Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Five Years.

Happy Anniversary Landon Dean! These five years have honestly been the best of my life and it just keeps getting better and better. It's crazy how fast time has flown, but at the same time it just feels like it's always been you and me. 


There are so many things I could say, but mostly I want to say thank you for being my best friend and for loving me unconditionally. Happy Five Years my Nan! Here's to infinity more! I love you SO much!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Transatlantic Cruise Part 3.

This is the LAST post about our trip. Yay! It's always so stressful to blog about big events like this, so I'm happy that I'm done :) I know I will be so grateful I recorded this one day, so I just keep reminding myself it's worth it. Now it's time to talk about what we did during the daytime...

Don't let these pictures fool you. I wish I could say they were taken over the course of all 8 days. But honestly these were taken over 3 days. We had THREE productive days. The other days are not pictured because we weren't doing anything worthwhile :) Just relaxed!

Like I mentioned earlier, most days were cold and rainy. But we had a few days that were sunny, and that's when we actually got out of bed and had some fun! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking :)

How cute is my mother-in-law?! 
I've said a lot of negative things about Oasis of the Seas, but it really was a cool boat with lots awesome things that I've never had on a cruise ship before--like a zip line!

Dang, he's just so cute!

I am terrified of heights. I don't even like climbing ladders. But, I don't let my fears stop me from having FUN! Ever. It was SO nerve wracking to stand on the edge and then step off. I was shaking SO bad and of course had a tummy full of butterflies. It was SO fun!

Suzette and I rode it around 7 times. We LOVED it. The boys only rode it once. They didn't get the same thrill as we did, obviously :)

I just think this picture is so cute. Landon was pretending to be a stinker and making his momma laugh :)
The boat also has two rock climbing walls. Again, I'm terrified of heights and was super nervous... but I'm glad I did it! I'm also really proud of Suzette and Jason for doing it too! They weren't too excited about it, but I think they're glad they did it too :)

He makes everything look so effortless. 
All the way at the top and lookin' good!

Don't let that smile fool you. I was shaking SO much!!

Once I got to the top I looked down and told the worker I wasn't coming down. Ha! He looked like a little ant and there was NO WAY I was going to let go of the wall! 
But, he talked me into it and I closed my eyes and just let go. FREAKY! 
We were pretty proud of ourselves! :)
On a few of the days, they opened up the ice skating rink for passengers. We actually waited in line for 30 minutes and were the first group of people on the boat to use it! They only allowed 50 people on the rink at a time, but it still isn't big enough for that many people. It was a little crowded.

Landon being cute!
I go ice skating pretty regularly because the little girl I nanny loves to ice skate. I'm not a pro or anything, but I definitely can skate around pretty easily. Or so I thought... I was going relatively fast when my toe caught and I slammed face first right onto my knees and elbows. It hurt SO bad! Everyone around me gasped and immediately asked if I was okay. I smiled and pretended like I was fine and skated to the edge crying. Holy moly. It hurt! My left knee was pretty bad and it hurt to walk for a few days :(

This was right after the crash. I'm really good at fake smiling haha! 
I was pretty much done after my crash and so were Suzette and Jason, so we sat and watched while cute Landon skated until our 30 minute session was up. 
As we got closer to Florida it actually got WARM! It was so fun to hang out by the pool and get some sun!

I love watching Landon swim! He's amazing.
My cute mother-in-law! :) We had so many people ask us if we're sisters! They were always shocked to learn that she is my mother-in-law. They couldn't believe she was old enough to have a married son, and they thought I was way too young to be married. It was funny! :)
One of the coolest things was riding the flow rider! They have two--one for stand-up surfing and one for boogie boarding. I thought for sure that we'd be able to do the surfing, but after attempting to knee board we learned it's a lot harder than it looks! 

I'm such a spaz!!
So my very first wipe out, I flew to the back of the flow rider and my swim skirt came all the way down. I basically mooned everyone that was watching! Holy cow! Suzette saw but apparently the boys didn't. I was mortified. I wasn't going to do it again, but I was just extra careful about making sure my dang skirt was pulled up high before getting on!!

Oh my gosh, I look terrified :) I was only up for 2 seconds.
Suzette did an AMAZING job! She was up for a long time. 
And big surprise... Landon did an amazing job too :)
And of course, we all had some really nice wipe outs!

Landon wiped out too, but I guess I didn't get it on camera. Dang it! Our last day was the sunniest and the most active day... we didn't even take ONE nap. It was so fun :)

The boat finally docked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and it was almost as crazy there as Southampton. Too many people... Anyway, we had to get some help from the workers to cut the line a bit because after an hour and a half of waiting in line Suzette and Jason were cutting it close to make it to their flight. It was stressful! But we finally made it through, split a cab to get to the airport and said a tearful goodbye :( Then Landon and I waited there for 3 hours before we finally got to board our plane.

It was quite the adventurous experience, from London to Spain, to traveling across the Atlantic on a boat. It was the longest cruise we've ever taken, and we were all ready to get off the boat by the end. I'm so glad that Suzette and Jason came with us--it was amazing to get to spend so much time with them and make all these memories together! It was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity :) 

Well, that's that. Six posts about our 16 day trip! If you read all of them, you earn THREE gold stars. That's the most I've ever given! :) 
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