Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fail.

debated about blogging this, especially because I hope my future kids will read my blog one day, but I figure it's okay because they won't read it until they're older anyway ;)

For some reason, Landon and I have never celebrated Easter together. I guess I just thought that Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts were just for kids. But that's kind of silly... I mean we still celebrate Halloween and Christmas and holidays are just so fun! So I don't really know what we were thinking not celebrating it all these years. (I just realized we have had six Easters together. Woah!)

So this year, I took control and decided that the Easter bunny was going to visit us. Nothing too fancy, just a good ole fashioned Easter egg hunt. Landon had no idea I was planning this, so I had to be super sneaky. There's something I should mention, I don't have a sneaky bone in my body....

So last night I set my alarm for 4 a.m. so I could wake up and hide all the pre-filled eggs. Landon usually doesn't wake up to my alarm for work, so I thought it would be perfect. Well, I must've been really excited because I woke up at 1 a.m. and just decided to do it then. So I snuck out of bed and into our spare bedroom where I hid the eggs. That's when our dogs started howling like crazy from downstairs... UGH! So much for Landon not waking up.

I grabbed the eggs, went downstairs and got the dogs to be quiet. Half asleep, I hid the eggs. I should've been a little more creative or made it more difficult, but all the eggs were pretty much in plain sight. 

I saved a few eggs for upstairs in our bedroom so Landon would see them when we woke up. I moved so slowly and was happy to see Landon didn't make a peep. I was being SO sneaky! 

Next up, I opened up a bag of the little Hershey's chocolate eggs and dumped them out of the bag and carried them in my shirt because the bag would be too loud. Landon's family has a tradition where the Easter bunny uses chocolate eggs to make each kid's initials. I decided to do the initials in our room so Landon would see it when he woke up AND so the dogs wouldn't get into it. Big mistake.

I crept into the room, holding my shirt up with the eggs and crawled on the floor to start making the "L." I had only put three eggs down when Landon sat up quickly asking what was going on. At this point, I had crawled over to the foot of our bed and was hiding. I acted quickly and jumped up (at the same time letting go of my shirt while all the eggs fell loudly to the floor) and then jumped into bed. Talk about sneaky! I scared the you know what out of Landon and he was so confused! He kept asking what was going on and demanded to know what I was doing and what the sound was. I told him not to worry about it and that I just had to go to the bathroom. He wasn't buying it but I refused to tell him... I didn't want to ruin Easter! Half asleep, Landon told me I was being inappropriate. Hahaha! I am crying as I write this. Soooo funny. I couldn't have been LESS sneaky if I would've tried. Oh boy. I struggle.

We were obviously both pretty worked up at this point, but I pretended to fall right to sleep to avoid any more questions about the incident. Landon, however, was up for another two and a half hours! He couldn't go back to sleep! He said after about ten minutes he remembered that it was Easter and realized that's what was going on. Haha! He really thought I was just being crazy before this realization.  I just sometimes like to hide at the foot of our bed and jump out at Landon in the middle of the night... I'm just creepy like that :)

So this morning we woke up and Landon asked if we should go see what the Easter bunny brought for us. I told him that the Easter bunny didn't quite get to finish... At this point I had completely ruined everything so there was no reason to be sneaky. So he stayed upstairs while I made our initials downstairs. We then grabbed our ghetto "baskets" and had our little hunt.

Landon loved that I made this Easter special and was really cute about it, even though he was pretty tired from being up half the night ;)

I love celebrating holidays and feeling like little kids looking for our Easter eggs! You're never too old for an egg hunt!

We spent the rest of the morning watching Incredibles and getting ready for church (we have LATE church--1 pm!) Easter Sunday is one of my favorite days of church. Taking the sacrament today just seemed extra special as we remember the life and sacrifice of our Savior. I am so grateful for Him and so grateful that He lives! Because of Him we get to live forever with our families and Father in Heaven. Isn't that amazing?! After church we went on a walk to a park close to our house with little trails through the woods and had halibut and potatoes for dinner. It was a perfect day!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! I think next year the Easter bunny will be a bit more sneaky ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I am not a fan of "dieting." It just doesn't work for me. Last year I went on a pretty strict diet and exercising plan and lost about 9 pounds. Once I reached my goal weight, I stopped dieting and exercising and quickly gained it all back (and some!) I knew I would need to start being healthy again, but every week I would think to myself, "oh this might be the last time I get to eat (insert incredibly unhealthy food here)" and then I would basically binge on it because I would be "dieting" soon. And then the diet never happened, but my mentality remained the same. "Well... I might start dieting next week, so I better just eat this huge bowl of ice cream because it could be my last for awhile..."


