Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, Landon...

I had to work late tonight and as I pulled into our culdesac I just about peed my pants from laughing. This is what I saw:

If you know Landon and understand how he is, you will get why I was laughing and why I think he is the funniest person in the world. If you don't understand Landon, you probably won't get this story or even think it's funny.

But it's just how Landon is. He isn't afraid of what people think. He frankly doesn't care. If he doesn't like something, he will tell you and he will probably do something about it. He's a crack up.

So this tree is in our neighbor's yard. Landon wishes he could chop it down because it totally blocks half of our house and he is a tree killer, I guess. But, he can't chop it because it's not on our property. Well, over the course of a week this tree has decided to PUKE all over our yard (as I call it). I have never seen so many leaves in my life! (I wish I had a before picture)

So what does Landon do? He takes a leaf blower and blows all the leaves off of our property line onto our neighbor's. It makes sense, right? Their tree...their leaves? Oh man, Landon you kill me! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is Halloween.

Tonight we had our third-annual tradition of carving pumpkins while watching Nightmare Before Christmas. This is a day we look forward to all year.

I used to be so grossed out by pumpkin guts, but it's all part of the experience. Love it. Also, I had the bright idea of using leftover paint drop clothes so clean-up would be a breeze.

I normally get all fancy and use a pattern, but I decided to be like Landon and free hand it.

We both went with the classic Jack-o-lanterns and I love how they turned out!


"My dearest friend, if you don't mind
I'd like to join you by your side
Where we can gaze into the stars

And sit together, now and forever
For it is plain as anyone can see
We're simply meant to be"
-Jack and Sally

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Election 2012

Okay, I have a confession. I have never voted before this election. Woops! I guess I can justify it because my parents aren't even citizens and can't even vote so voting was never a part of my life. When I turned 18 I always meant to vote, but I didn't care enough about the elections I guess? I know, I'm awful.

But this year is different. I definitely care about the outcome of this election and even get anxiety when I think about November 6. I couldn't wait to go to the polls and get my little "I Voted" sticker. You can imagine my disappointment to find out that in Oregon they don't have polls... You can only vote by mailing in your ballot. What the heck Oregon?

So, I don't get an "I Voted" sticker but here's proof that I voted in the 2012 presidential election. And if Romney doesn't win, we are moving to Canada ;)

Also, I'm really sorry to all of my little Oregon hipsters... but I voted NO to Marijuana being legalized. One time when Landon and I were walking downtown we saw a group of ladies that called themselves "moms for marijuana." Oh Oregon. You crack me up.

P.S. I finally finished painting the living room and kitchen and boy does it look GOOD. I'm so happy with the result! Who knew changing the color would make such a big difference? Love it!

the accent wall is "oatmeal" and is a teeny bit darker than the rest of the walls. The old color was almost like a baby pink. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

12 Things (About Us)

I loved writing a random 12 things post about me, and decided it would be fun to write a "12 things" post about Landon and me. There are definitely things I don't want to forget and I think it'll be fun to read this five years from now.
  1. Sometimes we get into huge water fights. I always start them, Landon always finishes them. I know he will cream me, so when I start a fight... I have that in mind and fully intend on getting soaked. The other day I splashed water on him while doing the dishes. Next thing I know, I'm completely soaked (along with our entire kitchen) from the sprayer in our sink. I love it.

  2. We go on a 15 minute bike ride and 45 minute walk together EVERY night (unless it's pouring rain, and sometimes we still go and just get soaked). It's not about the exercise, but about spending time together just talking and completely focused on each other. We have walked since the very beginning of our relationship. In fact, Landon proposed to me on one of our walks :) Walking with Landon is my absolute favorite and is something we look forward to every day.

    Best walk of my life.
  3. I do most of the cooking and cleaning. I like to be the domestic, wifey. Landon likes to organize, build, fix, mow the lawn, etc. Plus, sometimes when Landon helps out and empties the dishwasher he doesn't do it right. I'm OCD and cleaning has to be done my way. Woops!

