Monday, June 30, 2014

The Tim Millers' Visit.

I love, love, love having family visit us here in Oregon. It was SO good to see my brother Tim, my sister-in-law Angie, and my nieces Atlie and Macie! We had so much fun and can't wait for them to come visit again! Hopefully next time the weather will cooperate more ;)

We went to Silver Springs on Saturday to do an 8 mile hike with 10 different waterfalls. It is really my favorite hike. It's so green and the waterfalls are just stunning--pictures definitely don't do them justice! It was a little rainy, but you can't let that stop you in Oregon! And sorry for the picture overload, I really tried to narrow it down...

It's hard to tell how massive the waterfall is... until you notice the tiny people behind it!

Have you ever seen so much green? Even the tree branches are covered in moss and green-ness! :)

Haha Landon loves taking pictures ;)

Sunday was SAILING day! The wind wasn't that great, but luckily it picked up by the end! Tim helped hoist the sail, trim the sails, and even took a turn being the helmsman. We anchored at "our spot" and had hot dogs and chips on the deck. It was such a fun day!

Can you spot Landon? 

My "puppy purse" ;)

Unfurling the spinnaker

I promise I wasn't bored :)
I taught Atlie how to do a figure 8 knot
Flying both the jib and the spinnaker...or as Tim likes to call them, the jig and the picker ;)
Tim got some awesome shots of what it looks like when the boat is healing (tipping) over 

Love my big brother! 
Looking pretty official :)

Tiring day on the boat..the girls were ready to be done :)
Thanks so much for coming to visit Tim and Angie! We had a blast and love you so much!! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Landon has been working on the spinnaker sail for months and finally finished it this week. I couldn't be more proud of him. It looks amazing and is seriously the biggest thing I've ever seen. 

We even bought a sewing machine made specifically for sewing sails. My cute, purple sewing machine just wasn't cutting it (hence the crooked stitches that weren't Landon's fault).

We were SO excited to actually see that thing fly. We've only ever seen the sail all bunched up because it's just too big to spread it out completely in our house. 

We have an extendable bow sprit (that pole that comes out from our boat) and a top-down furling system for the spinnaker (sorry for the sailor-talk). Not many people use a furler to take down their spinnaker, so we've already had a few people approach us about it wondering what the heck it is :)

See that black rope coming off the pole? That's where the spinnaker wraps around. I wish I would've gotten pictures of the spinnaker all rolled up around it. It looks pretty awesome :)

This is a good view of the "drum" that spins to wind up the spinnaker

Hanging out in the shade :)

Their favorite hang out spot on the boat
We hoisted the sail at the dock to practice furling it (the sail wraps itself around a rope, instead of lowering the entire thing onto the deck of the boat to take it down). It was AMAZING to see, but unfortunately I couldn't take pictures because I was helping :)

Rigging the spinnaker

After the test run we were ready to take her out on the water for the real-deal! We motored out of the marina and saw over 35 sailboats were on the water, right where we were. We have never seen so many boats out on the river at one time, all bunched up together like that. (We later realized it was a "bridge to bridge" race that is done yearly.) 

Anyway, we hoisted the spinnaker and started plowing up the river. It was really awesome to see all of Landon's hard work flying and pushing our boat so strongly through the water. But we had a problem--one of the ropes that is used to hold the sail up had completely wrapped and tangled itself around the furling drum... Basically, our spinnaker was stuck and there wasn't an easy way to "furl" it up or take it down.

This wouldn't have been a big deal, other than we were in the middle of a race with 35 other boats all around us. Landon was up on the deck problem solving while I tried my best to steer the boat out of the way of the other boats. I remained pretty calm, which is surprising! Landon figured out a way to get it untangled and we furled that baby up! Thank goodness he is so innovative and an amazing problem solver!!

We decided to motor further up the river so that we could get out of the way of the other boats before trying again. We practiced furling and unfurling the spinnaker 4 or 5 times to get the hang of it and are definitely feeling much more confident now. Everything takes practice! :)

After a stressful hour, we went to our favorite anchor spot by the airport and had some hot dogs and laid out in the sun relaxing. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the first day of summer!

We continued to sail up the river, under the bridge, and then turned back around for some awesome upwind sailing. I love upwind sailing because of the way the boat tips over. It's so fun!

The boys stay inside and cuddle on the bed most of the time we're sailing. Unlike me, they hate sailing upwind. It's so funny to watch them try to walk around while the boat is heeled over :)

I made a really cheesy video, and I know I'm not even close to being "talented" in this department, but I actually love the way it turned out :)

It was such a fun/exhausting/stressful/beautiful day, and now we are officially ready for summer and our trip in a few weeks! Wohoo!
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