Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review.

Last year I dubbed 2014 as the year of adventure, and it really was. 2015 has always been the year of the roller coaster for me. It wasn't a "fun" year for us, we didn't go on any trips and there was a lot of stress and heartache... but looking back my heart is still so full of gratitude, especially now that I can see how things all worked out for the best.

The year actually started out pretty exciting. We were just starting to "try" having a baby, and I was convinced it was going to happen right away so of course I was SO excited! And that meant that we would have a baby in 2015 too. We were SO happy.

But then months went by with no luck, so it started to get pretty depressing. On top of that, Landon was VERY unhappy at his job. And on top of that, we decided we were ready to get out of Oregon and move back to Utah. But, we couldn't do that until we sold our huge 37.5 foot sailboat... And that whole process was definitely a roller coaster! We had multiple offers fall through at the last minute, we had our engine DIE in the middle of the river on a test sail with a potential buyer, we found out our boat had huge issues during the inspection....but we FINALLY sold it after 8 long, stressful months. Oh, and we lost 8k in the sale. Fun!

During that whole extravaganza, we had started applying for jobs in Utah. I'm talking 50+ jobs... Landon had a few phone interviews but nothing really serious. And we still weren't pregnant. It was rough. We did have a few little camping trips and visits to family in Utah and Texas that kept us busy. It also made us even more homesick and ready to be done with Oregon :)

And then on Father's Day we found out we were finally pregnant and we were SO incredibly happy. But you know how that ended. Heartbreak and sorrow like I've never, ever known. And then to find out my dad's cancer was increasing very drastically and that he would be starting treatments in the next month or so... we had reached our breaking point and decided we would sell our house and get really serious about finding a job in Utah.

Henry was not amused ;)
So we put our house on the market and a few weeks later we found out we were pregnant again with our miracle!  This is where our year finally started to look up :)

About 2 weeks before our closing date we still had no Utah job prospects. So we started looking for apartments in Oregon, so we wouldn't be homeless. But I just knew that we needed to be in Utah. So we took a HUGE leap of faith and moved to Utah, with no job and a baby on the way...

I still can't believe how perfectly everything fell into place after our move to Utah. It makes me cry. Landon found a job immediately (which he LOVES by the way!), we found our house and closed within 3 weeks, I found a job where I can work from home, and we are living by FAMILY and friends! It really is such a miracle and such a blessing! Especially after all we had been through, it felt amazing to finally have things falling into place.

The biggest blessing of 2015 is definitely this little baby boy who is kicking away in my tummy as I type this. He is already SO loved, and we haven't even met him yet. Every time I feel him kick, my heart could burst. He is REAL. I can't believe it!

I am so incredibly thankful for 2015. I learned and grew a lot during those hard times. One lesson that I feel like I keep coming back to is, "this too shall pass." Even when we feel like we are in our darkest or our lowest point, we have to remember that it will end and there will be sunny days ahead. I even found myself saying over and over in my head last night as I threw up 3 times, "this too shall pass!!!!" ha ;)

I really can't wait for 2016. The year we become parents and the year we get to meet our baby! I know there will be challenges, but I also know that it will be a year full of love. We are so ready for you 2016!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 21 & 22 Weeks!

I think I'm going to slow down with the pregnancy updates and maybe just post every other week. There isn't really too much going on, other than both baby and I are working on getting fatter. Ha! We really love this baby boy SO much and can't believe he'll be here in 18 weeks. What the crazy!!

Baby is the Size of a: Last week he was a carrot (10.5 inches!) and this week he is a spaghetti squash (11 inches and ONE POUND!!!) He's just getting so big and strong.

Cravings: CEREAL, especially Life cereal. I seriously could eat it for every meal!! I also have been eating a lot of cuties (clementines) and love any kind of starchy food--pasta, potatoes, bread.

Food Aversions: food in general :)

Symptoms: Still puking, but not as much. I also forgot to mention a really funny symptom I've been having this whole time... I have a really bad peeing problem! TMI but every time I throw up, I pee my pants. I finally learned that I have to sit on the toilet and hold a bucket to puke in. Gross huh? Sneezing can also be very tricky! ;) I'm also SO emotional. Like one morning last week I was working and looking out the window at the snow and listening to Christmas music and just started sobbing, like uncontrollably. I was just overcome with emotions of gratitude, and happiness, and love and Christmas... haha. It's pretty funny. Also, pregnancy brain is the REAL deal.