So I've decided to make adjustments that are going to actually LAST and work for me. Here's a breakdown of some of the adjustments I'm making.


Okay this one is HARD for me because I LOVE to eat. So much. Some of my weaknesses are--Alfredo and breadsticks, ice cream, popcorn, natural Cheetos (so much better than the yucky orange ones), chocolate, French fries, white bread, Mac and cheese, pizza, and cookie dough (to name a few). Mmm mmm! I'm salivating just thinking about all the deliciousness...

So guess what? I can still eat ALL of that stuff. I do not have a list of "restricted" food items. Honestly, if you were to tell me I could only eat 4 sweets a month I think I would pass out and die. That's how much I love and need sweets. So instead of saying "absolutely not!" to my dear friends aka junk food, I am saying "just a little bit!" Oh, that sounds SO much better. 

To help me keep on track with portion control, I am tracking everything that I eat with My Fitness Pal and staying around 1400 calories. At the beginning of every day, I plan out what I will eat for all my meals and snacks. Of course, sometimes it changes, but I just like to have a general idea of what my day looks like. 

Some days I plan to eat really low calorie meals so I can save room for things like Butterfinger ice cream ;) I love using MFP because it is easy to add recipes (like a homemade pizza recipe) and scan labels to get all the nutrition information, not just the calories. Once you've used it for a couple weeks, all your "regulars" are on there and it's really fast and convenient to see how many calories you're eating, carbs, protein, sugar, vitamins, calcium, sodium, etc. I LOVE MFP!! (add me if you use it too!)

So on top of staying under calories I am: only drinking water (no soda, no juice), eating fruits and veggies every day and with every meal, eating more protein, and I am not eating fast food. So I'm not being restrictive at all, but still eating a LOT healthier than I was! 

But, I do have a huge problem of being a picky eater. There are only about six fruits and veggies I actually like so there isn't much variety going on. I tried to eat a yogurt the other day and almost puked. I bought some humus and got brave enough to open it today but I still can't get the courage to eat it. Smoothies of any kind make me gag, don't get me started on those yucky bananas and strawberries, and I really wish I liked beans, avocados, nuts, or even eggs (the worst!!!)  I have issues. So if anyone has suggestions on foods that might ease me into getting more brave, I would love to hear them! 


I've always loved jogging. I kind of did track in high school (never competed, just trained) and in college I was running up to six miles a day. Then I hurt my hip and realized that my joints suck and I'm basically a grandma so running isn't an option for me. So I pretty much just stopped exercising. I would occasionally do workout videos or go for a bike ride or little jog, but nothing regular. I told myself that I hated working out and wished that I liked to work out. 

But, I have had an attitude adjustment, and it all goes back to an experience I had six years ago. I am terrified of heights and have always said I would NEVER go sky diving. Ever! I went to Hawaii for spring break my freshman year and the group of friends I went with wanted to sky diving. I told them I would watch them from the ground, but somehow they were able to convince me to come with them. I made myself SICK with nerves the night before, but then I woke up in the morning and told myself over and over and over how EXCITED I was instead of thinking how scared I was. And guess what? It worked! You can see it in my face. I literally FAKED myself through it and pretended to be excited instead of scared until I actually FELT it. It's amazing what a positive attitude can do! It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had, and I almost missed out! 

So just like with my experience sky diving, I have convinced myself that I LIKE to work out, even though deep down my inner voice was originally thinking otherwise. But that's the funny thing about your brain, YOU can change it. So by giving myself pep talks and saying things like, "oh I LOVE the feeling I get from working out!" Instead of, "working out is MISERABLE!" I actually started to believe myself. And I am enjoying working out! I never thought I would say that. I honestly look forward to doing my workout every day. It is "me" time. I feel strong. I feel happy. I feel energized. I feel GOOD. 

I got a heart rate monitor at REI so that makes working out even more fun because I know if I need to push myself or if I just need to keep it up. It also tracks how many calories you're burning, which is great motivation for me. It feels like a reward for working out to see that number on my watch.

Last year, I only did Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and occasionally went running too. This time, I switch things up EVERY day so I don't get bored and so my body doesn't get too comfortable. All the videos I do are Jillian Michaels--30 day shred, ripped in 30, biggest loser workout, 6 week 6 pack, burn fat boost metabolism, and killer buns and thighs. I do these 5-6 days a week and I like them because they incorporate cardio and strength training! Some days I go for a little run, some days Landon and I go on a bike ride, and then of course every day (rain or shine) we go on our nightly 45 minute walk. 


