Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alaska Part 3

Our last day on the cruise was a day at sea and we tried to live it up as much as we could. Princess cruises has a tradition where all the waiters dance around with candles and a dessert called "Baked Alaska" on the last night. It was really cute and the dessert was delish.

We loved our waiters Marjun and Allan. Such cutie pies.

Getting off the boat was a little depressing, but we were happy to spend a day in Vancouver! We dropped off our luggage off at the hotel (it was too early to check in) and started our adventure.

We decided to check out Stanley Park which is a huge park with miles of walking trails in downtown Vancouver. So pretty!

After walking through Stanley Park, we crossed the bridge to the other side of Vancouver and just keep exploring--we didn't really have a destination in mind.

After walking for about 4 miles my legs had pretty much had it and the thought of turning around and walking back to the bridge made me want to cry (it probably wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't just hiked two mountains...) Luckily, we stumbled upon Vancouver's "Sea Bus" which takes you across the bay to the other side of the water without having to cross the bridge! YAY! I was SO relieved.

We went back to our hotel and checked in and found out we were on the 27th floor. Hot dog! It was the coolest room I have ever had. The view was unbelievable! I was seriously jumping and squealing for a good ten minutes.

After relaxing in our room for a bit, we decided to go to dinner at the ONLY restaurant we could recognize...Spaghetti Factory. I ate my ENTIRE plate of spaghetti which I have never done at a restaurant before. My plate could have fed a family of five, easily. I guess I was hungry :) Walking downtown Vancouver at night was pretty fun. We really like Canada!!

We woke up the next morning at 5 am to catch the train back to Portland. The train was actually awesome and a MUCH better experience than riding the "prison" bus last time.

It was a little depressing to be back home--actually having to cook and clean up after ourselves--but we're already planning our next cruise! Until next time...

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  1. So fun! Keep exploring Canada - this time further east and come visit me!!


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