Fears: Oh man, I don't know if pregnancy has made me more anxious or what, but I definitely have had some "panic" moments the past few weeks. I've had some dull, cramping on and off so of course it freaks me out. Baby boy also is VERY active at night when I am laying down, but the other night he didn't move at all. So I had nightmares all night, got up to pee at 5am and then couldn't fall back to sleep until 5:30 when he FINALLY kicked me. I seriously was fearing the worst, but I really just need to calm down and trust that he is healthy and strong.

General Mood: Emotional!! Happy and grateful.

Sleep: Still SO sleepy and consistently getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night. It's heaven. Pure heaven.

Maternity Clothes: Same, just maternity jeans and sweats/jammies :) I also got some really cute maternity shirts for Christmas, so I've started to wear some of those too. My belly is huge! I seriously can't believe it has 18 more weeks to get even bigger. Ahhh!

Movement: He's definitely a busy little boy and gets most active at night when I'm trying to sleep. I'll kiss Landon goodnight and then roll over and just start giggling because it almost tickles, plus I just love it so much so it just makes me happy/giggly. Landon also has started to lay on my belly to feel him kicking and he can actually hear it too which is so cool! One night baby boy wasn't moving, but then Landon laid his head on my belly and started talking to him and he totally started kicking! I swear he recognized his daddy's voice and wanted to say hi :)

Looking Forward To: I knew that after Christmas-craziness was over I was going to want to start working on baby stuff. So I'm really looking forward to getting his room set up and doing research on baby gear and kind of just getting ready for him :)

And here are a few bump pictures for the past few weeks. I'm feeling so huge these days, but I really just love it!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015.

I think this is the best Christmas I've had, at least as an adult. It just felt extra special and I think a lot of that has to do with the gratitude I have for this healthy, growing baby inside of me and a lot of it has to do with the amount of family and love we are surrounded with.

Last Christmas, we were alone in Oregon. And both Landon and I will be the first to tell you, it was pretty much the worst Christmas we have ever had. Ha! It just didn't feel right to be alone just the two of us. We missed being around family and we were ready to be done living in Oregon. This Christmas was the complete opposite! We are surrounded by SO much family and it really was the best.

Daren, Liliana, and MJ came to stay with us from Texas and Landon's brother Dawsen came from Texas too, but he stayed with Suzette :) From Landon's side we were just missing Tanner and then from my side The Caputos (in Hawaii) and the Nick Millers (in Spain). I wish we could've had everyone with us! Maybe next year!

We did a few things that I took zero pictures of, so I'll start there :) We saw Star Wars at 10pm on Christmas Eve Eve. This is a Richins family tradition to see a movie really late and then go to Ihop afterwards. I wasn't super thrilled, because 10pm is my bed time, but luckily I snuck a nap in earlier that day and I actually stayed awake for the whole movie. (It was really good by the way!) We got to Ihop at 1am and there was a twenty minute wait! Can you believe it? It was just so random that Ihop was so busy, but it was really fun!

On Christmas Eve we had a very relaxing day, because we were SO tired from staying up until 3 the night before. Later that day we went to see my dad's Christmas bells concert, which is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! They play at this really old chapel by the capitol downtown. It really sets a good tone for Christmas singing and hearing songs about the real reason for Christmas, the birth of our Savior.

After the bells concert we went to look at the lights on Temple Square. Gosh, I've missed Utah!! It's seriously SO beautiful.

We came home and watched It's a Wonderful Life, but I accidentally fell asleep and missed the end of the movie. Bummer!

Christmas morning we woke up and went to my parents house for my favorite Christmas tradition--Christmas breakfast complete with sugary cereal, Christmas crowns, and Christmas crackers.

