Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Life Lately.

So much for blogging every week... woops! There are so many exciting and crazy things happening right now so to document it all I'm going to do bullet points. I love bullet points. It makes writing this long blog post not seem as overwhelming for some reason :)
  • We are going to DISNEYLAND this weekend. I am spazzing out!!!!! I know everyone says they "love Disnyeland" but you can't feel the same way I do. I'm obsessed. I cry. I scream. I jump. I skip around the whole park. I actually bawled the first time I met Mickey, which was when I was 16 years old by the way. Plus, this is my first time going around Halloween and I've heard it is awesome. I will probably cry. Just wait. We are going with Landon's mom, her husband, and Landon's two brothers. Ahhh!

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  • We are going on a Disney cruise to the Caribbean. WHAT?!?! Can you say dream vacation?! Literally, this is my dream come true. We got tickets for one thousand dollars cheaper than their regular rates. Bah! We leave November 30 and get back December 7. But to make the trip even more amazing, the cruise leaves out of Galveston, Texas so we get to spend Thanksgiving with Landon's family! Oh, and I forgot to say that the theme of the cruise is "Winter Wonderland" so there will be a tree lighting, a life-size ginger bread house, and all the characters are going to be wearing their cute little holiday outfits. This Disney fanatic is freaking out over here. Pinch me.

  • I became an Independent Scentsy Consultant! Yay! Landon and I have been wracking our brains trying to think of "at home" jobs I can do when I'm eventually a stay-at-home mom to earn a little extra cash. It was only $99 to join and I already love it so much. It has been so much fun planning parties. I had my first party last weekend for my friend Kimberly and in two weeks I have my own "Launch" party and then another party the weekend before Thanksgiving. Keep 'em coming!  I love how I don't have to be a "salesperson"... people just love Scentsy so it does the selling for me :)

  • Our sailing club had a party a few weekends ago and we walked away with TWO awards. I never win awards. It was quite exciting :)

    "On-Water excellence and On-Land attitude."
    Our friends Dave & Cherie. We love them :)
  • We went to Seattle a few weekends ago to look at boats and it was SO much fun. I think we need to live there... it's beautiful are so many places to sail! We also stopped by Sub Zero because it's amazing and we don't have one in Portland. It was such a fun weekend with my love :)

  • I'm obsessed with how beautiful Seattle is.

  • We have the cutest dogs in the world. We love them so much. I really didn't know it was possible to love dogs so much. They're really a part of our family and they make us laugh and bring us so much joy EVERY day. We are going to miss them when we are on all our trips.

  • Landon and I carve pumpkins every year while we watch Nightmare Before Christmas. We are both obsessed with the fall and Halloween so this is one of our favorite traditions. We normally pick our pumpkins at the grocery store, but this year we decided to go to a pumpkin patch. It was so much fun and is now our new tradition :)

Okay, that's all for now :)
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