Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life Lately.

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing "blog-worthy" to write about. My life is mostly very ordinary. But this blog isn't for entertainment, it is for me and my future kids. And I love going back and reading my ordinary posts, just as much as my "exciting" posts. So here it goes :)
  • I've been a nanny for almost two years now. It is crazy how many hours I spent crying over not being a teacher because being a nanny is a much better fit for me. Being a teacher was never really my dream job anyway. My dream job has always been to be a mom. As a nanny, I literally get to practice for my true dream job every single day. I get to "play mom" for 40 hours a week, and some weeks I even stay overnight for multiple nights. I get to practice traveling on airplanes with kids, taking kids grocery shopping weekly (always an adventure!), getting two kids dressed, fed, ready, and out the door in less than an hour (I should probably enter a competition!), doing kids' laundry (it is SO much harder folding tiny things!), packing lunches for school, going out to eat/the mall/the movies/anywhere in public with kids, putting kids to bed, kissing owies, taking kids to dance, music, and sport classes, changing thousands of diapers, doing kids crafts, helping with homework, etc, etc, etc! Probably the thing I am most grateful that I've been able to practice is the "love and logic" discipline technique that I learned in college. It works people! Being a nanny is so much more than babysitting. I am deeply involved in the kids' lives and I love them so much. 
  • We are 99% sure we have found a house that will work for us! We have met with the builders multiple times, exchanged hundreds of emails, and now all we have left to do is meet with the city tomorrow and make sure they approve of our plans to build a shop. The house is a new construction home in a small town called Forest Grove, 20 minutes west of where we live right now. It is up on a little hill and to get to work Landon will have a pretty drive through the countryside. We met with the builders last week to get the house width and the property width, and with all the setbacks (how far away buildings need to be from the property line) it will literally fit perfectly! With only 2 feet of wiggle room! If the property was any smaller or the house was a little wider, it wouldn't have worked. It is a real life miracle! If the meeting goes well with the city we will be putting in our offer mid-March and the house will be done by mid-July. Crossing all of our fingers!!!!!

  • We went on our first "big" trip on our sailboat this weekend. We were planning on leaving Saturday morning and getting home Monday afternoon... But the weather had other plans for us. We woke up Saturday morning to pouring rain. Not fun to sail when you are soaking wet. We decided to go anyway, even though the weather conditions weren't ideal... We just shortened the trip by a day! ;) On Saturday we sailed/motored four hours up to Kalama, WA. We used our autopilot to steer the boat for us and would hide under the Bimini (the canvas that covers part of the cockpit) for some protection from the pouring rain. We couldn't stay under there the whole time, unless the river was perfectly straight, but unfortunately it has curves. By the time we got there I could literally wring out my hair and all my clothes! We were soaked and frozen. But we still had a good time. I told Landon he should be glad he married a girl with a sense of adventure because I don't know many girls who would be happy to be that sopping wet for that amount of time on a cold, windy day stuck on a boat. We spent the night in Kalama with our family up there and had such a fun time visiting them! We left Sunday morning and even though it was still very windy and cold, the rain stayed away for the most part. After six hours of motoring and hiding under the bimini, we were SO happy to be back to our warm house... especially since the rain started pounding a few hours later!! We also can't wait for this summer, when we can actually go on trips like this and be WARM! :)

this is the bimini where we attempted to stay dry during the torrential down pour!
Soaked. It literally looked like we jumped into the river with all of our clothes on.
The puppies stayed nice and warm cuddled up on the bed :)

  • Shirley Temple Black, my childhood idol, died last week. It's just really sad. When I was little I wanted to be her. My older sisters would curl my hair, put me in little dresses, and I would happily sing and dance for their friends. In elementary school, I did multiple reports on her. Did you know she quit acting at the age of 21 to focus on being a wife and mom? And later she became a politician and was an ambassador. Such a cool lady. When I found out she died, I read a few articles and I learned something new that made me love her even more. She was obviously very accomplished, but she said that her greatest roles were as a wife, mom, and grandmother. Isn't that amazing? She said, "There's nothing like real love. Nothing." I couldn't agree more with that statement. Love is what this life is about. Love for yourself, love for your spouse, love for you children, love for your fellow men, love for God. I just think the world would be so much better if everyone knew how important it was to love.

  • Speaking of love, I just am baffled at the lack of it. All around me I just see people judging and hating each other. People hate what is different and what they don't understand. People who have kids judge people who don't and vice versa. People who are religious judge people who aren't and vice versa. We are so quick to judge people who are of different cultures, ethnicity, sexuality, race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status... We recently watched the movie "Captain Phillips." It is so easy to judge the Somalian pirates and say they are "bad" guys. But honestly, they didn't grow up in America with two loving parents and a warm home and clean water and nice clothes and an education like we did. Their upbringing was SO much different than mine and it really isn't my place to call those people "bad." They are doing what they have been taught, just like we do what we have been taught. (Obviously hurting people and stealing are universal "no-no's" but I hope I'm getting my point across). We don't know what people have been through, what is in their hearts, and we are in no position to judge others. I love this line from one of my favorite hymns, "Who am I to judge another when I walk imperfectly? In the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye can't see. Who am I to judge another, Lord I would follow Thee." I could say so much more about this, but maybe I should save it for its own little post.

    one of my favorite quotes via
  • Love day was a few days ago and we celebrated by making homemade pizza (our tradition) and watching a movie. We also went out to eat yesterday to avoid the crowds. Landon isn't a huge fan of Valentine's Day because he thinks you should celebrate those you love and show them you love them every day. And I agree completely and he actually is very good at making me feel loved daily, but I just love the excuse to celebrate love. Obviously, I love love. So now that you know Landon's opinion of Valentine's Day, here is a cute story. Also, you should know we are on a VERY tight budget right now and are only spending money on necessities to save up for our house. Anyway, a few weekends ago he spent the ENTIRE weekend taking a co-workers car apart because she lost her wedding ring in the vent system. He wouldn't accept payment, even though he spent hours helping them out. Last week he got a thank you card in the mail and they gave him a visa gift card. So thoughtful and sweet. Landon called to activate it and learned they gave us quite a bit. When he got off the phone, his face lit up and he exclaimed, "now I can take you on a date for Love day!" Oh my heart. It meant so much to me that the first thing that popped into his head after hearing how much money they gave us was to take me out for Valentine's Day. With our tight budget, I can think of plenty of other things that might have popped into my head to buy with the money. That boy has a big heart and he loves me so deeply. I honestly have never felt more loved or more special. I never cried happy tears until I loved Landon and probably once a week I find myself crying because of pure joy and love. I am not sharing this story to brag, but because I never want to forget that act of selflessness and love. I also want to reiterate to anyone reading this that our marriage is by no means perfect and we have our fair share of arguments but at the end of the day, we really do love each other. And that's what counts.

    This was taken on our cruise in December, so it's a little old :)
Okay, I think that is all for now. You get a gold star if you read this entire rambling post :)

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