Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I love the New Year. It is a time to hope of things to come. A time to change and make improvements to be better. It is a fresh start. But it is also a time to reflect back on the past year and see how far you've come.

2013 was good to me. I was really worried about it, mainly because 13 is quite possibly the worst number ever. There were of course some hard times, but overall it was a really good year. 

It was our first year of being puppy parents. Landon was ready to give them up on more than one occasion (they were really bad...) but I'm so glad he stuck it out. We seriously love those dogs like they are our own kids. They bring so much joy and laughter into our lives. We can't imagine life without them!

This was also the year where we learned how to sail and joined the sailing club! It's hard to believe that we have less than a year of experience sailing because it is such a HUGE part of our lives now. I guess you could say we fell hard for sailing. For the first couple of months we literally went sailing EVERY week, sometimes twice a week. We started in February, so it wasn't the most ideal time to be outside sailing but we were just happy to be out on the water--even in the cold rainy weather!

We also traveled quite a bit this year. Landon flew to Texas in March to surprise his family, we went to Disneyland and on a cruise in May, I went to Utah in July for my sister's wedding, we went to Texas for Daren's graduation in August, we spent a weekend at the beach in September, we went to Disneyland again in October, and we went to Texas for Thanksgiving and then a Disney cruise in December. What a busy year for us!

On top of all the places we traveled, we also had people travel up to Oregon to visit us too! We had my parents come for mine and my dad's birthday in June, our cute friends Jen and Dave came in September, and of course Daren came for Christmas. We love having our family and friends visit!!!

Another big milestone for this year was becoming a Scentsy consultant. It has been such a blessing in more ways than one. The extra cash has been really nice but it has also given me a bigger sense of purpose and something productive to do with my spare time. It really has become like a hobby for me and I love it! It is SO much fun. And guess what? I have been WAY more successful than I ever thought possible! In the month of November I was in the top THREE for the most sales in my group of 2,300 consultants. I still can't believe it! Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this new adventure!!!!

And of course one of the biggest things we did this year was buy two sailboats and Landon finished building Thumbelina. We bought our 18 ft Hobie Cat at the end of May. We had such a fun summer taking that boat out and learning a new side of sailing that is much more sporty and a lot more thrilling! We even had to be rescued on Vancouver Lake... I will never, ever forget that crazy experience of capsizing and being stuck in the middle of the lake! It is kinda funny looking back on it now but at the time... oh man we were scared!

I will never forget standing on the dock bawling my eyes out seeing Landon sail Thumbelina for the first time. I still can't believe he built that boat!

And then in November we bought our 37.5 Hunter Legend. We love her and can't wait until she is all put back together so we can sail and have adventures together!

Thinking about 2014 gets me so excited, especially looking back at 2013 and seeing how much we accomplished and all the fun times we had. I feel like every year passes by faster and they just seem to get better and better. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.

Happy New Year!!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Thanksgiving in Texas.

Before and after the cruise we were able to spend 2.5 days with Landon's mom (Suzette), her husband (Jason), and Landon's little brother (Dawsen).

Even though we only had a short time with them, we had the best time!

We arrived in Flower Mound on Thanksgiving morning. The boys played outside while Suzette made dinner and I kept her company. I love hanging out with her SO much. We are more like best friends than mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. I am so lucky!

I loved watching Landon play with his Dawsen. They have always been so close and you can just see how much they love each other. It's the cutest thing.

I love Dawsen's face in this one :) He was laughing so hard.
At dinner we went around the table saying what we are thankful for and of course everyone's response focused on family :)

I forgot to take a picture of the yummy feast, but how cute are the plates?!
After a delicious meal we went to the elementary school behind their house and played football. Oh my gosh it was SOOOO fun! I don't even like football but we just laughed and had such a good time. Landon played the "all-time quarterback" so he played on both teams when it was their turn to be offense. Jason and Suzette were a team and then Dawsen and me were a team. I am not athletic at all and dropped the ball (literally) quite a few times. I mostly just ran around and tried to pretend like I knew what I was doing. But, the funniest part of the day was when team Flores (Jason and Suzette) kept trying to do a blitz and would come really close to Landon. So he would say "shotgun" meaning he could take a few steps back to get some space. Suzette wasn't allowed to go any closer but without fail EVERY time she followed him and crossed the line. Oh my gosh! She was just SO serious and thought she was doing the right thing FOUR times. We were all dying from laughing! I wish I would've taken pictures! Ugh!!!

That night we played apples to apples together and by the end of the day our tummies hurt from all the laughing.

On Friday we had a fun day at the mall and went to lunch at In-N-Out. The malls in Texas are HUGE and we love walking around them. I seriously was not very good at taking pictures...

