Friday, September 11, 2015

Peace Out Oregon...

Guess what?

WE ARE MOVING BACK TO UTAH!!!!!! Tomorrow! This has been in the works for awhile now and I finally get to blog about it!

We didn't know what was going to happen and so much was up in the air. It's been a crazy couple of months...

We have been really missing family lately and have felt the urge to move to Utah for awhile now. Our plan was to maybe move there Spring/Summer 2016.

So we started to do things, like selling our sailboat and re-doing our roof to get ready to move in a year or so. (I told you we had a good reason for selling Viking!)

But suddenly we couldn't wait anymore. We wanted to be by family now. So we listed our house at the beginning of August and Landon applied to a million jobs.

I'm really going to miss this cute blue house. Our first home!

We got an offer on our house within 5 days, but we didn't have any luck with the job search. So we moved forward with selling our house, not really sure what we were going to do...

We did a lot of negotiating on repairs during the inspection period and we honestly didn't think we were going to close the sale. But then we reached an agreement and it was time to make a decision.... Do we stay in Oregon where we have a job, but no family and no house? Or do we take a leap of faith and quit our jobs and move to Utah?

Well I guess you know which one we decided to do. Aren't we crazy? It's actually amazing how calm I feel about this whole homeless, unemployed thing we've got going on. I just know it's all going to work out.

So after 4 years we are saying goodbye to our home and goodbye to Oregon. Like we are loading up the truck tonight and pulling out in the morning! CRAZY!!

We will miss our friends so much. We only made a few, but those few are very dear to our hearts. I will miss my darling nanny family that I seriously just started working for 2 months ago.. ugh! And the family I nannied for 3 years! I will miss the ocean and the GREEN and I'm sure I'll miss other things too. But mostly we'll miss the Fluckey's...

It's definitely bittersweet but we really are SO excited to finally live by family! And my best friends! And the mountains! Oh my gosh!!

Utah...we're coming for you! :)

P.S. My sister flew in last night from SLC and she is a LIFESAVER! She's been packing all day and went to the grocery store to pick up treats and will help us drive and I just don't know what I'd do without her. Plus, I just found out my little Grace Fluckey is over there packing up too! Did I mention I've been working full time this week and trying to pack? There's no way I could've done it alone. THANK YOU!!! :)

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