  4. We sometimes call each other really rude names in a total joking way... like skank. This happens on a daily basis. Sometimes things get really out of hand and we resort to whore, slut face, hussy... you get the picture. This is all fun and games when we are at home... but you should see the looks we get when this happens in public! HAHA!

  5. I have always hated PDA...then I met Landon and he kissed me after walking me to class... right in the middle of BYU's campus. I was shocked, but secretly so happy. Now, I just don't think anything of it. I'm sorry if PDA grosses you out, but sometimes we just need to kiss and we happen to be in public. I just can't help it! He's so cute!

  6. Landon likes to tease me and in fact he just came in from the garage and asked why I was blogging instead of playing Zelda on the N64. He is convinced Zelda will help me with my memory because it's a big puzzle and prevent me from getting alzheimers. So this was his reply when I told him that blogging was more important... "I'm going to be like the old guy on the Notebook.... (in my head I'm saying "awww") until he says... but I'm just going to leave." Some people might be shocked/offended... I just laughed my head off. I know he obviously does not feel that way :) you just need to know Landon...and he is hilarious. He makes me laugh every day.

  7. Our relationship moved very fast. Held hands, cuddled, and kissed all on our first official date, said I love you after 10 days, talked about marriage within a month, got engaged after 4 months, and got married after 8.5 months. When you know, you know.
    first date (snowboarding), first hand holding, first snuggle, first kiss. I guess you could say it was a good day :)
  8. We are not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. When we get into our little "fights" I tend to run away and refuse to talk... Landon has helped me to be a better communicator but it's something I have to constantly work on. Marriage isn't easy, but it is more than worth it. Our "fights" never last longer than an hour because we are able to talk through it, forgive each other, and move on.

  9. Our idea of a perfect date=eating a yummy meal together, watching a movie, then going on a walk... so I guess you could say we go on a date every night. We are simple and just like being around each other. We only go "out" on dates maybe three times a month. It's SO nice being done with school and actually getting to hang out and relax with each other after work.

  10. We love this time just as a family of two. We are in absolutely no rush to introduce a baby into the picture. When people ask me when we are going to have kids I can honestly say I have no clue. Maybe a year or two or five? Who knows. But for now, it's just us. Time to focus on each other and our marriage. We know this is time you never get back. We've only been married for three years (well month!) and I'm only 23. See... no rush! I know in "Mormon" years I'm like an old grandma for not having kids yet and we've been married FOREVER... but in reality I have to remind myself that we are still so young. I've always wanted to be a young mom, but I don't think being young is what will make me a good mom or not. It doesn't matter if I am 23 or 27. (P.S. trust me, it has taken me a lllllooonnggg time to have the attitude I have now. It's something I have definitely struggled with. I think if it was strictly up to me to decide when to have kids, we'd have two already!) But, I'm still trying to convince Landon to get a dog before we have a baby... then we can practice being a family of three... ;)

    a friend made this for me at my old work :) the puppy's name is Winston. I think we like so good as a family of three!
  11. We eat dessert almost every night. Ice cream, cookies, f'zookies (I think they're technically called p'zookie but I don't care, they're delicious anyways), and if we're really desperate just plain ole chocolate chips. I think this may be the reason why I have gained 10 pounds since being married. Landon is addicted to chocolate, and now I find myself in the same boat. After we eat a meal, we just need a little chocolate. In fact, today I've already had five pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Do you know what's better than pumpkin chocolate chip cookies? Absolutely nothing.

    at one point we had 12 things of ice cream in our freezer. Not even kidding. 
  12. We act more like newlyweds now than when we were newlyweds. We don't like to spend any time apart--when we're at home we are in the same room even if we are doing different things. When Landon gets home from work I run to the door to greet him and jump up and down like it's been weeks since I've seen him. We truly are best friends and being married is the greatest adventure :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Busy and Relaxing

This weekend was the perfect balance of busy and relaxing.