After breakfast we went back home and had Landon's family over for Christmas dinner and presents. Yep, we didn't open presents until AFTER dinner around 4:30 haha. It's kind of fun to do it that way because if you open presents first thing, Christmas kind of feels "over" so this way we had the anticipation all day. :)

I got Landon some wireless earbuds, a Star Wars lego set, a weather station, and a car lift. He got me a new coat and AN IPHONE!!!!! Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you how HAPPY I am to have a new phone! My old phone pretty much is the worst thing ever. It's like the original Samsung Galaxy... and it just had a lot of problems. So Landon and I had an agreement that if I could go a month without dropping my phone, I could get a new one. The problem is, I really am just such a klutz and dropped my phone at least 3 times in that month. My other phones had died due to being dropped in a bathtub, being run over by a car, etc. etc. etc. so basically, I shouldn't own nice things... So when I opened the iPhone I was scared to even take it out of the box. Everyone was telling me that I just needed an OtterBox. Well, those are kind of ugly so I said, well maybe if it's pink I could have an OtterBox... well the next present I opened was a PINK OtterBox haha! Landon knows me so well! I'm so glad it wasn't an ugly black one or I would've felt really bad for what I had just said :)

We also were spoiled rotten by all of our parents and got clothes, the new cold play CD, a homemade blanket, shoes, candy, jeans... and baby boy even got some clothes!

One of the highlights of our day was watching Henry's reaction to presents. We just don't really have dog toys so we decided to get him some and Suzette (Nini) got some too. He LOVES his new toys and it really is the cutest thing EVER to watch him play with them! Suzette got him these tiny balls and they're the perfect size for him. He just looks like a real dog chasing his ball and carrying it in his mouth... we can't handle it! Oh, and for the record the toys are technically for Oliver too, but he could care less :)

He's obsessed with "squirrels" so we call these toys squirrels and he goes NUTS!
Anyway, this year Christmas was really special. We feel so loved and SO grateful for all of our family. We are also so grateful for our little baby boy--who by the way, went CRAZY on Christmas Eve when I was trying to go to sleep. I told Landon he could sense the Christmas excitement :) I can't believe that next year he'll be with us... I know that will probably be our best Christmas yet!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks!

Half way!!! Ahh! This is going by SO fast. Today I have been extra grateful for this healthy baby. When I found out I was pregnant again one month after my miscarriage, we didn't have much hope. We weren't even excited because we were just so scared. Now baby boy is so big and we are just so grateful he is healthy. My heart could burst! I also can't believe how soon he will be here! Like we are going to be parents? This is for real?! It doesn't feel real!

Anyway, here's the update for the week :)

Baby is the Size of a: Banana! He's 10 inches from his head to toe. Up until now, the apps have been telling me how long he is from head to bum, but now they start measuring from head to toe. 10 inches seems so big to me! From here on out he's pretty much all developed, just working on getting bigger. I'm pretty much convinced he's going to be a chubster :)

Cravings: Still not having any weird cravings... I just love bland food! Top ramen, rice, mashed potatoes, tater tots.

Food Aversions: Food in general is still pretty gross. I can't wait to have my appetite back!

Symptoms: Well, I did an experiment this week and tried to not take my nausea medicine. I was still throwing up on the pills, just not as much. So I wasn't sure if they were actually helping or not. Turns out they were definitely helping! So this week I felt a lot worse than last week, but now I'm taking my pills again and feeling a bit better. Still nauseous, but puking less.

Fears: I had girls lunch with my besties this week and I just can't really handle hearing their stories of  labor and recovery! Holy cow! I don't know how my mom had 9 kids!!!

General Mood: Pretty good, but definitely still moody and a bit impatient I'd say haha.

Sleep: Oh man, this week I haven't been sleeping as good. I've heard as you get bigger it gets harder to sleep but I was kind of thinking that would happen around 30 weeks not 20 haha. So my hips have started to get achey at night and I've been waking up in the middle of the night with headaches and nausea. Oh well!

Maternity Clothes: Just maternity jeans and sweats. I live in my jammies and yoga pants!

Movement: Oh he is SO busy! I really LOVE feeling him move all day. I've noticed that he gets active after I eat and then every night as I go to bed he's wide awake. It's my favorite to lay there and feel him kicking and moving around. Landon also felt him kick again this morning! Ahhh it's so special!

Looking Forward To: Christmas, of course! :) I can't believe next Christmas I'll have a little 8 month old crawling around!! Ahhhh! :)

And here's the 20 week BUMP. Everyone keeps teasing me that I look further along than I am, but I just don't care. I love being pregnant!! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks!

