Monday, September 19, 2016

Charlie Dean: 5 Months Old.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to start writing about Charlie without tears welling up. Probably not. How can someone we've only known for five months fill our hearts so much? He is our everything.

I've always heard that you can never understand a parent's love for their children until you have one of your own, and it really is so true. The amount of love we feel for Charlie is indescribable. I've never felt such a sense of purpose and such a full heart. I seriously cry daily because either a) I am so happy and full of love and gratitude or b) I am so sad that time is going by so fast and I need it to slow down a little bit.

These days are precious and fleeting and we are trying to soak in every minute with our sweet Charlie Dean before he decides to grow up and move out of the house. I know I'm being dramatic and that it's 17+ years away... but I know so many parents that have told me "don't blink" because before I know it he'll be grown up. The fact that he's five months now is overwhelming because it seriously doesn't feel like he's that old. But of course at the same time we can't remember life without him so it feels like he's always been here. Five months? I'm in denial.

Charlie Dean, you are the sweetest boy. You make us laugh so much and you really are our best friend. We love spending time with you and playing with you. You give the biggest smiles and make the funniest sounds and tell us the best stories. We love you more than you will ever know!

Charlie is a super chill baby. He definitely lets you know when he's upset, but he's also really easy to soothe. Most of the time he gets fussy because he's tired. So you just swaddle him up, give him his bink, and lay him in his crib and he'll be passed out within 2 minutes. He's really an angel! He's also getting on a pretty good schedule and takes 3 really good naps during the day and a shorter nap in the evening. He sleeps from about 10:30pm-8am. He LOVES sleep, just like his mama!

Anyway, this post takes me HOURS but I hope that Charlie cherishes them one day. I know I will always be grateful I have these. I already love looking back on his newborn pictures and videos and of course it makes me cry because he's growing up way too fast! I tried to narrow it down a bit but here are a million pictures and highlights from Charlie's 4th month: 

-Charlie went on his first road trip and second camping trip the weekend of August 20th. We drove up to Henry's Lake, Idaho to go camping with Nana and Pops. It was a five hour drive and of course Charlie was a champ. He slept most of the way.

On Saturday we got settled in and then went to Mesa Falls. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was seriously STUNNING. I couldn't get over it. Charlie loved it too, of course. :) One of the park rangers told us that it was stroller accessible...well it wasn't. So we ended up carrying the stroller down tons of stairs. Oh well, it was worth it!

On Sunday we drove all around Yellowstone National Park and saw geysers, mud pots, and even some buffalo (of course). Charlie didn't sleep super well since we were always stopping and going, but he really is such a good baby and did great!

 It was so nice to spend some one-on-one time with my parents! Charlie loves his Nana and Pops! 

-We drove home on Monday and then that afternoon Charlie had his 4 month check up. He weighed 15 pounds and was 25.2 inches tall. Shots were no fun, but we all handled it a lot better because I came prepared with some pumped milk.

-Ever since Charlie learned to roll over on his 4 month birthday, nap time became tricky. He usually naps for 2 hours (ish) but suddenly he was only taking 30 minute naps because he would wake up, roll onto his belly, and then get all worked up. I would try to get him to go back to sleep and just keep rolling him back to his back, but no luck. So I reached out to family and friends and got a lot of advice. I ended up using a rolled up blanket and VOILA he stopped rolling over and anytime he would wake up during a nap he would put himself back to sleep. YAY!

-Charlie had a lot of visitors this month! He got to see his Uncle Tanner before he left for Dubai for ten months (sad!!!) and Grandpa and Grandma came to visit from Texas.

-We also left Charlie for the first time TWICE. I'm pretty much the bravest person in the world and only cried a little bit both times. The first time was with my parents (Nana and Pops) and my sister Emma. Landon and I went to Lagoon for his company party and we missed Charlie like crazy, but had so much fun. Landon kept calling me his girlfriend because it just felt so weird to be there without Charlie! Luckily, they sent me pictures and gave me updates and of course Charlie had a blast! He is so, so loved.

Landon had fun, he just refused to smile for pictures... Stinker!!
One of the pictures Emma sent to me. :)

The next time was when Daren and Liliana came to visit and we left Charlie with Nini and Papa while we attempted to kayak the Great Salt Lake (but actually ended up swimming). Charlie had an hour long cuddle session with Nini, so she was pretty much in heaven.

We are SO grateful to live by family and have so many people that love Charlie so much!

-Henry and Charlie are becoming best friends. They have staring contests and Henry loves to lick Charlie (don't worry mom, I always wash his hand afterwards!)

-While Daren and Liliana were here we took Charlie to Swiss Days (never again, it was crazy town) and also got to spend some time with some of the Richins' side of our family up in Heber.

