Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review.

Sometimes it is such a pain to write here on this little blog (especially now that I have TWO), but I am always so grateful I have it and that I have documented our life in this way :)

Anyway, this is my favorite post to write because I love reflecting back on our experiences. 2014 was a really good year, full of adventure! I think that's the biggest thing I'll remember about 2014. We sailed in an ocean, crossed an ocean, tried windsurfing, visited Europe, and overall kept VERY busy!

January 2014

We started house hunting. We decided we had to move and buy a house that had room for a shop for Landon to build the F39 trimaran.

We finished putting our boat back together and brought her home to her dock! Our boat had to be taken apart to be trucked down from Seattle to Portland so we spent two months putting the mast back up, rigging her, and updating some of the electronics. It was a LOT of work.

February 2014

We had our first real Oregon snow storm! We LOVED being trapped inside our house for 3 days and had a huge neighborhood snowball fight.

March 2014

We decided not to move. After having a contract drafted and almost signing it, we both felt it wasn't right to buy a new house. It was a really hard decision, but looking back now, we are SO glad we didn't move forward with it. It was a darling house, but we love our current house and decided we could make a shop work in our own backyard.

I visited Utah! It was a quick trip, but it was really nice to spend some time with my family. I sure miss them.

We celebrated Landon's 26th birthday! We took our boat on a little overnight trip and then had friends over for cake and ice cream.

April 2014

I decided enough was enough and decided I needed to lose some weight! I made a goal to lose 15 pounds and started exercising and tracking my food on MyFitnessPal. It was all about portion control, not restrictions.

Landon started sewing a spinnaker sail! There's really nothing he can't do and I'm always amazed at his ability to jump right in and do something with no prior knowledge and experience!

May 2014

Suzette and Jason came to visit us for about a week! We had SO much fun showing them around Oregon, sailing, exploring the beach, and just hanging out.

We took the boys on an overnight sailing trip to Government Island. It was beautiful and relaxing!

June 2014

I turned 25! We celebrated by going out to dinner and on a hike. It was a perfect day, but I wasn't too happy about the age I turned :) Oh, and I got a Macbook Air! YAY!

Landon finished sewing the spinnaker. It was so fun getting to see it flying :)

We booked a trans-atlantic cruise! Oh man, this was such an exciting day to know that I was FINALLY going to visit England :)

Tim, Ang, Atlie, and Macie (my brother, sister-in-law, and nieces) came to visit! We had so much fun hiking, sailing, watching movies, and hanging out. We sure love them and are so glad they came to visit us!

July 2014

We sailed from Portland to Garibaldi, Oregon along the Pacific Coast! That was definitely the most adventurous thing I've ever done. There were moments of pure terror, pure exhaustion, and pure misery.. but honestly it was one of the coolest things we have EVER done.

Landon started building the F39 and set up a ginormous shop in our backyard. We have big plans for this boat, so it was really exciting to finally get it started!

We went on a flotilla with friends and sailed to downtown Portland. It was a fun, memorable trip, and we almost de-masted our boat on a bridge... :)

August 2014

We went camping to Crater Lake! It was so breathtakingly beautiful and such a fun weekend with our little family.

We went to Utah for Daren and Liliana's wedding! It was such a perfect day and we couldn't be happier for them! I also got to see my family for a minute which was nice :)

We visited Landon's grandma Ellen in Kennewick, WA. We love her so much and it was so nice to spend the weekend with her!

September 2014

We went Windsurfing! We decided to take lessons and even though I spent the first half of the day in the bushes, I finally got the hang of it and LOVED it. Landon was a natural of course :)

October 2014

We spent three days in ENGLAND with Suzette and Jason! Seriously my dream come true. It was so amazing to spend time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins and see where I'm FROM. I need to go back right now :)

We went on a 12 day transatlantic cruise! It was a little crazy to cross an ocean and spend so much time on a cruise ship, but we had an amazing time and honestly I wasn't ready to get off the boat!

November 2014

Daren came to visit! He had to be in Seattle for business, so we were really happy he was able to work it out to come visit us the weekend before! We had so much fun sailing, playing games, and hanging out!

