Thursday, January 16, 2014

House Hunt.

Well, we are on the hunt again. It seems like we just barely moved into our house but we have actually been here for over two years now. We weren't planning on leaving it so soon because we really love it and love our neighbors, so this is bittersweet...

We have actually been looking since August but it is taking us for-ev-er to find something that will work for us. We aren't just moving to move... we are moving because we need a bigger yard to build a shop so Landon can build our next boat. And let me tell you, what we are looking for is pretty much impossible to find.

Oregon has an "urban growth boundary." This basically means that the government is restricting where house developments can be built because they want to preserve the countryside. The rolling hills and trees and farmland really are beautiful... but the problem is there are thousands of people moving into the area because of Intel's growth, but there's no room to put them! So what happens is neighborhoods are being built with houses that are almost stacked on top of each other... which means, no yard. No yard means no room for an 18 x 45 shop.

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The houses that do have room for a shop are the houses that were built before I was born. We don't want to live in a gross, old house and have to deal with remodeling. Plus, in an older neighborhood there won't be as many "young" families. And we want to live in a cute neighborhood filled with kids for our future kids. So you can see why we've struggled finding something...

darling houses, but you could reach out your window and touch your neighbor's hand. Image via

For awhile we were looking to buy our own plot of land and build a custom home. The more we looked into it, the more we realized it wouldn't work. In order to build a custom home on your own land, you need to get a "construction loan" and these have really high interest rates. We want to stay away from those. Although we really did fall in love with this property...

Then we started looking at houses in the boonies, outlying cities that have a little more space. There were a few potentials, but nothing that was really going to work...

Our current plan is to buy a new home, but as part of a neighborhood development so we can avoid a construction loan. We have our eye on this cutie that is in a small town called Forest Grove, 15 minutes west of where we live now. (The picture isn't the actual house, but same floor plan). 

It is a little bit of a drive and kind of "out there" but it is in a really cute neighborhood and it would be pretty nice to have a brand new home with some property! Plus, it is a smaller town with really good schools so the community is GREAT.

They aren't even going to start building this house for 3-6 months and then it will take about 4 months to build... so who knows what will happen. SO many things need to fall into place but I am hoping we find something that will work for us sooner rather than later. 

Luckily we have an AMAZING realtor who is always there for us and answers my never-ending emails, even at midnight! :) She helped us find our apartment when we first moved here, and that's when I knew she was different. She wasn't making a "sale" from us, she was just willing to help and tell me about the good areas of Beaverton because I had no clue. She then helped us find our first house and now is helping us through this seemingly impossible house hunt. She is always upfront and honest...we value and trust her opinion SO much. I am soooo grateful we found her almost three years ago. (If you live in the Portland area, check her out! Jennifer Venable with John L Scott). 

These next couple of months are going to be interesting I'm sure :) Wish us luck!!!


  1. Crazy that you're ready to move so soon! Good luck finding the house of your dreams. I'm excited to one day figure out what the house of my dreams might be and then see if we can afford it!!

  2. Thanks for sharing guys! So have you found the house of your dreams yet? Hehe! Going around and checking various houses can help you get an idea of what you really want. Sadly, not all people have the luxury of time to do so. For those who are having trouble looking for a new house, getting professional help is advised. Good luck, Hannah!

    Jessica Wilkie @ Jessica Wilkied C Real Estate

  3. Hey guys! Looking for the house of your dreams is very exhilarating and fulfilling. Have you found the house you wanted? If I may suggest, you can also look into purchasing real estate lands for your home. It's a good investment for the future!

    Jamie Carmouche


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