Monday, August 20, 2012

12 Things

12 things you may not know about me...and probably don't want to know about me...and you only earn the right to watch the video at the end if you read the whole thing. 

#1 I am a major hypochondriac. Headaches for a few days straight... Must be a brain tumor! Tummy ache... Must be an ulcer! You get the idea :)

#2 I love to sleep. I could sleep 10 hours every night and take a three hour nap every day and still be sleepy. So I guess I don't love to sleep, I just need to sleep. If I could have any super power it would be to not NEED sleep.

# 3 You may think I have a perfect smile...

but you haven't met snaggle tooth.

Yep, my dentist broke my built-in retainer about one week after getting my braces off. Lovely! Actually, I kind of like it. It gives me character.

#4 I'm a little bit dramatic. Even a simple thing can turn my day into "the best day EVER!!!" or Landon comes home from work early and I am jumping and screaming like its been a month since I've seen him. Every new book I read is my new favorite book, I have about 50 favorite movies and songs, and don't even get me started on my favorite foods. I'm just enthusiastic, excited, and for the most part happy and smiley.

#5 My guilty pleasure is The Bachelor/Bachelorette. I know it's so ridiculous and not real and I just don't care. It's entertaining. And yes I cried when Jef proposed to Emily.

#6 I have a huge family--four brothers, four sisters, 6 brothers and sisters in-law, 15 nieces, and 3 nephews. Its crazy but I love it. Oh, and my parents are from England and have cute little accents. What I would give to have a British accent! My parents are crazy in love even after 40+ years.  They have shown me what marriage should look like. They're best friends.

Not even half of the gang. 

#7 I have very strange fears... Like I am afraid of windmills. They're just creepy. I'm also terrified of the dark. I will not walk into a dark room and I won't turn off the light to one room until the next room's light is turned on. Sometimes Landon turns off the lights and crawls around growling. Not cool. I also really hate belly buttons. I think they're disgusting. I wish I didn't have one. If you touch my belly button I will get nauseous. If you touch your belly button I will get nauseous. Yuck!!!!! (I just googled it and its called omphalophobia. Fear of belly buttons is the real deal I guess)

does that not creep you  out??
#8 If I am home alone, I like to sing. Like full on top of my lungs, belt-it-out singing. It's the only time I sing like that because I just can't sing when other people are listening. My voice cracks. But I do love to sing. Especially to Taylor Swift, of course.

#9 My full name is Hannah Jacqueline (Miller) Richins, but growing up I was called Hannah Jack-o-lantern by my siblings. They even made up a song about me playing the pian-a and being an idiot (long story). I was basically teased my entire life... which actually turned out to be a great thing for me because I really don't mind teasing. I just play along with it and it makes me "fun to tease." It's also great for Landon because he loves to tease. Win-win.

#10 My all time favorite movie is Aladdin. When I watch a scary movie and need to find a happy place... I watch Aladdin. During finals week when I was really stressed... I watched Aladdin. When I was so excited I could barely sit still the night before we got married... I fell asleep watching Aladdin. It's like my comfort movie. I can quote the whole thing.

really is there anything more romantic as a magic carpet ride?
#11 I have a really bad memory. I'm kind of like Dory, but not quite that bad. I can watch a movie over and over (with the exception of #10) and feel like I'm seeing it for the very first time. I tell Landon the same stories over and over and I SWEAR I haven't told him before. I think that's why I'm so forgiving of people and don't hold grudges... I just really can't remember why I should be mad at them. But... one of the main reasons why I blog is because I have such a horrible memory... I don't want to forget my life. Even the little, mundane experiences I have. When I read back on my old posts, it jars my memory and even though I forgot all about it... I suddenly remember. It's like magic.

#12 I really enjoy writing horrifically embarrassing blog posts and I have used to have (before I was married) a huge crush on Zac Efron. You guys... I have even MET him!!! Shook his hand and everything. He said my name. But anyway, as previously promised... here is my video tribute of my love for Zac--and don't worry this was BEFORE Landon. Actually the night Trina & I filmed this was the night I went to hang out with Landon for the first time (read all about it here).