I started my blog! I can't even tell you how fun it is to have a place where I can share my passion for health and fitness! I love helping and motivating other people! Having this blog has seriously kept me SOOO busy. It is like having another job. I easily spend 25-35 hours per week writing posts, designing and recording workout videos, creating recipes, taking pictures, etc. It's been such a fun adventure :) It's definitely taken me WAY out of my comfort zone, but we all know that getting out of our comfort zone leads to amazing things :)

My parents came to visit! It was SOOO amazing having them here for Thanksgiving. I have missed them SO much and we had the best time playing games, sailing, and hanging out. They're just the cutest.

We celebrated FIVE years of marriage. Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?! I am so grateful that we have had so much time just the two of us and I wouldn't trade this time for ANYTHING. We have been able to do so much and grow so much together and I feel like we will be better parents and spouses in the future because of the strong foundation we've been building. It's seriously been the most amazing adventure being married to my best friend :)

December 2014

Jen and Dave came to visit! It was SO fun to have them stay at our house for a night while they were up here for Dave's work. Lydia has gotten SO big and is just such a sweetheart! We love the Egberts!

We celebrated our first Christmas just the two of us. It was a little lonely, and I cried my fair share of tears but when Christmas day came we were both feeling much better and tried to make it a special day :) It was definitely a Christmas to remember and I feel so grateful for my husband and puppies!

2015... I am so ready for you! I always get so excited about the new year, but I think 2015 might be the best year yet :) Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014.

This was our very first Christmas spent just the two of us... not going to lie, we were feeling pretty darn lonely.

Sometimes I feel like such a loser up here in Oregon. We don't have any family and only have a small handful of friends... It's kind of sad! I'm from such a huge family and have always had a group of close friends, so I'm used to being surrounded by people that I love. I miss UTAH!

This was taken a few years ago, but it's probably my favorite Christmas picture ever :)
Anyway, we were supposed to go to Texas to visit Landon's family for Christmas, but the flights were just way too much and we couldn't justify spending over a grand on plane tickets. Such a bummer! 

On top of being alone for Christmas, we didn't get each other any presents. We decided back in June when we booked our big cruise that it was our Christmas present to ourselves. Traveling is expensive and the only way we could justify spending all that money was to not spend more money on Christmas presents. 

No presents, no family, no friends.... pretty pathetic huh?

Honestly, a fair share of tears were shed on my end. Being away from family is always hard, but it's especially hard around the holidays. 

But, we really tried to make the most of it and not wallow in self-pity. And guess what? It ended up being a very memorable and special Christmas!

We took our boat out on the Columbia to watch the Christmas Ships Parade. It was POURING rain, so I couldn't get very many pictures but we had fun! We brought our "Cocoa Latte" and made some yummy hot chocolate and blasted our Christmas music as we watched the ships do their thing on the river. It's so cute! 

 You can kind of see the boats in the background... just blobs of light :)

We ate a lot of Christmas candy, fudge, and cookies. I am not trying to boast, but I promise I make the best chocolate chip cookies you'll ever have ;) Haha! The secret is to add extra flour people! No one likes a flat, crispy cookie! Santa ate all six cookies that I left out for him, which is a pretty big deal to get Santa's stamp of approval ;) 

On Christmas Eve we watched It's a Wonderful Life (I cry every single time. It's just SO good!), went on our walk, and stayed up late talking, snuggling, and watching more movies. It's the absolute best to have nothing to do and spending time together like that :)

On Christmas morning we slept in until 9:30! And then we laid in bed for another was SOOO relaxing! I love having "bed mornings" as I like to call them. We really need to live up these lazy mornings because they are numbered... I hear that kids don't like to sleep in. Darn it!

I wanted to make a nice breakfast, which ended up being pancakes and chocolate milk. No eggs or bacon, but we were happy with it :)

We had a few presents to open from my parents, which was really fun and so nice of them! Suzette had presents waiting for us in Texas, so I know she felt bad but we told her NOT to send them and waste all that money in postage. She's such a sweetie and we wish we could've been there to spend Christmas with Landon's family! Daren also sent us a VERY generous gift too! We are so lucky to have such amazing parents!! THANK YOU!!!! :D

We got to Skype with family which was a huge highlight of our day.

my oldest niece, Savannah! I can't believe she's a JUNIOR this year

The boys' favorite part of the day was their Christmas present--a rawhide bone each :) I love how Henry holds it with his paws.