What really started this adjustment is going to come as no surprise, but it has everything to do with preparing to be a mom. I want to be at a healthy weight when I get pregnant so I will (hopefully) have a healthy pregnancy. I want to already be eating healthy and working out so I can continue to do it when I'm pregnant. I want my kids to eat healthy and be active--and they learn by my example. I want to be in shape for them so I can play tag, go on hikes, go on bike rides, and play with them. I am taking the time NOW to make these habits while I actually have the time to focus on myself. 

I've only been at this for two and a half weeks, but I've already lost 4.5 pounds and a couple of inches. I've been taking pictures so I can track my progress and it's crazy how much I've already changed. Not to mention how much better I feel! 

Landon told me last night that he has noticed a difference in me. I don't think he can see a difference with the way I look, but with my mood and my energy. He told me I am a lot more chipper and happy. That's why I will continue to work out and eat healthy, even when I reach my goal weight. I am not stopping this time. This is how I want to feel for the rest of my life. These are habits that will help me to live a longer, happier life. Our bodies are a gift from our loving Heavenly Father, and it's time I start treating mine that way. 

Moral of the story--I CAN eat healthy, even though I love junk food and I CAN enjoy working out, even though I used to hate it. I also have stopped telling myself lies like, "I don't have willpower" because I do! And my brain is strong and powerful! I know it's cliche, but we really can do anything we set our minds to. We are so much stronger than we think! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life Lately.

So I have about five posts sitting in my drafts right now. I guess I feel all over the place which means it is time for a random update.

  • We have had some amazing weekends sailing on our boat... Which is really exciting for me but I'm sure gets boring for other people to hear about. So I won't say much, other than we are having SO much fun spending time together sailing. We are planning to go off-shore and sail in the OCEAN for the first time in July. We are mostly excited, and of course a little nervous. We will be taking a week off work and sailing down to Newport, OR. Eeeek! 

We anchored out last weekend and took a nap in the Columbia River.  I freaking love our boat!

  • Oh Landon.... is there anything he cant do?! I don't think so. He is amazing! Amazing isn't even a strong enough word to describe him. I really don't know anyone in the world like him. He is an instrument rated pilot, rebuilt a car engine, built a dang boat, designs computer processors, and now can add sail maker to the ever-growing list. He is sewing the spinnaker sail for Viking. Spinnakers are the huge sails that almost look like a parachute. He designed it and a company sent him the panels for him to sew together. He is unbelievable and it is so cute to watch him sew. Oh, I just love him so much! 

This is what it will look like when it is done :)
  • I am on a journey to be healthy again. I get so motivated seeing my family and friends working on losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising... so I decided I need to get back on track! I've gained 15 pounds in the almost 5 years I've been married. And I wasn't a teeny, tiny stick when I got married either... I was at a healthy weight. I want to be that weight again. And stay there! I can probably blame the 15 pounds on eating a ginormous bowl of chocolate ice-cream every night...Not really okay!

I'm not on a specific diet plan. I don't really believe in that. I want to change my habits and create a healthy lifestyle that is going to STICK. So if I want to eat peanut butter m&m's...I eat them! But only one serving. I am trying to learn moderation and self-control, but not be too restrictive. There's no way I could live the rest of my life with only having treats once a week. That's not going to last! But eating 1 serving of sweets instead of 10... That I can do! 

These are my WEAKNESS. A serving is 1/4 a cup so I literally measure it out and only allow myself to eat that much. Otherwise, I could eat 1/4 of the bag. No joke.

I think I will do a blog post on all the changes I'm making because there's a lot I want to say :)
  • Landon and I have been going on 10 mile bike rides a few days a week. Our legs are KILLING us but it is so fun to work out together! 
  • I like to write Landon little love notes before I leave for work in the morning and he hangs them up on the fridge like he's proud of them. It's so cute to me because it reminds me of a parent hanging up their child's artwork. Also, I can't bear to take down our wedding invite. It has literally been hanging up on my fridge since we got them printed. Is that weird? 

