Friday, May 12, 2017

Camping at Sand Hollow.

Over the weekend we went on a camping trip with my parents (Nana and Pops). They have a trailer and go camping frequently, so it's really fun to get to tag along! We sure love spending one on one time with them and it was the perfect little mini-vacation.

"Charlie" picked this flower for me. Melt my heart!!!

Leading up to the trip, Charlie had a fever (it spiked up to 103.4 one night!!!!) and a pretty bad cough. I called the doctor twice on Friday and was reassured that if he seemed to be doing better and his fever was lower (it was still 100.5 that morning!!!) that I was fine to go camping, but just to bring him in on Monday if he still had the fever. I seriously went back and forth ALL day on whether or not we should go, but by the afternoon his fever was gone and he hadn't even had any medicine so we decided to go. I'm SO glad, because he really was feeling so much better (other than a lingering cough that just won't go away...)

Poor little sicky!!! 
Best little road-tripper! And finally fever free!!!
We got to the campsite on Friday evening and Charlie immediately wanted to get down in the sand and play. I LOVE seeing my baby acting like a little boy playing with the sand and trying to eat rocks (ahhhh! scared the crap out of me haha).

Apparently he thought his little set up in the trailer was hilarious. He slept surprisingly well!
On Saturday we attempted to have a "beach day" at Sand Hollow, but the wind had other plans. It was blowing a good 15-20 mph and gusts up to 35 mph. And they don't call it "Sand" Hollow for nothing... the sand is sooo fine, more like dust, so it was blowing EVERYWHERE. Not fun! It was blowing in our eyes and stinging our skin. Ouch! Not to mention, our little Corolla got completely stuck in the sand so Landon and my dad had to go to Walmart and buy a tow rope to tow the car out with my dad's truck...

But despite all the sand... we still tried to have fun at the beach. Charlie took a little nap in Nana's chair and just looked SO cute. He also LOOOVED playing with the water and sand and would just giggle as I held his hands and walked through the water. It was adorable.

Landon tried to kiteboard, but the wind was just way too crazy. He got dragged around a bit, which was pretty entertaining to watch. Ha! I wish he could've gotten up, because he's never done it on the water, but oh well!

After our failed beach day, we went to Black Bear Diner with my cousins, Jon and Michelle and their kids. It was so good to see them! Then my parents and Jon and Michelle went to a show at Tuachan so we took Charlie to Thunder Junction.

Again, he would just GIGGLE as he walked around the park because he was having so much fun. He kills me. Then we did the tandem swing and he was in heaven! He loved it!!!  It really is the coolest park ever! I can't wait to take him back when he's a little older.

On Sunday morning it was still windy, so instead of attempting another beach day, we decided to drive into Zion. It's seriously one of my favorite places on this planet and I can never get over how beautiful it is!

After Zion we had dinner with my cousins and had so much fun hanging out with them. We just love them!

It was a quick trip, but so much fun. Of course, trips like this are a lot harder than a one year old, but it is definitely worth the extra effort. Thanks for the invite Mom and Dad!!!!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Charlie's First Trip to the Zoo.

The weekend after Charlie's birthday we decided to continue the celebration and take him to the zoo.  Of course, he isn't quite old enough to truly enjoy it, but I really think he had fun.

It was the cutest thing watching him wave to the animals. I just about died!

After our day at the zoo, we went to Coscto for some hot dogs and then drove up to the "V" so Landon could jump off the mountain. No big.

can you see him?!

It was a perfect day with my little family.

P.S. How cute is this?!

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