Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Charlie Dean: 6 Months Old.

Happy Half Birthday to our little love bug! 6 MONTHS OLD! We can't believe it!

It's seriously been the best six months of our lives. Charlie has brought sooooo much happiness and meaning to our lives that I really don't even know how we ever survived without him.

We are starting to see more of his personality and we just think he's going to be a goofball. He is silly and I swear he likes to make us laugh. He's very social and his favorite thing to do is to talk and hang out with us.

He's very curious and BUSY (as you can see in the above pictures... haha!) He's really just a pleasure!!!

He's such a happy little guy who gives the biggest smiles, but doesn't giggle. It's just funny because he makes sounds and sometimes let's out a little chuckle, but mostly he just smiles big.

He definitely has his mama's temperament and can go from SO happy to SO mad in about 2 seconds. For the most part, he's super happy and easy-going, but when he's mad he's MAD. (Which seriously perfectly describes me, ha!)

He is a real life, angel baby and we love him SO much. I didn't even know it was possible to love so much.

I'm always in denial leading up to his "monthly birthday" and just keep telling him "you're only five months old!" instead of you're almost 6 months old. Slow down time!!!!

Anyway, here are some highlights from his fifth month:

-On September 19 (his 5 month birthday!) he tried food for the first time and ate some sweet potatoes. I was soooo nervous for some reason, like seriously SHAKING when I gave him his first bite... but he just loved it! He acted like he's been eating solids all along. He seriously cracks me up!

So far he has had orange and white sweet potatoes, squash, spinach, peas, carrots, avocado, tomatoes, apple sauce, banana, and pears. We are also going to start introducing things like yogurt, eggs, and small bites of peanut butter toast now that he's 6 months. And I made the food myself (other than the apple sauce) so I'm pretty proud!

He just LOVES food though. Every time he sees the spoon he just opens his mouth SOOO wide. He can't get enough of it.

I DIE over the sound he makes when he chews. He's always made that sound, but it's come out even more now that he eats. He is so funny!

He doesn't really care what you feed him, he'll eat it. I would say he doesn't "love" peas or spinach, but he still eats it!

He LOVES eating puffs. He totally "chews" on them and it's the cutest thing. 

-Landon joined a sailing race up at Jordanelle and raced a sailboat called a Laser. Charlie and I decided to go watch and hang out on the beach. There was a little boy there (maybe 10?) and it just gets me so excited thinking of Charlie going out there and sailing with his daddy one day. Hopefully he likes it!

-Charlie went on his first shoulder ride. I can't really handle these two and the relationship they have!

-Jason (Papa) had some really bad kidney stones that gave him a bad infection, so he had to spend some time in the hospital and had surgery. We went to go visit him, because Charlie is the best medicine. He kept trying to grab the pulse thing on Papa's finger because it looked like a cool toy.

-Henry and Charlie are turning out to be the best of friends. Oliver still doesn't want much to do with him, but Henry is obsessed. He LOVES licking him and gets really concerned if Charlie is fussy. He's also so patient when Charlie grabs his hair with his death grip.

-We went to Mimi's Cafe for Jolene and Joey's birthday lunch. Kate is still in love with Charlie. I can't wait for them to grow up as cousin BFFs.

-One of our favorite fall traditions is driving the Alpine Loop during conference. It was soooo beautiful and I always feel so close to Heavenly Father when I'm enjoying this beautiful world he created. It was a special day. We also stopped by Cascade Springs, which is one of my favorite places. It's so pretty!

-He is rolling all over the place now and will roll all across the room. We call it playing "roly poly."

-We took Charlie to his first pumpkin patch on October 7th. I know he's still so little, but holidays with him are just SO much fun. We loved showing him all the pumpkins and picking out his very first tiny pumpkin.

-We left Charlie with Nini and Papa so that we could go sailing one more time before winter comes. I cried that morning leading up to leaving him... I just do NOT like to be away from him. But we really had a fun time and Charlie had so much fun too!

-He has always stuck his tongue out when he smiles, but lately he's been sticking his tongue out on the left side. It's pretty much constant an the cutest thing I've ever seen.

-We went to Gardner Village with my mom, dad, and sister. I LOVE how decked out it is for Halloween and looking at all the fun witches. We had so much fun!

-He's been grabbing his toes for awhile now but I've been waiting for him to stick them in his mouth. He FINALLY did it on October 11th. SO dang cute.

-Charlie had some daddy time this past Saturday while I spent the morning with my mom and sisters. I missed my boys like crazy, but they had fun playing video games, flying daddy's new kite, and hanging out. I sure love them!

-Charlie went trick-or-treating for his first time at Trolley Square on October 15th. He is seriously the CUTEST turtle and everyone was freaking out over how cute he is. I wasn't going to share what he is dressing up as until Halloween, but I couldn't resist sharing these pictures.

We tried to see if he would grab the candy from the cauldrons, because he really is such a grabby boy, but he just seemed confused. Sweet boy! We sure love this little turtle and can't wait to dress him up in this costume a few more times this month with about a million more pictures!!

He got a little hot so we had to take off part of his costume

-Grandpa and Grandma Richins got Charlie the CUTEST converse and he wore them for the first time. I was worried his chubby feet wouldn't fit, but we somehow squeezed them in. :) He looked SO cute and so grown up! We decided he had to go out looking so fancy so we walked around the Lehi outlets and drove past our Draper temple. 

I mean really????

-This past week or so Charlie has started to get a little bit SNUGGLY when he's tired and we are basically dying over it. He's usually just SO wiggly and doesn't stop moving, but when he's sleepy he will lay his head on your shoulder for about 20 seconds before he remembers that he wants to wiggle.

-Charlie is getting pretty good at sitting up, and is doing even better now that we got him a new toy (an activity table, but we took the legs off for now). I just can't believe how BIG he is getting! 

-He is getting even more interactive and social. He absolutely LOVES to play and sing songs and read books. He has always been chatty too, but I swear lately he's been even more chatty. He always has something to say. He'll even have little "conversations" with us. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is still his favorite.

And last but not least, a few million random pictures and videos that are just way too cute... 

Those tootsies.... 

He loves sitting like this with daddy! 
He is also fascinated by the controller 

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