Thursday, January 19, 2017

Charlie Dean: 9 Months Old.

Our sweet baby is growing up so fast. I can't believe Charlie is 9 months old! I try to really soak in every minute, because time is going by way too fast.

He has so much personality and is a goofball! If he sees that you're laughing at him, he will laugh back and act even sillier. He makes us laugh SO much!

I just don't know how we got so lucky to be Charlie's parents. He has our whole heart and every single day I just look at him and wonder how we ever survived without him!

Alright, and here are some highlights from his eighth month:

-Charlie rode in a shopping cart for his first time. We usually just bring the stroller when we go grocery shopping and Landon pushes the stroller while I push the cart. But, I had some errands to run during the day, so into the shopping cart he went. He looked SOOO big and I think he liked it. :)

-He's getting SOOO good at mimicking and has learned a lot of fun new sounds (smacking his lips and clicking his tongue are the two biggies). He is just VERY social and loves to talk and interact. 

-Charlie likes to be involved in everything we are doing. He loves to watch us cook and help us make breakfast. He also had his first bite of eggs that day!

He's our baby bird :)

-Charlie finally got to meet my brother Nick, sister-in-law Brooke, and nieces Evie and Audrey. They live in Spain, so we don't get to see them nearly enough. It was so amazing spending some time with them.

-We celebrated Charlie's first Christmas! Obviously, this was a big deal so it got its own blog post. It really was such a special day.

-Charlie drank from a straw for the first time while we were at Village Baker. It was soooo cute!

-Charlie crashed on our traditional Christmas girl's lunch at Olive Garden. He was on his best behavior so that mama could catch up with her besties. :)

-Charlie went sledding for the first time on December 27th for my niece Eowyn's birthday party. He was pretty much indifferent, but it really was SO fun to take him sledding.

-We went to Cheesecake Factory and saw the lights at Temple Square with Nini and Papa, but I swear it was the coldest day of the year! SO cold!

-We celebrated Charlie's first New Year's Eve and let him have a little taste of Sprite. It's Landon's family tradition to have Sprite + candy canes for NYE. :)

-I had to take a picture of Charlie at 38 weeks because that was my very last bump picture and my water broke the next day. Right after Landon took the picture I told him, "that was the last bump picture you'll be taking!!!" I was sooooo ready for Baby Boy to come out. I needed to hold him and kiss him, and of course wanted to be done puking too! My pregnancy seemed to drag on and on... but these past 38 weeks with Charlie just FLEW by. Time is mean!

-I feel like a bad mom when I record or take pictures of Charlie crying... but I really just want to remember ALL of him. And boy, does he have a temper! He really is soooo much like me. People are always surprised to hear I have a temper, because I'm generally really happy. But when I'm mad, I am MAD! Charlie is the same way. He's really pretty happy and easy going... until he's not.

-Charlie still LOVES bath time and he's getting good at sitting in the bath too. It just makes him seem so big to have him sit and play in the tub! Before the bath Charlie does a "nakey" dance in front of the mirror. I can't really handle this silly boy!!!

It's hard to get a picture of this wiggly, splashy boy!

-He's getting really good at standing and can totally stand and play at his activity table (with me sitting right behind him in case he falls). He really might learn to walk before he crawls, which isn't good right?!

-He gives the BEST kisses and has even gotten a little bit more cuddly. I LIVE for our nightly cuddle sessions!! He also loves to do "noses."

I never, ever get to hold him while he's sleeping anymore so I was in HEAVEN!!

-He still hasn't started crawling... but I feel like he's sooo close. He mostly just "swims" on the floor, but I keep telling him that's not going to work on land. ;) He also goes backwards.

Trying to get Charlie to crawl with food and his binks. Obviously it wasn't going well...

-Charlie has always had the best facial expressions. Our favorites are when he scrunches his whole face when he's smiling (it's hard to catch on pictures because he's usually wiggling in excitement when he's scrunching his face) and his "turtle" face. Oh, and I also love the face he makes when he poops. Charlie if you're reading this in 18 years, I'm sorry bud...but it's really adorable! :)

Doesn't he look like a little turtle?!
His face definitely get more scrunchy than this, but this picture is pretty good at showing it. He gets nose crinkles when he's really happy, and that's something Landon has always pointed out about me too. :) 
And there's the poop face!!! :) :) :)

-He is such a fan of FOOD and is now eating 3 solid meals a day and only nursing 4 times a day. The problem is, he NEVER wants to be done eating... so if you let him he would just keep eating and eating and eating and then he'll puke it all up because he gorged himself. Everything I've read says, "your baby will let you know when he's full by turning his head, swatting the spoon, etc." Not my baby!

-He loves to sit and play with toys and really LOVES pulling the toys from the basket. He's getting SO big. I love watching to see what toys he picks, because he definitely has favorites (like his wooden crab!) My favorite thing is when he's playing and then turns around to be on my lap. I can't even handle it! Melts my heart every time.

-He's such a boy and loves rough housing with Dad.

-Charlie LOVES reading books and will sit and let us read to him for 20+ minutes! His favorite books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Tails, Where's Spot, Dada, and Barnyard Dance.

-I tried giving Charlie a strip of toast, because I wanted to see if he would just gnaw on it. Well, he did gnaw on it for a bit...but then he stuffed the entire thing in his mouth! So I'm going to stick to purees for now. I'm just terrified of choking!

-Charlie LOOOVES strings (like on jackets) and zippers. It was SO cute when he discovered his vest had a zipper on it. :)

And here are some random pictures and videos. :)

Bundled up for our walk. :)

So excited about Nini's train!
I can't really handle the way he scrunches his face! 

Me, Charlie, Landon. I feel like Charlie is a good mix of both of us! 
Grandpa and Grandma got Charlie a wagon for Christmas! YAY!!! 
Charlie sticks his finger in the hole on his binky and it is SO cute!
He's starting to get more picky with food and will totally SPIT it out and all over me if he doesn't like the food.

Sushi date. I guess I didn't get the memo to make a silly face. :) 
I'm obsessed with his fuzzy hair!!!!!!
Charlie has watched like 5 minutes of Little Einsteins and he LOVES it. But Daddy knows how Mama feels about the baby watching TV... so it doesn't happen very often. ;)

Henry always gets SOOO excited when we come home from being out that he'll JUMP onto Charlie. He is in LOVE with him. 

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