  • General Conference was amazing as usual. I especially loved President Uchtdorf and President Monson's talks. They were just so happy and uplifting and just what I needed to hear. We could all use a little more love and a little more gratitude in our lives.

    image via
  • We almost sold our cute Hobie Cat because we didn't want to look like white trash anymore with it sitting on our front lawn, but we also didn't want to pay a couple hundred a month to store it somewhere (especially considering we can only use it in July and August). We figured we might as well sell it because soon we will have kids (not an announcement) and we won't be able to use it at all. We were really sad BUT Landon was able to take it apart so we could fit it in our backyard. He spent ALL day doing it, but we are so happy we get to keep it and that we have a front yard again :)

Our Hobie in a million pieces :)

Okay, I think that's all for now :) Life is good!

Crisis Averted.

I have been working on a "life lately" post but that will just have to sit in my drafts for a few more days because I want to blog about yesterday while it is still fresh. This will probably be boring for most people, but I want to remember it :)

It was a beautiful day on the river--sunny and windy again! The river was really crowded with fishing boats, a sailboat race, and people out cruising like us. I get really nervous when the river is busy because in a sailboat you are a slave to the wind. At one point there was a sailboat filled with women coming straight for us. We had the right of way, but they weren't doing anything so we had to completely change directions and it totally threw us off. They were all glaring at us like we did something wrong. I definitely like it better when there aren't so many other dang boats!

The wind was really strong (gusting to 22 knots, steady breeze of 15-18 knots) which meant pretty intense sailing with lots of heeling. It's hard to take a picture of what the boat looks like when it is tipped over that much, because it would just look like I am holding the camera crooked. But if you've ever been on a sailboat as it heels, it can be pretty intense! Here is a picture to give you an idea of what it looks like...

Image via
You have to sit on the "high" side like the guy is doing in the picture and hold on! It is fun, but it used to scare me a LOT.

It is good practice for us to deal with strong wind and we actually had to put a "reef" in the mainsail-which basically just makes it smaller so the sailboat has less power. I never see people on boats as big as ours with only a 2 person crew--there are normally at least four people on board! So we keep pretty busy with just the two of us! 

When it was time to head back in we made a game plan for bringing the sails down since the wind was so strong. Everything went really smoothly and we were ready to turn on the motor and head to our marina (less than half a mile away). 

Our motor started right up and then died. Landon got it to start again but it died immediately and then we lost all power. Um can you say PANIC! 

As we drifted down the river we decided to throw in an anchor so Landon could try to figure out what was going on. Such a scary feeling to be in a river with strong wind and a strong current with no motor!!

Landon was quickly able to figure out the problem--we blew our fuses. He had just barely replaced them so luckily he knew right where they were and how to override them to get our motor started again. He amazes me!

We started the motor right up (yay!) and then Landon went up front to pull the anchor out. He told me to put the boat in forward and as I did the motor immediately died again. Not good.

At that point Landon came running back and asked me if any of our line (ropes) had fallen in the water. Line in the water is not good with a propeller--rope likes to get wrapped around the prop and kill the motor. That's when he saw the culprit... the rope for one of our sails (the jib) had come out of its knot and was pulled tight up against our boat, down into the water, underneath the boat, and around the propeller. Really not good.

Landon looked panicked at this point, which meant things were really bad. If the water was warmer, he could have swam under the boat and tried to untangle the rope--but the Columbia was 48 degrees yesterday and he would've gotten hypothermia. I was ready to call a tow-boat and fork out $500, but I should've known Landon had a plan.

First, he went inside the boat and tried to manually twist the prop shaft the opposite way. He was able to twist it around a few times, but he didn't have big enough tools to easily do it. Meanwhile the jib sheet was as tight as can be. I sat up on the deck, staring at the rope saying a silent prayer.

Landon came back up with a new idea to try and get the rope loose. He had just said a prayer too (I later learned). He was able to turn the motor on, quickly pop it into reverse and then put it right back to neutral before it died. He was spinning the prop the opposite direction and I watched as the rope got LOOSE. It was a miracle that the engine even started and that we were able to get the jib sheet untangled! As he pulled the rope up from underneath the boat, I couldn't stop screaming, "how did you do that Landon! How did you do it!" I gave him a huge hug as I cried with relief!

Most people who get a rope tangled around a prop have to get it towed (unless they are somewhere where the water is warm) and then hire a diver to go down and get it untangled. We are SO grateful that Landon was able to think of the idea to spin the motor in reverse and that our engine started long enough for us to do that. We are so grateful to Heavenly Father for His help. It is amazing how when we both stopped and took a second to pray, we were able to get untangled. 

It felt SO good to get the boat back safely to our dock. We both couldn't believe it.

Phew! Crisis averted.
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