Saturday, November 4, 2017

Halloween Shenanigans.

Landon and I are huge fans of Halloween, so all month we have been doing activities to celebrate. It has been the best because Charlie just makes everything so much more fun! I have a feeling it will just keep getting better as he gets older and understands more.

One of the cute things that Charlie did this year that I never want to forget is that he says, "BOOOOO!" whenever he sees something "scary" (like a skeleton, a jack-o-lantern, etc.) It is the CUTEST thing ever. Gosh, we love him!

Anyway, October is definitely my favorite month, so get ready for a million pictures and videos... :)

Our first adventure was to Gardener Village to check out the witches. Charlie was obsessed with touching all the pumpkins and would say "boo" to the witches (of course). He loved walking around and at one point got really into the music that was playing and showed off his dance moves. He really couldn't be any cuter.

He was mesmerized by the witches hats that were hanging on strings :)

Next up, was Wheeler Farm. There was supposedly a scarecrow "festival" but there were only like five scarecrows and they were pretty lame... but it was still fun to walk around the farm. Charlie loves the animals and would "moo" and "neigh" at them.  

Then we finally got to go to the pumpkin patch. It was seriously the most perfect fall day. Of course Charlie loved all the pumpkins and loved finding rocks. He was a little nervous about the slide, but was so brave! When we were taking pictures by the barn, he was waving to all the people passing and it was the CUTEST thing. He also started waving and clapping when he rode in the wheel barrow like he was on parade or something. He's too much!

A rock in each hand, of course :)

We visited the pumpkin patch one more time after Charlie's 18 month appointment because he was SO brave getting his flu shot. On this trip he decided that the pumpkins were very bouncy, so he had to bounce on them. So funny! We also discovered a tunnel through one of the haystacks.

He weighs 26 pounds (55%), is 33 inches tall (70%), and of course has a huge head (93%!!!!) 

Landon's work does trick-or-treating at his office, which is so much fun because everyone decorates so creatively and of course we scored big on the candy-front. Charlie was ADORABLE walking around in his turtle costume (yep, he wore it last year too). It was so cute watching him carefully choose a candy and then drop it in his bucket. He did such a good job and had a blast. He totally understood the concept and was so excited by all the candy.

The next day we went to Daybreak to go trick-or-treating, because I was determined to have Charlie dress up as many times as possible. It turned out to be much smaller and much more crowded than I expected. But Charlie had so much fun dancing and he even got a balloon, which was very exciting for him. 

The next Halloween activity was a date night for Landon and me. We left Charlie with Nini and Papa and went to Fear Factory. We went last year too, so I would say this year wasn't quite as scary but we still had a lot of fun (except for the part when Landon was POINTING AT ME to tell the Chainsaw man that I was freaked out and to come get me. Little stinker...) It's so much fun getting some one on one time with my love :)

Then it was time to carve our pumpkins and watch Nightmare Before Christmas (my fave). We actually carved them while Charlie was sleeping, but he'll probably be able to help next year. He loved seeing the finished product though! I decided to do a cat (even though I am not a fan) because Charlie loves cats and I love the way he says meow. 

And now we are finally to Halloween! That morning we went to story time at the library with Nini and our friends Aleena and Finn. Charlie did a pumpkin craft with Nini and it was basically the cutest thing watching him help her glue the pieces on. 
Those cheeks!!!

I mean, really?!?!

Babies giving high fives = cutest thing EVER.
And last, but not least, we took Charlie for his first "real" trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. After a few houses he definitely understood what was going on and would get SO excited waiting outside the door that he would squeal and stomp his feet so fast. Everyone just about died over how cute he was! He was very selective about what candy he wanted and was so cute dropping it in his bucket (sometimes very hesitantly!) It was seriously the cutest thing.

When we got home, Charlie had fun going through his candy and probably ate a little bit too much of it too :)

And here's a side by side of the cutest turtle you've ever seen at 6 months and 18 months. We definitely got our money's worth out of this costume! 

It was the best Halloween EVER and I already can't wait until next year :)
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