After chatting with family we went to see The Imitation Game. Oh my gosh, it was SO good. We both loved it! We never, ever pay to go to the movies, but we decided we would go to make Christmas more special :)

We got to the movie theater about 45 minutes before it started, because Oregon doesn't do reserved seats like they do in all the Utah theaters. We ended up sitting pretty close to the front, but it wasn't too bad. Since we got there so early, Landon had the idea to bring a game--Boss Monsters. We're such nerds but it was so fun and really helped the time go by fast :)

For dinner we had honey mustard salmon, red lobster rolls (the mix is at Costco and they're AMAZING!) green beans, and caesar salad. That's my idea of a perfect meal!

We finished the day with Muppet Christmas Carole :) And I forgot to mention, I call myself "Hannah Claus" 

I will never, ever forget Christmas 2014! It started out super crappy and feeling terribly lonely and upset, but ended up being one of my most favorite Christmases (spelling?!) EVER. It was simple, relaxing, and since we didn't have parties or many presents we were really able to focus on the things that matter most :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and hope that next year we actually get to spend it with our families :)

P.S. I have been their mama for TWO years this Christmas! They're my Christmas puppies :)

P.P.S. It was SO funny to watch them with our little Elf. They were so scared at first and then they showed it who was boss... and actually chewed off his thumb. Woops!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Life Lately.

So it's been a realllllly long time since I've updated this blog and I have a really good excuse... I promise! So here's a little bulleted list about what we've been up to since our big trip :)
  • Well, first things first I'll explain why this blog has been completely neglected... I started a fitness blog! It's something I've been thinking about doing for months but finally got brave enough to actually do it. I've thought about how much I would love to be a personal trainer, how much I would love to help people, and how much I love to talk about I decided to combine all of these things into one. Landon was really the one who helped give me the little push of confidence that I needed and so far it's been such a fun adventure. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me so far by following along via my Facebook page, subscribing to my YouTube channel/doing my workout videos, and sharing my posts/videos/blog with their friends and family. I'm SO lucky to have such amazing friends and family! I really would love to help as many people as I can and it seriously makes my day to hear people say things like, "I just started working out last weekend and you really motivated me!" or "I saw how easy it was for you to lose weight and I've decided to start eating better!" Ahhh, it's the best you guys. So thank you for supporting me and thanks for following along! Click on the pictures to check out the blog posts ;)

  • Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. I just love the fall and love this time of year. We love watching "spooky" movies all month, but since we were gone for most of October we really had to cram in the just the best ones like Casper, Hocus Pocus, Coraline, Corpse Bride, Hotel Transylvania...

    When we got back from our trip we went to the store to get our pumpkins, but unfortunately there weren't many good ones left. We were both bummed, but decided to get 3 smaller pumpkins and make them our "love" pumpkins with an L, H, and a heart. Awww! They actually turned out to be really easy to carve and way less gunk to clean out. Plus, we LOVED the way they turned out :)

    On the 31st, we had a cozy night at home watching Nightmare Before Christmas. I made spinach ravioli with orange sauce by mixing alfredo and marinara. It actually didn't taste that great, but hey at least it was festive right?

    It was FREEZING and raining, so I was really worried that we wouldn't get any trick-or-treaters. One of my most favorite parts of having a home is that I finally get to hand out candy to all the cute kids! We get a huge bag of candy from Costco and of course I dress up for them :)

    We hardly got any at first, so every kid that came by got 10+ candies... I just didn't want to have 500 leftovers! Well, the rain stopped and then suddenly we had TONS of trick-or-treaters and I had to stop handing out so much candy or we could have easily run out. Landon was a little bummed when he saw how much candy was gone... woops! :)

