Thursday, May 19, 2016

Charlie Dean: 1 Month Old.

Charlie Dean is ONE month old today and it's pretty much heart breaking how fast time is flying! I keep telling myself I need to be excited about him getting older and get excited for big milestones like when he starts smiling, rolling over, crawling, getting bigger, etc... but oh man, it's just so sad. I wish I could freeze time! He is just the sweetest boy and I don't know how we ever survived without him.

Anyway, this past month has been the best month of my life. Don't get me wrong, it's also been very hard... transitioning to being a mom overnight is no joke! But I love Charlie more than I ever knew I could love someone. I can't even sing to him or tell him how much I love him without crying. He's an angel and my dream come true. I've waited to meet him my whole life and I can't believe he's real and  that he's ours. I feel so lucky to be his mama and I know it's the most important thing I will EVER do or be. I love spending my entire day snuggling him and only put him down when I absolutely have to. I just love him SO much and I'm trying to soak in every moment. 

Watching Landon be a dad has also been so incredible. He's a natural and the love he has for Charlie is unreal. One thing most people may not know about Landon is how much he loves. He loves SO deeply and Charlie is so lucky to have him as his daddy. I thought Landon would maybe a little hesitant with a newborn, but he just jumped right in. He's the one who gives Charlie his bath every other night, he straps him into his carseat whenever we go anywhere, he pushes the stroller, he helps change diapers and get him dressed, he sucks his snot out, cuts his fingernails, etc. I really was not expecting Landon to feel so comfortable and confident, but I should've known because that's how Landon approaches everything in life. He just DOES it. I always tell him he's never been more attractive to me then when he's snuggling and loving on our baby. :) We loved having him home with us for two weeks after coming home from the hospital and I may or may not have spent almost the whole day crying when he had to go back to work.... woops! 

Anyway here are some highlights from his first month and of course a picture overload :)

-He had his first bath at home. We give him a bath every other night and he LOVES it. It totally relaxes him :)

-We took him grocery shopping for the first time. We are such paranoid first time parents that we bring the stroller and keep him covered so one of us pushes the cart and the other pushes Charlie. We can't put his carseat in the germ-infested cart! :)

-We go on a family walk every night. At first Charlie didn't love being in his carseat but he's doing a lot better now.

-He has the best facial expressions and 90% of the time when he's awake he has this grumpy, furrowed brow look going on. It's awesome. We also love his sleepy smiles :)

-I was worried about Charlie gaining enough weight because he wasn't eating as much when he was sick and he also spits up a TON... so we pulled out our food scale and weighed him haha! :) At his last weigh in a few days ago he was 8 pounds 10 ounces with his clothes on, so he's still such a tiny boy..he still wears newborn clothes!

-He is such a grunter! We call him grunty, grunters, Mr. Grunty, etc. It's seriously so cute...except for when he does it all night in his sleep and keeps me awake ;)

-When he was one week old he got a horrible cold. Landon and I were up all night holding him and crying. It's just the most heartbreaking thing to hear such a tiny baby struggling to breathe. We were SO worried about him and took him to the doctor the next day. There wasn't anything they could really do, so they told us to get the Nose Frida (which is awesome by the way) so we would just have to suck his snot out multiple times a day. His breathing sounded terrible and he had a horrible cough that lasted for just over 2 weeks. It was the WORST. We even took him to the ER one night because the Owlet was giving us oxygen levels of 80% for over an hour... he ended up being fine but gosh worrying about our sick baby just about killed us. Not fun. We are SOOOO happy he is feeling better now!

-Charlie LOVES to be held and snuggled. In fact, I find it hard to get ANYTHING done because all I want to do is hold him and stare at him all day. So most of the day, that's exactly what I do. I have to soak up this newborn sleepy/cuddly time while I can! He's such a sweet boy!

-He's had quite a few visitors since we've been home from the hospital and everyone loves him so much! He's such a loved little boy. His Uncle Tanner came from California and Uncle Dawsen came from Texas to meet him! He also met his future wife, Lydia ;)

-During tummy time he ROLLED OVER! He's actually done it 3 times now!! Since day one he's had a really strong neck and can lift and turn his head. So during tummy time he lifted his head and wiggled his legs (he was a bit upset) and flung himself over. I couldn't believe it! Stop trying to be so big Charlie. Stay little!! :)

-He usually wakes up around 3 am and 7 am for nighttime feedings, which really isn't too bad! He can sleep anywhere from 4-5 hours between feedings at night. I would be getting pretty good sleep if he didn't grunt at night haha. I also love his "milk drunk" faces :)

-He had his first "check up" at the doctor and weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces. (3 ounces more than his birth weight and less than a week after he was born!) Dr. Zarbock said he was "perfect" and we couldn't agree more!

-He has the CUTEST old man forehead wrinkles I've ever seen!

-Charlie apparently hates taking pictures, just like his dad. On his due date, May 1st, we went to my brother Tim's house to take his newborn pictures. At almost 2 weeks old, Charlie was still sleeping MOST of the day... but of course on this particular day he decided to be wide awake and totally grumpy haha! We did get a few good ones, but we were there for 3+ hours trying to get him to sleep ha! Thanks so much Tim and Ang!!

-He likes to have his hands by his face or above his head when he's sleeping and it's pretty much the sweetest thing.

-I celebrated my very first Mother's Day by going to brunch with my family and also spending time with Landon's family. Mother's Day has been a really hard day for me for the past 4+ years and I can't believe that this year I'm finally a mom. I am the luckiest mama in the world to have my Charlie Dean!

-Landon got Charlie to SMILE yesterday (May 18th) and it pretty much melted our hearts! Gosh, we love this sweet boy!

Charlie, mom and dad love you SO much. You're our whole world and have brought so much happiness to our life!

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