Well now you officially know me, inside and out. I'm a complete mess aren't I? :)

P.S. It's going to take all my willpower to not delete this post when I realize what I've done in the morning....

Saturday, August 18, 2012


We have the coolest neighbors (Forrest and Grace) who have turned into some of our best friends here in Oregon. We instantly clicked when they invited us to go to dinner and asked us how we felt about small airplanes. NO WAY! Yep, they are both pilots, both ride motorcycles, Forrest works at Intel with Landon, they both love building things and have a HUGE shop in their backyard. It's insane how much we have in common! We just love them.

We usually hang out once a week--going to dinner, ice cream, motorcycle rides, walks, and flying. 

When we go on motorcycle rides, I usually ride on the back of Forrest's Goldwing because we ride for over an hour and there's no way I can sit on the back of Landon's bike for that long :)

our motorcycle gang. a goldwing, a cruiser, and a sports bike

yeah do you see that tiny seat at the back? not the most comfortable.
it was really hard taking pictures riding on the back of a motorcycle. I couldn't even look through the view finder. I managed to get a few decent shots though

On Thursday we flew down to Albany for Chinese food--I love that we can do that!

We love our neighbors and we are so happy that we decided to buy our house so we could meet them! They're adventurers just like us :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I just feel like I need to write some of the thoughts that are jumbled in my head lately... and these are not all "happy, bubbly, positive" Hannah thoughts. I've even gone back and forth on whether or not to post it. Oh well, here goes... another one of my honest, journal-ish posts:

I received some horrible, awful, no good news today about a family member. I'm so upset even though everyone is telling me not to worry about it. Me, not worry? Yeah right.

I haven't been the best wife to Landon lately. For some reason he gets the worst side of me. Why do I treat the person I love most the worst? Why does he get to see my grumpy/impatient side when everyone else just sees my sweet/happy side? Not fair. I need to fix it. Landon deserves so much more. He is so sweet to me and I know that I get his best side. On Saturday it had been three days since I washed my hair and I had been scrubbing the bathroom for two hours and he just looked at me like I was the most beautiful girl in the world, told me I was so pretty, and then I continued to complain, stomp my foot, and tell him how ugly I felt. What is wrong with me?! Ugh. Luckily, he is very patient and very forgiving. I need to be better.

I'm so lucky.
A lot of people have been asking lately if I am struggling with infertility. I think when most Mormons have been married longer than a year without having a baby people immediately think, they must be struggling with infertility! I am not mad/offended/sad at ALL that people assume this, because most people are just so sweet about it. But we just aren't the norm. Yes we have almost been married for three years and no we are not trying. Just to set the record straight. Also, I can definitely see why people would think that based on my MANY blog posts about wanting to be a mom so desperately. It's definitely a very personal topic, and one that's between me, Landon, and the Lord. Landon has actually gotten SO sick of people asking that he now tells people we don't want kids. You should see some of the reactions he gets! Especially at church! Oh my... sure shuts 'em up ;)

We bought a scale at Costco. Dang it. I have gained 10 pounds since my pre-married life. Not really okay. So I decided I need to eat healthier and not eat ice cream every day (and I wonder why I gained 10 pounds... HA!). Yeah... that lasted about one day. Why am I so addicted to bad food?! I really don't know how to break the habit.... especially with this sitting in our freezer: 

oh hello, delicious ice cream
I love my job. I love my job. I love my job. I can't say it enough. It is such a blessing to get to work with kids again! It is what I am meant to do.And the kids I nanny are the cutest. They make me laugh, every single day. We are just best buds. At the park the other day I overheard Gabby telling one of her new friends that she only has one true friend, and it's her nanny. Melt my heart!! I also have the best boss, ever. Hands down. I'm so lucky.

aren't they the cutest?
We have FIVE more work days until our CCCCRRRUUUIIISSSEEEE! Yay! We are so excited to relax and spend time together. 11 days straight with my best friend is pure bliss. 

I miss my family. I miss my friends. Being in Utah was so much fun, but when it came time to say bye to everyone I was just in a complete PANIC. I felt sick to my stomach and just completely shaky. I really just need Utah to be a little bit closer. Please? Pretty please? Or... better yet everyone should just move up here. It really is so great here! So so so green, close to the ocean, cool city... everything you could ever want!

