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Charlie Dean: 11 Months Old.

Charlie Dean is 11 months old! I really don't know how this happened. How is he turning ONE next month?! It's really been the fastest and best year of our lives.

Charlie is SO much fun. I've never seen a baby with so much personality and so many feelings. He squeals and giggles when he's excited (my favorite is the sound he makes when he sucks in), he has the funniest grumpy face and can whine like the best of them, he's so curious and loves to explore (I wonder where he gets that from...). He's so much fun to play with because he will kind of do a "courtesy laugh" and he interacts and plays so cute. He LOVES to show off, so if he notices people laughing he just turns up the volume and acts even crazier.

He has grown up SO much this month!!! He has TWO teeth now, can pull himself up to standing, can crawl up on his hands and knees, goes from crawling to sitting, can walk with his walker and walk along the furniture, and he waves bye bye. It is so amazing to watch him learn and grow. When he first pulled himself up, I just started screaming! I couldn't believe it. And then just a few nights ago we were at Nini and Papa's and we were all waving "bye bye" and then suddenly his little hand did the motion. He just kept looking down at his hand in disbelief! He's just so smart and growing up so much. He seems less and less "baby" and more and more like a little boy. It's so fun, and of course it breaks my heart a little bit too. Slow down, time!

I didn't know it was possible but he just keeps getting cuter and cuter and we can't get enough of him! Here are some highlights from Charlie's 10th Month:

-Being away from Charlie for a week was SO hard. This month flew by (partly because February is so short) but also because we were gone for 1/4 of it! Charlie had so much fun with his Nini and Papa though! Here are some of the pictures they took for us while we were on our trip.

Enjoying some Costco samples

He loves his baby!

Skyping with Charlie every day was the only way we survived! He would get SO excited to see us. Melt my heart!

Henry and Charlie are best friends. 

Eating at IHOP!
Nini gave Charlie a lemon thinking he would make a funny face.. but he just loved it! haha.
SO happy to be home!!
The cutest poster that Nini, Papa, and Charlie made. It's still hanging up because I can't take it down EVER!

His little fingers!!!!
-I'm still mostly feeding Charlie pureed food and then soft food like rice, beans, yogurt, bananas, avocados, and cottage cheese. He'll eat anything I give him and would seriously eat ALL day. Sometimes we'll give him "bites" from a cookie and he just loves it! I can't wait to see how he reacts to his cake next month!

Eating a yummy cookie!

Cookie monster!
He does awesome eating from these pouches!

-I mentioned that Charlie has a lot of emotions and he's always had the best facial expressions... he really cracks me up! His "grumpy" face is my favorite haha.

-Charlie is finally getting cuddly again! For the past few months he stopped doing "nightly cuddles" or any kind of cuddles for that matter. It was the worst haha! But he started cuddling again and it's THE BEST! He cuddles me before his naps and he'll also lay his head on my shoulder when I bring him upstairs to his crib or put his face cheek to cheek with mine. I'm the luckiest mama! He also has given Daddy, Nini, and Pops some cuddles too! It's like he's finally learning that cuddles feel nice. :)

-Now that Charlie can pull himself up, nap time has become a bit of a challenge. He just thinks his crib is a jungle gym and that it's party time. I've tried everything from letting him cry/whine, holding him down so he can't roll over, and going in every 10 minutes or so to lay him back down and telling him very seriously "it's time for night night!" Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But pretty much EVERY time Landon puts him down, he goes RIGHT to sleep. It drives me nuts! I am not even being a push over or anything and I totally do a "serious" face and voice with my eyebrows down and everything, but it's like he can see right through me! He knows I don't mean it!!

-Charlie LOOOOVES bath time and I love it too because look at those ROLLS and that bum! He's way too cute!!!

-Charlie LOVES to explore. He has recently discovered the kitchen, which is so funny because he used to stop at the carpet like he was too scared to crawl on the hardwood. But, now he just wants to go everywhere and see everything (including the dog food!) I've had to get creative with ways to keep him in the living room along with making sure things like cords, remotes, etc. aren't anywhere within his reach! I have a feeling he will be climbing up the stairs soon which means it's time to find a baby gate!

This dinosaur toy acts a barricade to keep Charlie out of the kitchen!
-I caught Charlie playing with the mirror in his crib and I just about DIED from the cuteness.

-Charlie has the BEST giggle and definitely laughs for Dad the most. He loves playing with Landon!

-Landon's mom (Nini) got the cutest swing for her backyard and Charlie LOVED it. It was seriously the cutest thing watching him giggle and seeing that huge grin!

-Charlie is such a bookworm and he's always loved reading books. His favorite book right now is "Dada" and he smiles SO big when I start reading it and will "giggle" at certain parts (like the very end).

-Landon's little brother Dawsen came to visit from Texas. Charlie is usually really shy around people he isn't familiar with, but pretty much instantly he was warmed up to Dawsen. He's in LOVE with him!

-Charlie "celebrated" his first St Patrick's Day by wearing a goofy (but adorable) hat and helping Nana and Pops (my mom and dad) move. He was such a good boy while I was busy and luckily we were able to get everything packed and moved.

-Charlie decided to spend his last day of being 10 months old by EATING DOG FOOD! Mother of the year award goes to me... I was FREAKING out and of course Landon just thought it was hilarious... Oh man... I'm sure it won't be the last time. GROSS!

-The past few days Charlie has been so sick. It's breaking my heart. He has a fever, cough, and runny nose. He's really cuddly and wants to be held most of the day... Poor baby!

Charlie Dean, you make us so happy and we love spending time playing with you. You are getting so independent and grown up. You make us laugh every day with your personality and silly faces and sounds. We can't believe it's almost been a full year that you've been in our family. I really don't know how we ever survived without you! We love you more than you will ever know!!!!

And now for some random pictures and videos. :)

Charlie loves his cousin Kate!

Charlie LOVES Snapchat filters. Cutest bunny EVER.

Charlie finally got to meet my friend Summer! It was SO funny because he just wanted to stare at Summer instead of the camera, so Summer had to hide behind me and pop up right when the picture took. 

Do you see Henry? The boys always come on our walks and ride in the basket. :)

Charlie "helping" at Home Depot
This orange cup is Charlie's favorite "toy." So funny! Also, those hairs over his left ear are my fave!

He kept kicking the hymn book. :)

We were playing peek-a-boo with Nini's shirt and when he was trying to pull it off his head, his face got stuck in the shirt hole. Way too funny!

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