Monday, November 25, 2013

Four Years.

Another year together. Time seriously flies. But somehow it seems like we have been married closer to ten years than four. I just can't remember my life without Landon. It feels like we have always been "us."

Our marriage definitely isn't perfect, but I'm grateful for that. Perfect is boring and lifeless. What we have is passion ;) Through the hard times we have learned how to communicate and really grow together. We have had to kiss and make up and work on improving our marriage every day together.

Thank you for loving me more than I've ever been loved, for teaching me, helping me grow, making me laugh, believing in me, supporting me, putting up with my crazy emotions, and for always having my back Landon Dean. I love you more and more every day. Happy Anniversary! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Test Sail in Seattle.

Okay, I like this title because it kind of sounds like "Sleepless in Seattle" if you say it ten times fast. I'm just clever like that ;)

Plus, we got to see the Sleepless in Seattle boathouse up close because our boat was docked about 20 feet away. So the title is just perfectly fitting.

view from our boat and the house is on the end :)
Okay anyway, we went up to Seattle this weekend to test sail our boat. Oh my goodness, we love it SO much.

It definitely needs some love because it hasn't been sailed in over a year, but it really is in good shape considering it's almost as old as me!

amazing view of Seattle!!

Landon steered most of the time because I was a little bit nervous about being in control of a boat that huge... but our broker and Landon made me do it. Well it ended being so much fun! I've only ever driven a boat with a tiller before (a long stick) so steering with a wheel was weird and totally threw me off. With a tiller, you push it the opposite way you want the boat to move... and it took me a LONG time to get the hang of that. So now my brain thinks the opposite way, so driving with a wheel like a car was tricky for me.

We can't wait until this beauty is officially ours! We should close in about a week! After that the boat will be loaded on a huge semi and taken to Portland. We're hoping to have the boat in its slip by Thanksgiving.

After the test sail, we decided to go to Pike's Market. Seattle is so awesome. We really want to move there!

The disgusting, but awesome gum wall

We went to dinner at Ivars and it was SO good. Landon lived in Washington when he was little so that place is full of childhood memories for him.

It was definitely a weekend to remember :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

California Trip.

Get ready for a long one... I really should split this up into 5 posts but I'm too lazy :)

This year we decided that instead of taking time off work to visit family for Christmas, we would stay home for Christmas and go on vacation with family instead. We are super excited to spend the holidays in our own home, but we didn't want to miss out on family time so this worked out perfectly. Landon's mom (Suzette), her husband (Jason), and Landon's brother (Dawsen) came from Texas and we stayed with Landon's other brother (Tanner). It was so fun to be with everyone!

We got to California on Saturday around lunch time and mostly just hung around, ran some errands, took naps, and went to Newport beach. It was a really pretty night at the beach. After that we went to Sushi (gag!) but it was still really fun :)

Landon's yucky meal....
Happy Birthday Tanner!!! :)
Tanner and Matt' were SO nice to let us crash in their apartment. We seriously took over and it probably was a big pain but they let us stay anyway! :) I wish I would've taken a picture of their poor living room. All five of us slept in there! It looked like a bomb went off. I still feel really bad about it.

Sunday was Universal Studios day. Tanner was in a vampire performance that was SO good and he looked so creepy! I loved it. And Suzette was freaking out to see her little boy living his dream :) It was so cute to watch her. We went to his show three times! :) In-between the shows we went on the rides and had a blast.

Doesn't he look amazing?!

Landon was the only one with hesitations about becoming a vampire :)

Monday was DISNEYLAND. Oh man, I'm a freak. I'm just so obsessed. I've never been around Halloween and it definitely didn't disappoint. The rides are always so fun but some of our favorites were of course the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion and "Ghost Galaxy." A-maz-ing.

Our cute matching Mickey shirts! We are both obsessed with Mickey :)

super bummed this pic is blurry. Landon LOVED Peter Pan when he was little and would say to his mom, "Come on Wendy, let's fly!" So of course they had to ride Peter Pan together. So cute!!! :)

can't really handle how awesome this was!!!

I love how terrified Suzette is and how all the Richins boys pulled the same face almost :)

But the highlight of the day was definitely seeing Tanner and Matt perform. Tanner is part of the streetcar dancers in California Adventure. It was SO cool to see him singing and dancing (with Mickey too!) He's just so cute and really is a star.

He's in the green pants and red shirt if you can't tell by the way the camera follows him :)

just dancing with Mickey. No big.
Matt is in a show called Mickey's Magical Map and it was SO cute. We got VIP seats and had so much fun watching Matt perform! Those boys are so lucky that they are BFF's with Mickey. I'm a little jealous :)

Matt is just to the left of the monkey :)
Matt front and center :)
Speaking of Mickey... at the end of the day as we were walking over to World of Color something magical happened. I saw Mickey! He was standing off to the side with 2 people in line waiting to see him. Can you believe it? I couldn't either. I just started running and screaming "there's Mickey!" I didn't even wait to see if everyone was following me. Once we got in line, I couldn't help squealing and shrieking and I kept saying "Oh Mickey!" and it was so funny because Mickey kept pointing to me and pretending to blush and tell me he couldn't wait until it was my turn (all through the CUTEST hand gestures). When it was finally my turn he gave me a big hug and then started dancing with me! It was the cutest. Then I kissed his little nose and he got all woozy and dizzy and spun around. Oh my GOODNESS! I have never interacted with Mickey so much. It was seriously a dream come true. Landon says he wishes he would've gotten it on video because it was the cutest thing he's seen :) I just can't help it... I love Mickey!

What was really cool is it was the same Mickey that Tanner danced with earlier! I wish Tanner would've been in this picture too, but it was really cool to get a picture with the Mickey from his performance. I love Disneyland so much! It's just so magical.

Tuesday was our last full day and we spent it by going to lunch, going to Huntington Beach, and going to dinner at Cafe Rio.

so fun watching the surfers and we even saw a pod of dolphins!

I paid Dawsen 3 cents to jump up and let me take his picture with the surfer :)
We had SO much fun with everyone. Thank you Tanner and Matt for getting us into Disneyland for free, for letting us crash at your apartment, and for the wonderful time! You guys are seriously the best!!!!

Now we only have 3 weeks until our Disney cruise! And we will hopefully (fingers crossed) have our boat before then too. So much excitement I can hardly stand it.
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