This past week was so exciting! We had our anatomy scan on Tuesday and baby boy is HEALTHY!!! We couldn't be more grateful. I have seriously been having nightmares for over a week and was just terrified that something was going to be wrong. But his heart and brain and limbs and everything look great! He is SO cute. I can't really handle seeing his little profile and his hands and his TOES. His feet are my favorite thing ever. I mean really, is there anything cuter than baby feet?! It's just so special to see our baby boy. We love him so much! At our ultrasound the lady told us he weighs 9 ounces! So he's pretty much humongous. It was really neat to see his heart (and hear it, gosh I love that sound) and it was also amazing to see his mouth opening and closing! I just can't believe how developed he already is. There was liquid in his tummy already, so she told us that's a really good sign that he's swallowing! Good job baby boy! We are so proud of you!! ;)

Anyway, let's get to the update...

Baby is the Size of a: Mango! 6 inches! It's so crazy to me how much he grows in ONE week. His legs and arms are in proportion to the rest of his body now, which is pretty cool!

Cravings: I really don't have any weird pregnancy cravings. I've been drinking Vanilla Coke and I actually kind of like it, which is weird because I've never liked Coke. But my sister told me it can help my nausea and headaches, so I started drinking it and suddenly I'm a fan! I also have felt more of a desire to eat healthy things again, so I think my appetite is coming back.

Food Aversions: I guess I'm still not loving meat and greasy things.

Weight Gain: I'm taking this question out from here on out... I honestly don't care too much. I mean obviously I don't want to gain an unhealthy amount, but I'm not too worried about getting "fat." I LOVE having a baby bump!

Symptoms: I think this is the best week I've had, nausea-wise, since 8 weeks. So that's kind of a miracle! I only threw up a couple times the entire week! WOOHOO! I am on some new medicine, so I think it's actually helping. Finally! I was starting to think my nausea was unbeatable. I have also noticed that it's getting a little harder for me to move certain ways. Like bending over to plug in the Christmas tree... or even pulling myself up from laying/sitting down.

Fears: I've started to feel a little anxious about what I need to do to get ready for this baby. Like should I be looking around for strollers and getting his room ready and stuff? I don't even know! Or just thinking about what I should do before the baby comes... like really taking advantage of sleeping in and taking naps and having time to myself ;)

General Mood: I asked Landon and he said "Grumpy!" but he was just being a stinker. So I asked him for real and he said I'm pretty happy. So that's good to hear from another person's perspective, because I feel happy but I know I can also be a little bit impatient/grumpy/emotional haha :)

Sleep: Yes please! I am always ready for a nap.

Maternity Clothes: Yep, but let's be real here. I work from home so most days I don't get out of my jammies!!!

Movement: I'm starting to feel him more and more! He's definitely a busy boy. I love it! Last night he was moving around and I put my hand on my belly and he kicked me twice pretty hard and I actually felt it on my hand. So I freaked out and had Landon try to feel, but of course he stopped kicking. It was just those two big kicks. Then later in bed, he started kicking me hard again so Landon hurried and put his hand on my belly and HE FELT HIM KICK! Oh my gosh! It was so special. Landon was so happy! He's been trying to feel him for awhile now, and I'm so happy that baby boy is getting big enough and strong enough for him to feel!

Looking Forward To: I'm getting so excited for Christmas! It's soooo crazy to me that this is our last kid-free Christmas ever. Last Christmas we were by ourselves and didn't get each other any presents (our present was our England trip) so it was pretty much the lamest Christmas ever. This year we get to be with most of our family! Landon's dad, wife, and her daughter will even be visiting. It's going to be magical. I LOOOOOOVE being by family, especially during the holidays!

Okay one more story, we had our friends James and Christina visit over the weekend from Texas. We LOVED having them here, but of course I didn't take one single picture. Anyway, we noticed that someone had hung a random blue ornament in our tiny tree in front of our house. We thought it was a neighbor being a stinker because almost everyone in our neighborhood has lights up and we don't... so we thought it was their way of telling us to decorate our house or something. So Landon and James thought it would be funny to shoot at it with Landon's airsoft gun. For about 10 minutes they took turns trying to shoot it with no luck. Landon decided to look at the ornament and he noticed it said "2015" and it looked like his mom's handwriting. So he flipped it over and it said "Baby Boy" I seriously almost peed my pants. It was the funniest thing EVER! I'm SO glad that neither of them were able to hit it! Haha! Isn't it the cutest thing?!

Anyway, here's my 19 week bump. I really love being pregnant!!! And I swear I look bigger in pictures than in real life...

And last, but certainly not least, here's a video from our ultrasound. I seriously can't get over his cute face and his crossed legs!!! We love this tiny boy SO much!

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