped doing that now that he's more comfortable with walking... so sad!

-Charlie loves to "share" his food and it's so sweet, but kind of gross haha! I'm also trying to be more brave about the kind of food I feed him instead of just purees. So he eats sandwiches and chicken and rice and lasagna... basically whatever we are eating (just teeny tiny pieces. Like microscopic actually...)

-We loved having family in town for Emma's wedding. We went on a family hike to Stewart Falls and I got to test out my new hiking backpack I got for my birthday!

The Caputos!! 

I love this picture!!!

Cousins! Bodhi doesn't have a lot of boy cousins, so he was in heaven playing with Charlie. It was adorable!!!

-He LOVES to be chased and will just giggle and run away from you when you say, "I'm gonna get you!" He also likes to "get us" if you say, "don't get me!" he will "tackle" you and get you. It's soooo cute!

-Charlie's favorite toy is definitely any kind of ball. It's so cute because he likes to play "catch" and will throw the ball and then try to catch it and throw it back.

-Charlie LOVES to sing. He will sing whenever we sing to him and he also loves singing hymns at church. It's really the cutest thing I've ever seen.

He is just such a goofball and we can't get enough of him!!!!

12 month check up. He got soooo sick from the shots about a week later :(
my poor little sick boy :(

his fever spiked to 103.4!
So naughty!
A very RARE cuddle session. Heaven!!!
Landon showing Charlie a lady bug :) Don't worry, Charlie tried to eat it a few days later... ahhh! 
Just getting a little back massage!

Those teeth!!!! 
Celebrating my 28th birthday!
Big fan of strawberries, obviously :) 
Mornings=cuddles with Daddy!
He looks like such a little BOY! I can't even handle it!
Nini's birthday lunch
Mama's birthday dinner. His face kills me! 
He loves to touch and smell flowers or "pretties" as he calls them :)
Visiting Sally at her school. The kids LOVED Charlie!
Just having a little picnic :)

His "cheesy" face. I could eat him up! 

Visiting Dr. Emma at her office. Charlie hadn't been back since he was in my tummy and Emma informed us that he had a very large head. HAHA! :)

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