Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 25 & 26 Weeks!

So much to say this week! It's really been a busy past few weeks, which I guess is a good thing because time is still flying by! Everyone says the last part of pregnancy is going to drag on but for some reason I just feel like Baby Boy is going to be here before I know it. And that thought makes me want to cry happy tears one second and then tears of utter terror the next second. I try to push anxiety out of my mind, but sometimes the reality that I'm going to have a tiny person that I'm responsible for just makes me feel so completely overwhelmed! We are going to be parents in 14 weeks... whaaaaat?!

Okay so last week at 25 weeks I was SO sick. Like back to puking daily, multiple times a day. It was terrible! On top of that, I had to go to the doctor because I got an infection. Which really isn't a big deal and so common in pregnancy, but I've never had a UTI and I was so worried about the baby. I was worried that I had let it go on for too long and that my baby was sick too. He seriously hadn't been moving like his crazy self that week, so I was basically just a nervous wreck. I called Landon to tell him I had to go to the doctor and he could tell I was upset and tried to help me calm down. When I got to the office my phone started ringing and it was Landon telling me he would be there in a few minutes! Sweet boy!! He left work early to come be with his panicked wife. I love him so much. Anyway, everything was fine and the next day I felt so much better (thank you antibiotics) and Baby Boy was back to moving around like a crazy person ha! I asked Emma, my sister who is an OB, if when my body has an infection if it makes my baby feel sick. And she said yeah, it definitely makes him feel "off." My heart pretty much broke. I knew Baby Boy wasn't being himself... it's because he felt off! Oh man, poor baby!

So the week started off a little rough, but ended really awesome because we got to have another ultrasound with Emma! He is seriously the cutest thing. His little legs were crossed and his little hands were up by his face. I love seeing his mouth open and close and love seeing him wiggle. We love him SO much!

We also finally started getting some stuff done to get ready for him! We registered, which by the way is SO overwhelming. Like why on earth are there 100 different strollers to choose from?! Ha. Anyway, it feels good to have that done because I've been stressed about it haha. I also started painting his crib. For some reason painting it made it all seem real. Like it just hit me that there is going to be a baby sleeping in this crib in MY house. Of course I just started crying, but definitely happy tears.

Okay so let's get to the update. I still have more stories to tell but they'll fit nicely with the questions :)

Baby is the Size of a: Last week he was a rutabaga and this week he is a scallion. Apparently he is 14 inches and about 2 pounds. That's huge!

Cravings: This past week I felt a little better, so when I feel better my appetite is back to somewhat normal. So this week the craving was a pizookie--a huge cookie fresh from the oven so it's still mushy and warm with vanilla ice cream on top. Mmmm!

Food Aversions: I don't know, nothing really. I guess I try to stay away from trying anything new or anything that might make me gag. I ate a cutie this week that had a seed in it (they're supposed to be seedless!) and I seriously almost threw up. Ha!

Symptoms: Well, last week was terrible with puking every day but this week I've actually felt pretty good. And by pretty good I mean I'm still nauseous almost all day but didn't throw up as much haha. It's so great to have a break from the puking, but it probably means that this coming week will be rough.

Fears: Everything is starting to feel so much more REAL. So I'm starting to get stressed about everything we have to get done before the baby comes. And then of course, just stressed about parenthood in general but I remind myself that I just have to take it one day at a time :)

General Mood: Happy!

Sleep: I am definitely starting to wake up more in the night. Like every time I roll over, or I get up to pee like 3 times haha. But I'm still sleeping pretty good!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! My regular shirts are starting to become belly shirts now, so that's been kind of funny.

Movement: Okay this week I had the coolest experience! I was spazzing out. So I felt the baby's hand pushing up on my tummy, not like a little jab but just pushing. Then he stopped so I pushed back in the same spot and he pushed me back! It was like he was saying hi to me! It was the coolest thing and I was freaking out! He also is just a busy busy boy and sometimes he just goes crazy. I say he's having a party! He is WAY more active at night and in the middle of the night, so this is going to be a real problem when he's born and he thinks nighttimes are for parties! Also, he still loves Landon and gets extra kicky when Landon talks to him or sings to him. :) It basically melts my heart into a little puddle. I can't handle it! Landon is already the best daddy.