After the cruise we came back to Dallas to see it had been completely frozen over. It was a slap in the face after our warm, sunny, paradise. I have never seen anything like it! The drive from Houston was SO scary and we had to drive pretty slow. There were so many cars on the side of the road that had been in accidents or just been abandoned and they were covered in caution tape. It was so crazy. The roads were just covered with SOLID ice.

this picture doesn't really do it justice. This was on the freeway and everything you can see is just thick ice.
Back in Flower Mound we had to use an extension cord to get all our luggage and ourselves up the iced over driveway! Then we took turns sliding down and trying to climb back up. Sooooo much fun!!!!

even though the driveway just looks like it's covered in snow--don't be fooled. It was ICE.

That night we played the game "Things" and if you've never played this game you need to. It is HILARIOUS and again we were all dying from laughing!

After the game we bundled up to go on a walk and even though there were a few falls trying to walk on the ice, I'm really glad we went. I love my second family so much.

Thanks for the amazing time Suzette, Jason, and Dawsen! We love and miss you so much!

The DFW airport the day we flew home. Our flight was delayed but most flights were cancelled. I can't believe we made it home!

Disney Cruise Part 5: Last Day :(

Our last day was fun, but in the back of my mind all I could think about was how I couldn't believe it was over. It went by so fast and was seriously the most magical and memorable vacation I've ever been on. I was NOT ready to get off that boat.

The day started out with a special character breakfast. Every dinner rotation is assigned to a time, so ours happened to be on the last day. I don't think I could've picked a better day for it. It was SO fun to see all the characters walk in and watch them going around to all the tables, anticipating when it would be OUR tables' turn to see them. I really am 5 years old, it was just all so exciting!

see that lady who photo bombed? Well, there happens to be a story about her that I'm not blogging about. Let's just say she's obnoxious :)

The characters came one at a time, so while we were waiting for each of them our servers came around and made us little hats out of the napkins and soon everyone in the restaurant was wearing silly hats. It was SO cute.

I got the cute Minnie bow, but then my server came back with Rapunzel hair made from a huge tablecloth to "match my long hair." It was pretty cute and made me feel special because we didn't see anyone else with a "hat" like mine! I was the only Rapunzel :)

Of course the highlight of the breakfast was FINALLY getting to meet Captain Mickey. He is just the cutest ever. I love him!

Since we had to get up early for our breakfast, we were really tired and went back to our room for a two hour nap and to watch some Disney classics. Days at sea are SO nice because there's nothing to do but relax.

Later we went up on deck and Landon worked on his app that he's programming while I read a book. I decided I was hungry for some pizza so I left our table and started walking and guess who I saw just walking around?! None other than my best friend MICKEY! I couldn't believe it!!!!! Every other time I had seen Mickey on the boat, he was followed by a line that was 90 minutes long. But not this time, he was just walking around. It was MAGIC! I ran back to the table, my heart pounding, as I told Landon and made him run over and get a picture with me. It was the highlight of my whole trip. I couldn't believe I got so lucky to run into him like that. It means SO much more when it happens by chance instead of at his "scheduled" appearances with crazy lines. Plus, he was in his cute holiday sweater... my favorite outfit of his! Oh Mickey, I love you!

After all that excitement we decided to go back to our stateroom and take ANOTHER nap! Haha! I told you, days at sea are the absolute best.

Dinner that night was at Animator's Palate again and Tanner was in a really funny mood. Our napkins were folded like a Peter Pan shoe and he decided we should play the game "props" from Who's Line is it Anyway? Oh my gosh, he's just so funny!

After dinner the servers did a flag parade. We were really sad to have our last dinner and to say goodbye to our cute servers.

Next up we went to the "Remember the Magic" show with Michael Harrison the ventriloquist, Mickey and Minnie, the princesses, and the other singers and dancers. It wasn't the best show, but it was still fun!

Tanner's friend Lauren is a performer on the cruise ship and after the show she invited us to a semi-private meet and greet with the characters! I couldn't believe it!!!!!

Next we went to a hypnosis show and it was totally lame and then as we got closer and closer to lame Texas and further and further from the wonderful Caribbean, the boat started to rock pretty bad. I guess it's a good thing our last experiences on the boat weren't as wonderful because at that point I was a little more ready to get off that rocky boat :)

Thank you Tanner, Daren, and Landon for an amazing vacation and memories! I will never, ever forget it and I'm sure every vacation after this will be lame in comparison. I HIGHLY recommend going on a Disney Cruise. I've done a lot of cruises, but this was by FAR my favorite. Completely magical. Oh, and just to prove one more time how special Disney cruises are... listen to the sound of their horn :)

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