Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Getaway.

This past weekend we went to a resort right on the beach for a night. It's amazing what one night away from home can do. It was so relaxing and felt like a mini-vacation. I wish we could do weekends like this at least once a month! 

We left Saturday after lunch and decided to take the scenic route to the beach. It was BEAUTIFUL and I always love being trapped in a car with Landon :)

We got to the resort and explored for a bit. Neither of us had ever been to a "resort" before so it was really exciting to see all the shops and restaurants and fun things to do. 

between all the buildings there were covered walkways--I'm guessing because most days it is raining :)

HUGE indoor tennis place. Too bad neither of has any idea how to play :)

Our room was really nice and had a sweet view.

One of our favorite parts about the resort was the miniature golf course that was free. It felt like real golfing, because the only mini-golf I've ever done is on cheesy fake grass with clowns and windmills. This was the real deal. 

our balls were perfectly lined up after our first hit. Landon said, "Awww! They're married!" :)

We decided that we would make a really good team--if Landon could do the first shot and then I could putt it in. I am SO good at putting it's not even funny! But getting it close enough to the hole was another story. We played every hole as par-4 and my score was +23 and Landon's was +3! Of course he won :)

my ball liked to hang out in the bushes. A lot.

Next up, we checked out the beautiful beach. I am in love with the ocean and it's so nice to live somewhere where it's only an hour away. It is just so gorgeous and I could sit there and watch the waves all day.

Landon thought it was funny to stomp all over my cute Landon + Hannah... stinker face ;)

love the Oregon coast.

After the beach we went to dinner at a cute little fish'n'chips place called Dory Cove. I love small towns and little gems like this place. The food was SO good!

Then we went swimming! Landon is an incredible swimmer and has coached for YEARS so I had him give me a few lessons. I really hate getting my face in the water because I can't stand getting water up my nose, but Landon taught me a few tricks and I got a little better. I used a kick-board so I could mainly focus on my breathing technique by turning my head to the side. If I ever came up to the center or had my head out for too long, coach Landon was right there telling me to get my face back in the water. It was so funny. He really is a good coach :)

After swimming, we went back to our room and sat on the balcony star gazing for a bit. We saw the biggest shooting star either of us had ever seen. It was soooo cool. I made a wish, but of course I can't say what it was or it won't come true :)

We slept in really late and woke up to the beach all fogged in--I love Oregon! We had a lazy morning and then were on our way back home.

It was the most perfect weekend with my love. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

We Love the Egberts!

The only bad thing about the Egberts coming to visit is that they LEFT! Those stinkers. We have been looking forward to their visit for MONTHS. They're just so cute and we love 'em!

They got to Portland on Friday and we spent a few hours chatting and catching up and then went to dinner, Powell's Bookstore, and a very "Portland" ice-cream shop called Salt and Straw. It was a perfect night.

the boys spent 10 minutes in the Goosebumps aisle :)
Jen had to get some books for the baby of course!
such a humongous, amazing bookstore.
probably my favorite picture, ever.
Saturday was a day of sailing! They were so much fun to sail with. Dave wanted to help with EVERYTHING which was so awesome. We love to share our hobby with people that think it's awesome too :) And they even made a sailing playlist full of tunes that set the mood perfectly. They are so cute! It was such a fun day.

Landon and Dave rigging the boat
I just love her!

Dave taking a turn being the helsman.

Dave was really excited to learn all the technical sailing terms and procedures and so we put him in charge of the jib sail (the sail in the front). He liked to call it "gettin' jibby with it" :) We had to take a video to show how pro he was, but Landon got a little camera shy and "forgot" a few of his lines :)

Sunday we spent the day in Portland--we went to the Rose Gardens, Saturday market, Voodoo dougnuts, and walked along the river.

yep, that's me. Queen Hannah 2013.
Landon went through the garden and found the prettiest rose petals on the ground for me :) 

Every night we played games-- Power Grid, Killer Bunnies (of course!), Scattergories, and True Colors. It was so much fun!

I was a little too excited about winning the game.
They left this morning and we were seriously tempted to slash their tires so they couldn't leave! Landon likes to call them our "soul couple" because we just get along with them SO well and love them so much. We are already planning our next trip together and can't wait to meet their sweet baby girl who will be making her debut in November. She is going to be the cutest.

Thanks so much for coming Jen and Dave! We love you both! And here's proof of how awesome these two are. Please come back SOON!

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