Alright, that's all I can think of for now. My brain feels less jumbled. Landon is taking me out tonight... I've had a rough day. What would I do without him?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Wheels.

Check out our new bikes!

Landon's bike 
My bike
Okay, so mine looks a little like a clown bike, but wait until you see what it does!

mine folds down a lot smaller than Landon's because mine has tiny wheels.
Yep, we got folding bikes! They're perfect for us because they will fit in the airplane. That way when we fly places, we don't have to worry about what we can do that's within walking distance. Some airports have courtesy cars, but those are few and far between so we are very excited to have bikes to get us around.

They are also great bikes to just go ride around the neighborhood. We ride our bikes every night and then go on our nightly walk. I forgot how much fun it is to ride bikes! 

We love our new wheels!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Name.

So I decided to give the blog a new name. Sometimes I feel like our life is just so unreal and such an adventure.

We love to travel. We love to DO things, not just sit around watching TV... in fact we don't even have TV channels at our house. We love to fly airplanes. We love to cruise. We love to hike. We love to build. We love to explore.

We are adventurers. Through and through. 

But, it's not just the crazy, super exciting things that we do that makes our life such an adventure. It's the simple, every day things too. Like cuddling up watching a movie. Or going on a walk, every single night. Grocery shopping together. Cooking together. Just being together is an adventure.

I know, I'm such a sap. But I hope that when I look back on my life I can say "what an adventure!" 

Friday, August 10, 2012


We flew to Utah this weekend in our tiny airplane. Last time we flew to Utah we told ourselves we would NEVER do it again. This time, we find ourselves saying the exact same thing. You would think that since we are flying in an airplane that we get their quickly right? Wrong. 12 hours of flying in one weekend is a little much. Especially when it's bumpy almost the entire time. You think you've felt turbulence? Try flying in a tiny airplane. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE flying... but not for 6 hours at a time going anywhere between 70-100 mph. No thanks.

Did you know the Salt Lake has parts that are completely pink/red? Weird.
It was awesome flying right over the Salt Lake. It was around this time that I started singing the "Utah" song. Utah...people working together! Utah...what a great place to be! :)

Anyway, Utah was a blur and a blast. A blur because we were only there Friday night-Monday morning. A blast because we got to see so many of our favorite people. Okay I just counted how many people we saw and it's a whopping THIRTY SIX of our close family and friends! (I counted by writing out everyone's initials--S S S Z Z C S T A A M J A S M E L M Z J B E A M D T T C D J J J K E O N) That's a lot of people for such a short amount of time and I can't even tell you how much it meant to me to see everyone! (I wish I would have gotten more pictures, but I was just so overwhelmed with trying to catch up and chat that I wasn't even thinking about pictures. I stink at life.)

Oh hi pretty baby! Jolene and I are bff's. 
Baby Chelsea is only 10 days old! So tiny and so cute!!!!
Love these pups!
My little Vannah is growing up! My very first niece--only 9 years apart. Some people say we're twins.

Zoey got SO big! Love her!

Everyone got so BIG! Well, except for Chelsea. Cute Saylor, Michael, and baby Chelsea.
Such a good brother to all of his five sisters! My Zac man and Zoe Zoe!
cute Eowyn kept asking me if I wanted to have a play date. Melt my heart!!!
they're the cutest. love my parents!
Summer and Macie so grown up and so cute!
Sydders and Atlie. The kids scared me with that huge lizard toy. Not cool :)
On top of seeing lots of family and friends, we spent Saturday going to Kelly and Eryn's wedding. They're so cute. I love being in the temple. Landon and I were both tearing up. It was just very sweet.

We also got to take a little walk down memory lane and visit the place where we fell in love... good ole Glenwood aka "The Hood."

our first kiss happened right inside "Lodge" 135 :)
Next we stopped by our first apartment and walked around BYU's campus. We were feeling very nostalgic.

read about our first "love nest" here. Loved that little basement.
I've already started to forget the names of the buildings. I called this one the Spencer Tower. Close.
We love living in Oregon, but we really miss our family and friends in Utah! Thanks everyone for coming to see us! It meant the world.
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