Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Charlie Dean: 3 Months Old.

Charlie Dean is THREE months old! I can't believe it! He's growing up so fast and he is cuter every day. We can't get enough of him and he is smothered with love and kisses all day long! I finally understand what it means to love someone so much it physically hurts. It's hard to explain, but sometimes when I'm looking at him and he smiles at me I just cry and almost feel like my heart is breaking. I'm just so happy and so overwhelmed with love for him that it makes my heart hurt.

Some of his favorite things are: his binky, nursing, playing with daddy, reading books, going on walks, sleeping, and talking with people. He weighs 14 pounds and we are obsessed with his chubby cheeks, double chin, and rolly polly arms and legs.

He really is such an angel baby and we are so grateful for our tiny best friend. We feel SO lucky and so grateful to be his parents. He is our everything!

Now here are some (okay a million) stories, pictures, and videos of our sweet boy's 2nd month. We can't get enough of him!!!

-He's really starting to like reading books and playing on his play mat. He just stares at the toys or books with so much concentration. It's the cutest thing!

-He's such a talker and loves to tell us all kinds of stories. His favorite thing is just to sit or stand on our laps and talk with us or talk to the "shapes" on his mamaroo :)

-It's SO easy to make Charlie smile. All you have to do is look at him and he'll give you the biggest, open-mouthed smile you've ever seen. It's SO hard to get a picture of it though because he usually wiggles around like a crazy person when he's smiling :) He also smiles with his whole face. You can usually see it in his eyes before his mouth when he smiles. He's our sunshine!!!

This is the face I wake up to every morning. I don't even say anything to him because Landon is still sleeping. All I have to do is look at him and smile and I get the biggest smile back. I can't handle him!!!!!
-He's such a good boy and is still sleeping through the night (about 11pm-7am) and also takes a few really good 2-3 hour naps during the day. I can't stop taking pictures of him when he's sleeping because he just looks like an angel.

He started rubbing his eyes when he's tired a few weeks ago and it KILLS me. SOOO sweet!!!

-Charlie went swimming for the first time at Nini and Papa's on June 22nd. He didn't really love it at first because the water wasn't as warm as his cozy bath at home. Poor baby! But once I got him and snuggled him into me to keep him warm he seemed to like it better.

My poor baby!!!
Feeling a little better :)

-He slept in his crib for the first time (just for a nap!) on June 23rd. I sat outside his room BAWLING of course. I was crying for a few reasons--I was SO proud of him for going down so easily! I put him to bed drowsy and he just fell asleep on his own like it was no big deal. He's such a good boy! But I was also crying because I can't handle how big he's getting and I MISSED him. He still takes 1 nap in his crib every day and we'll probably transition him to his crib for nighttime soon. Ahhh! It makes me so sad to think about. We got him a mobile for his crib and he just loves staring at those whales. It's the cutest thing!

Pretty much two seconds after this video he passed out. He's SO good at putting himself to sleep. I'm one proud mama!

-He recently started LICKING our shoulders if we are holding him. It's hilarious and the cutest thing. Sometimes my shoulder will be soaking wet after holding him for just a minute. He also likes to lick his toys, fist, clothes... anything that is touching his mouth.

-We went to the Brick Slopes Lego Convention down at UVU. Landon is SO excited to take Charlie back to see all the legos when he's a bit older. I really can't handle how cute those two are going to be. Best buds. After all the lego excitement, we drove the Alpine Loop. It's beautiful and was Charlie's first time in the mountains!

-Charlie had a really fun first Fourth of July!

On Saturday we hiked the Y for the Stadium of Fire. We actually didn't stay for the fireworks because it was getting really late but it was still really fun to hear Tim McGraw and see the gorgeous valley from the Y. It was WAY hard hiking while wearing Mr. Chunk though. haha!

On Sunday we went to my sister Mary's and did fireworks with them in the culdesac. One of the fireworks was supposed to look like fish swimming... well it knocked over and started SHOOTING at us. Oh my gosh, I've never ran so fast in my life to get Charlie out of the line of fire ha!

On Monday, July 4, we went to get donuts for breakfast and then went to Nini and Papa's for homemade ice cream and hot dogs.

-We finally got Charlie some sunglasses and he looks SOOOO cute in them. The poor kid hates the sun in his eyes!

-We had a really fun BBQ and went swimming with our Egberts. Lydia is soooo sweet and would sing lullabies when Charlie was fussing to get him to fall asleep. Charlie liked this pool a lot better because it was 91 degrees! But, he only lasted about 5 minutes and then he was ready to snuggle and go nigh night. He's our sleepy boy. Thanks for the amazing night Egberts! We love you!

-Charlie met a lot of important people this month! His Aunt Ali, cousins Sahalie and Bodhi, his uncle Tom, and his future aunt Lorena. He's so loved!

-We went on another hike with the Miller Clan up to Bells Canyon. I really can't get over how gorgeous Utah is or how cute Charlie looked in his little hat! He loves to go on hikes and be outside.

-Charlie was the CUTEST cow I've ever seen for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. Suzette made Tanner and Landon cow costumes when they were really little so we all wore a piece of those costumes to get free dinner. I can't really handle how udderly cute my little family is!

-We had a little photo shoot with Charlie wearing one of his daddy's outfits. Do you see a resemblance?

-We took Charlie camping for the first time on July 16th to Deer Creek with my family. It was a jam packed weekend full of sailing, hanging on the beach, campfire, laughing, and hanging out with some of my very favorite people. Charlie was of course loved on by everyone and he really was such a good boy! I was sooo nervous about how he would be sleeping in the tent, being outside all day, etc. But of course I had no need to worry because he's an angel! He woke up around 3 am crying in the tent but went right back to sleep. We love our sweet boy!

-My absolute favorite time of the day is at 8 am when Landon's alarm goes off and I bring Charlie upstairs to have some Daddy-Charlie time. These two really are best friends and I absolutely LOVE watching them play together.

-Charlie recently found his fists and he's obsessed with them. I pretty much pee my pants watching him try to put his whole fist in his mouth. He's so funny!

-And here are more pictures and videos that didn't really have a story associated with them, but are too cute not to share!

Gotta catch 'em all!

They're going to be best friends one day!
Jammies from Uncle Tanner!
Charlie LOVES our nightly walks!

When we take Charlie to the movies I put him in a hat and stuff cotton in his ears to block out all the sound and he just sleeps like a baby :)
This cradle was made by Landon's grandpa and then this is an old mobile Suzette had for Tanner (I think?)

Can you handle those cheeks? And this is one of Landon's old onesies!

We love you SO much Charlie Dean!
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