-On September 5th we finally got Charlie's first real giggle out of him! We were DYING and we both watch this video on repeat. He's seriously the most smiley baby, but just not much of a giggler. We have been trying SOOO hard to get him to giggle, but of course Landon was the first one to get it out of him. :)

-We have had and continue to have a lot of failed attempts to get him to giggle. I don't have much of a "giggle" either and a lot of the time when I laugh it just comes out silent, so maybe Charlie is like his mama and doesn't have a laugh? Even if he doesn't giggle much, that big smile KILLS us. He's such a happy baby.

-Charlie is still loving his toys and we love watching him play. He loves playing in his jumper, his bumbo, and just on his blanket with toys. He also has started to like his mamaroo again now that he knows he can spin his "shapes." Remember when he just stared at them and talked to them? How did he get so big so fast?

He loves to eat his Very Hungry Caterpillar and his scrunch face kills me!

He is a crack up!

-Most of the time if Charlie is awake he wants to be standing or sitting and playing, but the other night he was perfectly content to let me hold him and snuggle him while I talked and sang to him. My heart really almost exploded. The only other time he will let me hold him and snuggle him is at night when I nurse him and he falls asleep. I usually cuddle him for a good 30 minutes every night and it's the best part of my day. He will never know how much I love him!

Nightly snugs.

-Charlie has gotten really grabby lately and loves to grab people's faces when you talk to him. It's SO cute!

-Before Charlie was even born I knew I wanted him to be a pumpkin for Halloween. I mean, how cute is a baby pumpkin?! Cutest right? Well, Landon vetoed the costume (it was a hand-me-down from family and is ADORABLE) because he said it was too "girly." I was a little bummed out, until we ordered his actual costume... but I guess you'll have to wait a few posts to see pictures of that. :)

-We got a new sailboat (I know, another one...) but this one is only 14 feet long and one that Landon can single hand or easily be able to take out with Charlie when he gets older. The Hobie Cat is an awesome boat, but it's harder to rig, harder to handle with an adult and a kid, etc. I'm so excited to see all the adventures Landon and Charlie have together.

Landon took Jason out on the boat on Saturday while Suzette, Charlie, and I watched from the beach. It's too bad the Great Salt Lake smells so much, but it was a fun day! Charlie was an angel, of course, even though he was outside all day and didn't get great naps. I'm also the worst mom because it was kind of cold and I mostly had him covered and in the shade but he still got a little sunburn. 

-On September 14 a few big things happened. Charlie decided to do multiple rolls in a row and roll all the way off the blanket! He's officially on the move! He also giggled for mama for the first time while we sang wheels on the bus. It melted my heart!!! He definitely makes you work for the giggle, because most of the time he doesn't make any sounds just smiles really big.

-Charlie is always SO happy when he wakes up. Even if he's sound asleep and you have to wake him up, he will just give you the biggest smile! We can't take it!!!

-Charlie makes the cutest sounds and we love how every week he finds a new way to experiment with his voice. He is SOOO talkative! Here are a few cute videos of his "noises." The only sad thing is once he learns a new trick, he stops with the old one... Like he doesn't cry with his mouth closed anymore haha. That was my favorite. :)

-Charlie loves to sing songs with mama. He really likes Wheels on the Bus, If You're Happy and You Know It, and You are my Sunshine. He also loves reading books, especially The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

-Charlie has always been such a wiggle worm, even when he was in my belly. He is constantly moving his arms and legs!

-Charlie and Landon already have such a special relationship. Landon loves to teach Charlie new things. Like when we're at the grocery store, Landon will show him all the different kinds of fruits and let him touch them and smell them and he tells him about them. It's really the cutest thing. Charlie is so lucky that he's going to get to learn so much from his dad! Well the other night Daddy gave Charlie his first lesson about tools. I'm telling you, they're best friends. :)

-Charlie is SOOO curious and is always so inquisitive when he hears a noise or sees you doing something that he doesn't recognize. The other day I put him on the counter in his bumbo to watch me cook (he was never out of my sight, don't worry!) He LOVED it and was sooo curious about the can opener, mixing things, the smells, etc. It's really so amazing to watch him learn and experience things for the first time. 

-So Landon has this baby picture where he's naked laying on his belly.. so of course I had to replicate it. Even though I don't think they look very much alike right now, they both have pretty darn cute bums ;)

-The past few weeks Landon has been trying to come home a few times a week for lunch because he can't stand to be away from Charlie. We also try to visit him once a week. I know Landon would do pretty much anything to be home with us all day. We sure love it when we get to see him during the day though!

And here are some more random pictures and videos, because I obviously have a problem!!!! :)

I am obsessed with kissing those chubby tootsies.  

Kit Kat LOVES Charlie. She just squeals and flaps her arms and claps when she sees him. It's SO cute.


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