Looking Forward To: We are going on a baby moon to Hawaii next month!!!! AHHH! Okay so here's the story. My work does this thing called "paid paid vacation" where they PAY you $2,000 to go on vacation once a year. Coolest thing ever right? Well the only problem is you don't qualify until you've been working there for 6 months... which would put me at 38 weeks. So we were planning on doing a stay-cation in Salt Lake, which would've been fun but kind of a bummer that our last "trip" before the baby was just here. Plus we haven't been on a vacation since October 2014! Which is weird for us, because we like to vacation! Well, Landon had the idea to ask my work if they would let me take my vacation early because of my pregnancy but just wait to submit the receipts for reimbursement until I was qualified. And guess what? They made an exception for me!!!!! I seriously work for the BEST company. Of course I just started bawling haha and we got to planning that night! We're going to Oahu for 6 days and we are SO excited! I'm spoiled rotten and have been to Hawaii 4 times, but this is Landon's first time. Yay! He's also getting certified for scuba diving so that'll be SO cool for him to scuba in Hawaii. I'm fine with just snorkeling :) Anyway, we are SO excited! We really vacation for cheap, so we found really cheap flights, cheap rental car, and cheap places to stay. We LOVE using Airbnb! Basically you rent out someone's entire apartment/condo so you get a full kitchen and everything, but it's WAY cheaper than any hotel. Plus they have things like snorkel gear, body boards, beach chairs, etc. so we get to use all that which is way convenient!

One of the places we are staying is right on the beach so we can walk right from the condo to our own little beach and cabana!

Okay so that was a big update! Now for the bump pictures. I'm feeling rather LARGE lately :)

Only two more weeks left in the second trimester! Ahhhh!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 23 & 24 Weeks!

Oh man, only 16 more weeks to go?! That means only 8 more of these posts. I can't believe how time is flying. Sometimes I get REALLY overwhelmed at the thought of how much my life is going to be changing in just a few months. We are SO excited, but nervous and scared all at the same time! Such a ball of emotions!

Anyway, here's the update :)

Baby is the Size of a: Last week he was a large mango and this week he is either an ear of corn or a cantaloupe. It's so funny that we compare the baby's size to food. Basically, he's humongous and almost a foot long and 1.5 pounds! The baby app said that his brain waves are similar to those of a newborn, so that means he can actually have conscious thought and memory. He's SO smart!!!

Cravings: Still not having any weird cravings. I mainly just want carbs and plain food.

Food Aversions: Still not loving food in general. I can eat pretty normal during the day, but I always have to be careful what I eat for dinner because it's most likely coming up...

Symptoms: I go through waves of feeling okay and then feeling terrible. Last week I was puking 2-3 times every day for 5 days straight and that was pretty much miserable. But now I've gone 3 days without puking, so I'm grateful for the days when I feel a little better! But I'm still nauseous every day, even though I'm taking two "miracle" drugs that supposedly stop nausea. Ha! I also woke up a few nights ago with a terrible charlie horse and Landon just had to rub my leg to make it go away. It killed! And now my leg is still all tight. I feel like my body is just a mess haha.

Fears: SO many haha. But I also just found out at my last doctor's appointment that he won't induce me until a week after my due date. I have SO many problems with this... 1) He's going to be huge and I don't want a 10 pound baby 2) He'll be born close to Mother's Day so that means for the rest of his life, his birthday will always be around or ON Mother's Day. I could care less about giving my baby the spotlight on Mother's Day, but what about his future wife?! I'm stressing. 3) He's going to be huge. Anyway, I had my first dream about him the other night! I have been wanting to dream about him forever. In my dream he was born a week late and he was like the size of a toddler. And after I fed him, he picked up his burp cloth and started wiping his mouth!!!! I just started sobbing and saying, "see! He's too advanced! He's too advanced because he came a week after his due date! He shouldn't know how to wipe his mouth! He's not even a baby anymore!" hahaha! I guess I'm just really worried that if he's born late I'll miss the whole newborn/baby stage ;)

General Mood: So so happy. And everything makes me cry haha.

Sleep: Always sleepy and always ready for a nap haha. I love how much sleep I'm getting though! Since I work from home, I get to sleep in until just before 8 and then roll out of bed and start working. It's AMAZING how much extra sleep I get just because I work from home. It's a miracle actually.

Maternity Clothes: I think I've gotten dressed maybe 4 times over the past few weeks. Haha I just live in jammies or yoga pants :)

Movement: So much! Sometimes I feel him jabbing in two different places at once, so I swear he's like kicking his arms and legs out at the same time. He's just a busy boy and I really can't get over his kicks and punches. They're my FAVORITE. I love it when he wakes up and starts moving. With every jab my heart just grows even more with love for this baby. I can't even explain it, but I just love carrying this sweet boy around with me all day! He also totally knows Landon's voice and gets really wiggly when Landon talks to him. It's the cutest thing in the world.

Looking Forward To: I keep saying I'm going to get started on his nursery, and this time I really mean it. We just bought the paint for his crib so I can't wait to get that painted and set up. I have a few other ideas for his room, but it's not going to be anything too fancy :)

And here are the bump pictures. I'm really just SO big. I look like I'm 34 weeks along instead of 24!!

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