Sunday, June 19, 2016

Charlie Dean: 2 Months Old.

Our sweet boy is TWO months old!

He's getting SO big and I swear he's cuter every day. We can't get enough of him! It's weird to think we've only known him for two months because it feels like we've had him forever. Landon and I cry almost daily (and when I say cry I don't mean we're like bawling our eyes out.. just tearing up a bit haha) because we just love him so much. Our hearts are forever changed! We love you SO much Charlie Dean!

Some of Charlie's favorite things are: sleeping (he's a really good sleeper and sleeps from 11pm-6am consistently and also sleeps most of the day still!), eating (he's also a really good eater, which explains the CHUB!), his binks (binky), playing with dad, snuggling with mom, his mama roo bouncer, bath time, and going on walks.

Some of his nicknames are: Char Char, Char Dean, Mister, Monkey, Bugs, Chunker, Grunty and then of course all those names like sweetie, love bug, etc.

We'll find out tomorrow at his doctor's appointment what his 2 month stats are, and then I'll update this post. I have a feeling he's 13+ pounds though. He's already in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes! We love our little chunker!

Today also happens to be Father's Day, so it's really fun to celebrate my two favorite people today! Landon really is the best daddy to Charlie. It makes me cry watching the two of them together and seeing the love Landon has for Charlie.


Anyway, here are some highlights from this month:

-On Charlie's one month birthday, Landon got in a motorcycle accident. A guy fell asleep at the wheel and rear ended him, about 1 mile from our house. I think I'm going to do a whole post about that... but it wasn't a great way to start out Charlie's second month :( We had visited Landon at work just a few hours earlier.

-Charlie ROLLS over during tummy time. The first time he did it he was only 4 weeks old but we got it on camera at 5 weeks. That little crazy! He's a WIGGLY boy and doesn't love tummy time, so he kind of gets frustrated and wiggles his way onto his back haha.

-He still makes the BEST faces. He's a very expressive little boy. :)

-He also has the best SMILES and has started to coo more and more. It's our favorite!!! He smiles with his mouth SO big. Oh my gosh, it kills me!

-We've taken Charlie to the movies a few times and he does GREAT! He just sleeps the whole time and gives me lots of snugs :)

-I took him to the doctor when he was 5 weeks because of his reflux. I could just tell he was REALLY uncomfortable when he would spit up and he spits up SO much. At that appointment we found out that Charlie weighed 10 pounds 5 ounces!! I started saying "noooo, nooooo!" when I saw the number on the scale because I could not believe how big my baby was! No wonder he hadn't been fitting into his newborn clothes hahaha! I had still been trying to squeeze him into them! He's really such a CHUB and we loooooove those rolly polly legs and arms. Oh, and of course those CHEEKS.

-Daddy gave Charlie his first bottle and Charlie LOVED it. I thought he might not like it at first, but he just took it like a champ. Landon loved feeding Charlie too! I told him I was really nice to share that experience with him because I love feeding my baby! :)

-On Memorial Day, Charlie went to his first BBQ at my brother Jeremy's house. Everyone loves him and we got some cute pictures with him and his cousin Kate who is 8 months older than him. They're going to be besties.

-I celebrated my first birthday as a mom and it was definitely my best one yet! I loved spending my day with Charlie, going to my sister's for lunch, getting to see my daddy (we share our birthday!), going to dinner with Landon, and then cake at Suzette and Jason's. Landon spoiled me rotten and got me an apple watch, which I have been dying to have! Suzette made me a cake (SO sweet of her!!!) and I didn't even know what to wish for because honestly I've always wished for Charlie. :)

-We visit dad at work once a week and go for a little walk.

-We took Charlie to church for the first time and he looked SO handsome!

-I started work a few weeks ago. I was seriously getting major anxiety about going back, but honestly it's been great! I work 2 hours in the morning and then 2 hours in the afternoon while Charlie sleeps. I've never planned on working after having a baby, but since I get to be home and I'm only working part time it's really working out great. I still have plenty of time to hang out with Charlie and do stuff like running errands, cleaning, or going to visit people during the day. And while I work, I have Charlie right next to me. He's my favorite co-worker, for sure.

-Charlie finally got to meet his Grandpa, Grandma, and MJ. It was SO sweet when Daren held him for the first time he started to cry. Charlie is SO loved. Grandpa and Grandma also started a college fund for him that they will be contributing to every month. Can you believe it?! We are SOOO grateful for them and their generosity and I know Charlie is going to be SO grateful to have that.

-On June 11, Landon gave Charlie the sweetest blessing. It was such a special day and Charlie is a very loved and special boy who is going to do amazing things. Also, Charlie cried almost the whole time during the blessing and afterwards taking pictures... little monkey! :) After everyone left he PASSED out for pretty much the rest of the night. He was exhausted from all the excitement and attention ;)

-He loves going on walks and being in the car. Most of the time the movement puts him right to sleep, but lately on our walks he gets the biggest eyes like he's trying to see everything and take it all in. It's adorable, but of course I don't have any pictures of him doing it! :(

-I tried baby wearing Charlie with a Boba wrap and he was not a fan... so when I tried a baby carrier and he loved it, I was SOOOO happy! We both love it because I get to snuggle him but can also get stuff done around the house and he loves to be close to mama. It's a win win!

-Charlie LOVES his daddy and loves playing with him. He always gives Landon the biggest smiles!

-He's only recently, become super interested in staring at the patterns on the mama roo. He'll smile and coo and be perfectly content in there for like an hour! It's soooo cute!

In this video he does a screech that sounds like a baby dinosaur... which is also a sound I have been known to make haha!
-And as if I didn't have enough pictures on this post, here's a few more :)

Do you see those little dimples?! They're my favorite!
I "mustache" you a question... have you seen a cuter baby?!

Cuddling Charlie is my heaven.
He's SOOOO handsome, just like his daddy! ;)

Wearing his British outfit from my aunt and hanging with his British grandparents :)

Those blue eyes KILL me! Landon and I both have brown, so he got his blue eyes from Pops (my dad) and Nini (Landon's mom)

He should always wear tank tops! I can't get over him in this outfit!

Making s'mores at Nini and Papa's house

Celebrated his 2 month birthday by sleeping in until 7:30!

Anyway, Charlie Dean is our best friend. He has brought us so much joy and love and we are the luckiest to be his parents!

P.S. Here's a few more videos too!

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