  • Painting the kitchen. Oh my word. I had NO idea it was going to take all day on Saturday. But now I have the hardest part done and only have two more big walls to paint and one accent wall. YAY. (to see the before click here. Bye bye wall paper and peach walls!)
  • Landon sanded the boat for hours and hours and hours this weekend. It's getting SO smooth. 

  • Making pumpkin cookies, again. We're a little obsessed around here.

  • Church--don't worry, this is going to be in both sections. The primary program is next week, and as a primary teacher I get to sit on the stand with the kids as we practice. We went through the whole thing twice. Trying to get those 6 year olds to sit still after they have been sitting for two and a half hours already=BUSY
  • Watching Halloween movies... Corpse Bride & Hocus Pocus. We heart Halloween! We're already getting giddy thinking about watching Nightmare Before Christmas... we save that one for closer to the end, while we carve our pumpkins. Oh man, I can't wait!

  • Sleeping in until 9 and 10. And napping. Oh, how I love to sleep! 
  • Going to Noodles and Co after painting all day. I was totally willing to make Landon an easy dinner, since the kitchen was in shambles and it was 8 pm, but he decided it would be better to go on a "mini-date." So much fun to go out! And that Wisconsin Mac & Cheese=heaven.

  • Whipping out the N64 and watching Landon play some Super Smash. So fun. I've always loved watching people play nintendo way more than playing. 

  • Church. It's so nice to sing hymns, take the sacrament, read scriptures, and soak in The Spirit. Plus, it's great cuddling time with my love. 
We had the best weekend and I have a serious case of Sunday night blues. Why do the weekends have to go by so fast? I love getting to spend every second with Landon!

P.S. My hair is getting SO long. Most days I just throw it up in a pony or bun because I can't stand it being in my way. Chop it? Yes? No? 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend at Home

After a week in Maui, it is SO good to be home. I know people probably think I'm crazy, but I did not go to Hawaii for a vacation and it was definitely work. The night before we left I just started crying because I was so relieved and so happy it was over. Walking into the door, I just started screaming and ran to Landon--and I haven't stopped smiling since. Best feeling ever. I love being home.

this is my absolute, most favorite place to be. Love this little blue home of ours.
So this weekend has been filled with lots of time spent together--cuddling, watching "scary" movies (Casper, haha!), going on bike rides, out to eat, and just hanging out.

This weekend was actually a special one for me that I look forward to--General Conference (click here to watch/read. It's amazing!). So many prayers and questions answered, so much inspiration, and I am filled with a greater desire to be better. One of my favorite talks was President Uchtdorf's (paraphrased from my own notes) "we often have the illusion that something just beyond our reach will bring us happiness (cough, cough... becoming a mom...cough, cough) external circumstances don't determine happiness! We choose our happiness. It's not a race, it's a journey. Enjoy the moment. Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey." His talk was definitely something I needed to hear. Every single day we make the choice to be happy and grateful for what we have, or to be sad and filled with self-pity. Being happy sounds better to me :)

an old picture, but one of my favorites. us being happy. happy is a choice.
While watching conference I made a yummy treat, homemade Reese's (recipe found here). I think chocolate and peanut butter combined is the best invention EVER. I'm obsessed!

aren't they just so cute? believe me, they taste even better than they look!
I also was productive this weekend...thanks to Landon! He really helps me to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I am completely scared of. I finally took the plunge and started painting. I can't even get over how much I love the color and how happy I am with the result. I only ended up painting one wall... baby steps so I don't get too overwhelmed :)

Before. I decided to go with the middle color (khaki by Eddie Bauer)
and after. obsessed with the new color.
Landon is convinced they are the same color... but he's a boy. The old color is VERY peachy/pink tan and the new color has a slight hint of green so that means no more red undertones that make the walls look pinkish. I'm so happy with the result!

It was an absolutely perfect weekend.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Who Needs Edward?

I've got my own hunky vampire ;)

Landon is pretty excited about his Halloween costume this year. They're pretty legit if you ask me!

P.S. Isn't skype the best? It makes being out of town A LOT easier! Only 4 more nights until I'm home!!
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