    Luckily we still had enough to eat candy all day long for the rest of the weekend. I counted my wrappers on Sunday and I literally ate 21 fun size candy bars. And a ton of candy we bought in England. I felt SO sick! I guess that means I'm getting old! Do you remember being little and just eating candy all day and not feeling any different? Aw, those were the days :)

    This chocolate frog from HP Studio was AMAZING. Solid, creamy chocolate. And we got the Albus Dumbledore card (which you can't see because of the flash). I was really hoping we got him!
  • We've finally been able to use our boat again! The water levels are still low, but there's enough depth to get out of our marina. Yay! We love Viking and being out on the water together :)

  • Landon's dad (Daren) came to visit for a weekend in November! It was so fun having him here and it went by WAY too fast. He had to be in Seattle for work, so he flew to Portland first and then drove to Seattle on Monday. I'm so glad it worked out!

    On Saturday we took him out to the boat. He's seen Viking before, but last time her mast wasn't even up so all he got to do was ride around using the motor. It was a gorgeous sunny day, which meant there was basically no wind! So we motored up to our favorite anchor spot and had some lunch.

    Keeping my boys safe! Can you see Mt. Hood in the background?
    On the way back, we had enough wind to sail! Yay! I'm so glad Daren got to experience sailing--I love seeing people's reaction to it. He LOVED it and kept saying how peaceful and fun it was. Sailing can be SUPER laid back and carefree and other times it's SO stressful and you're worried for your life (haha! I'm just exaggerating mom!) I'm glad that Daren's first experience was so fun and that he got to see what it's like to tack, pull the sheets, and man the helm :)

    I just couldn't get over these cute clouds!
    Sunday was super rainy, so we spent all day playing games. Not party games, but VERY intense, thinking, strategizing games. My head hurt from all the thinking by the end of the day! We also got pizza and had a little pizza party :)

    Power Grid. Such an intense game :)
  • My parents came to visit over Thanksgiving!! When they called to tell me they booked their flight I just broke down in tears. I just love them SO much and it was amazing to spend a week of quality time together! When I visit Utah, it's always overwhelming with how big my family is... so it's really nice to get some "two-on-two" time with my parents! :) We watched a few movies, went to dinner, went sailing, played tons of board games, decorated for Christmas, ate our weight in baked goods, and celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast of salmon, roast potatoes, broccoli, and red lobster biscuits. Ha! Not traditional, but trust me it was WAY better than turkey ;) Plus, I'm British so Thanksgiving hasn't ever been a huge deal in our family. I do LOVE the season and love that it's a time to spend with family and reflect on our blessings, but I'm not completely set on eating turkey every year :) Thanks SO much for coming to visit us Mom and Dad. We seriously had the BEST time!

    Another intense game... Pandemic! :)

    Best Thanksgiving meal I've EVER had. Go to Costco and buy the Red Lobster biscuit mix right NOW. Unbelievably delicious!!! Tastes better than at the restaurant :)

    they are the cutest!!!

    my dad was a natural on the helm!
    There wasn't much wind at first, but it picked up after lunch and my parents got to sail and feel the boat heal! Yay!! It was such a fun day!

    Don't mind me, I'm just wearing 20 layers! Ha! I look like a marshmallow but it was FREEZING.

    We love you guys! :)
  • The little boy I nanny is staying with us for about a week while his family is in New York. It's been really fun having him at our house and doing a fun Christmas activity every night. We went to an arcade, visited Santa, went to see the Christmas Zoo Lights, and saw Big Hero 6.

    We rode the train to the zoo and he was thrilled. So cute!

    My favorite part. Of course :)

    The bats are so fun to watch. At least behind glass ;)

  • We celebrated our 5th anniversary on November 25th! I can't believe that we've been married for so long--it's gone by so fast! But at the same time, it feels like I've always been with Landon. I can't imagine my life without him. Isn't it weird how that works?! Same thing with our puppies. I try to think about what life was like without them and I just can't. They've just always been in our family! I'm sure the same thing will happen when we have a baby too. In fact, I basically talk about our future kids like they exist and are part of our family already...I'm just crazy like that! :)

  • Life is good! I have my boys, a wonderful family, amazing friends, and everything I need. I am one lucky girl!

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