Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Priority.

So it has come to my attention that my blog posts make it seem like we are only moving towards "materialistic" goals (new house, buying a boat, building a boat, etc.) and not about long-term "family" goals. And I realize now looking back on my posts how it could seem that way if that's all you knew and didn't talk to me on a daily basis. 

But, I take full responsibility considering the sequence of my last few posts. First I wrote about "my plan" and how badly I want children to a post about how we are buying a new house so we can build a shop so we can build a new boat. Some people's reaction was, "OH MY GOSH! They're putting off having kids so they can buy new things! A new house?! Didn't they just buy a house?! They are building another boat?! Didn't they just buy a boat?! They are crazy!" 

Okay, okay I'm exaggerating, but I had more than 1 person react similarly to that ;)

First things first, I want the whole world to know that starting a family together is something that is a top priority for both of us. It is something so sacred, special, and important and is not something we take lightly. At all. 

So now that you know where our hearts are, maybe you will believe me when I say that our decisions are not materialistic. Everything we are doing right NOW is to prepare for our future kids. 

We have BIG dreams for our family. We want to be a family that plays together and travels together (oh, are you catching on to why we are so excited about our boat?) Yep, I've said it before and I am saying it again. WE (not Landon) bought OUR boat (not Landon's boat!) because WE want to teach our kids from a young age not only how to sail, but how important it is to spend QUALITY time together as a family. I don't know why people get the impression that it was only Landon who wanted the boat and we got it for him. Are you cray cray?! You think we would buy something that expensive without both of us being 100% into it? You don't think we prayed about this decision and if it was a good choice for our family? Sorry if I'm sounding upset, but it does hurt my feelings when I hear that multiple people felt this way. 

So many American families think quality time together is going to the movies. Or watching their nightly shows together. How much talking do you do at the movies? Is your relationship improving because you sit on the couch together every night? (By the way, we watch TV too...but a very limited amount.) Hardly anyone I know travels together. Or has a hobby or projects together. I can't even begin to tell you how dear sailing is to my heart because it is something that Landon and I learned TOGETHER and fell in love with TOGETHER. We have grown so much in our relationship through sailing and we can't wait to share that with our kids!! It is not just about a "boat" or "sailing." It is about the quality time we share together. It could be anything really.

Over the summer we mapped out our lives and made a 30 year plan. I know that sounds silly, but we decided what we wanted out of life and what we needed to do to make that happen. So we bought a boat, I started Scentsy (because it will be a good mom job), we are looking for a new house so we can build a shop to build our boat...but you betcha having kids is part of everything we are doing right now too. They are our plan and we can't wait to introduce them into this life we have been building for them.

Most LDS people are married for a year or two and then they start trying to have kids. When people see us, married for over four years and no kid in sight, alarm bells start ringing. But really, it is the most important decision you could ever make and we are doing what is best for US. We aren't waiting to have kids because we are selfish or materialistic. Quite opposite actually. Plus, it is a decision that is deeply private and between Landon, me, and our Heavenly Father. 

Summary: we are planning in having kids (when?! Wouldn't you like to know!) and we are putting ALL our energy into preparing for that day when we are no longer just husband and wife, but dad and mom to our precious children. This includes buying our family boat (aka Viking), buying a house to build our retirement boat (we want to retire EARLY and literally sail around the world), saving up our money and planning our budget for when we only have one income, etc. etc. etc.

Sailing=quality time as a family. Family is the MOST important thing to us and our top priority.

Okay end rant ;) 

P.S. I am working overnight at my job for 4 nights, so if I sound "fussy" maybe it's because I am! :)


  1. Hannah, that's amazing. First of all, you are so cute, you shouldn't care a bit what people think [sooo much easier said than done, but people can be so judgmental sometimes when it's none of their business. :) Haha.] Bur anyway, seriously, my husband grew up in Oregon and basically grew up on his family's motor yacht. I'm so grateful that his parents did that because he is a totally well-rounded person and learned SO many values, and life lessons, and skills by growing up on the water. We've talked about similar things [obviously we don't live near the water, but talked about how to instill those values in other ways because we feel like it's so important.] So anyway, that's MY rant about why I think this is so great. :) Hehe.

  2. For the record I KNOW you're not materialistic or selfish. You don't have a selfish bone in your body. Great perspective post. I know we shouldn't care what people think but we usually do care about what our family thinks. People who say things to you are either 1) just being judgemental and ignorant or 2) love you and want you to be happy. AS long as you're happy, we're happy. That's how it works. :)


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