Thursday, May 30, 2013

She's a Cutie.

I know I have a million things to catch up on... But I can't help blogging about our Hobie. I'm just too dang excited about it.

Landon picked her up this weekend and she looks a lot bigger on our driveway than she did in the previous owners' backyard. We don't quite know where we are going to keep it yet, but temporarily it is taking up our entire front yard. Woops!

On Sunday we attempted to step the mast (put it up). It was HARD! My back is still sore. And we weren't even able to get it up. Lame.

So Landon, being Landon, designed a system to get the mast up that wouldn't require any man power. He cut a PVC pipe to the right length, cut out a little divot so it would attach to the mast, attached a winch to the trailer, and then tied it down with ropes. I really don't understand how he designs this in his head, let alone actually build it and make it work. He's crazy. I seriously don't know anyone like him.

He wasn't 100% sure it would work the first time, but it did! Wohoo!

I recorded the first stepping and was taking pictures at the same time... But I didn't realize it would freeze my video so that's what's going on when you watch it. Silly me!

The mast is 28 feet tall and it was SO easy getting it up with the system Landon designed. At the top of the mast are metal wires hanging down that you use to trapeze off the side of the boat. Oh my gosh, it was so terrifying. You're just praying the mast will support your weight and that the little hook doesn't fall off (you're not clipped in, just hooked... So if you don't have the right angle the hook just comes right off!!) I may have screamed a bit... I guess I'm going to need to get a bit more comfortable before taking her out on the water! Landon was of course a natural. What's new?

do you see why I was terrified? The harness can just slip right off the hook if you don't have the right angle. Yikes!
Last night we hoisted the sails. Is she not the cutest boat you've ever seen? She just looks so bright and happy.

We practiced trapezing off the mast again so I can get more comfortable and I'm definitely getting the hang of it (bahaha get it?!)

I get so excited thinking about all the adventures and memories we are going to have together as a family. How lucky are our future kids? Flying, sailing, traveling... We definitely don't have a normal life and I love it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh my Hobie!

Meet the newest member of our family...

not our exact boat, picture via

Bah! We bought a Hobie Cat 18. This sailboat is going to introduce us to a whole new world of sailing... fast, intense, and exciting! 

Here's a picture comparing our Hobie and a regular, old keelboat (what we've been sailing for the past few months).

As you can see, most sailboats are fat which means slow. A Hobie Cat is definitely not slow because they're a lot lighter and have two hulls instead of one big keel. 

We will be wearing harnesses and hanging off the edge and going really fast. I can't even imagine how intense it's going to be, but we are excited! This summer is going to be FUN. 

P.S. I seriously have so much to blog about right now... it's kind of overwhelming! We just got back from an awesome cruise and Disneyland AND my parents are coming this weekend for a week. Wohoo! Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two Years as an Oregonian.

Wait, what? I've only lived in Oregon for two years? Oregon is my home. I am comfortable here. I love it here. Didn't I grow up here?! A lot has happened and we've grown a lot since living here, so it definitely feels like more than two years.

Since moving here we....

Started our careers with our first "real" jobs.

Went flying together for the first time.

Explored Oregon through flying.

Bought our first house.

Built a freaking sailboat.

Learned how to sail.

Became puppy parents.

It still kind of freaks me out that I'm turning 24 next month and that I'm a real-life adult. So weird.

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of cute quotes (and songs!) and this one pretty much sums up how I feel about Oregon.

Oregon is where Landon and I really started our lives together. We have had to rely on each other because it's just us here. I can't even tell you how much stronger and closer it's made us. Moving to Oregon has been such an adventure and has strengthened our marriage SO much. So thank you Oregon. Thank you very much.
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