Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elder Miller

Today my little brother left for two years to serve a mission in Goiania, Brazil. Oh man, I can't even tell you how proud I am.

I have never had to be the worried older sister before. As the 8th of 9 kids, I have been worried OVER but never had to be the one doing the worrying... until now.

I just can't stop. What if he doesn't like the food? What if he gets lonely? What if he struggles with Portuguese? Oh my gosh he's never lived outside of Mom and Dad's house... what if he doesn't know how to SURVIVE?! Okay so maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but he's my little brother.

Growing up we were best friends. Inseparable. Then I became a teenager... and he became annoying... cue screaming, yelling, kicking, slamming doors, yelling, etc. I definitely wasn't the best big sister to him. In fact I was just plain awful.

But then we both started growing up--I started being less bratty and he started being less annoying. I hope he knows that I love him more than anything. Oh man, here come the tears.

Good luck little brother. I am SO proud of you and your decision to serve the Lord and give up your entire life for two years. You are such an example to me and everyone around you! You have such a gentle heart and I know that you are going to be such a good missionary because of that.

I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you in two years.


Brat (my completely deserved nickname)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life Lately

Time to play catch up! Life lately has been awesome. Just plain awesome. Here come the bullet points.

  • We are going on a cruise the end of August to Alaska! We love cruises and this time we are going on a Princess cruise. Food, entertainment, beautiful scenery, food, 10 days straight with Landon, food... doesn't get any better than that! We are so excited.

The Princess Diamond

  • I have been cooking like crazy. Every single week I make at least two new meals (thank you pinterest!). Some of my favorites are:

Pizza Rolls (recipe here)

Oh.my.gosh. Heaven in my mouth! Seriously these are amazing, so easy, and Landon even said they are pretty legit. Yum!!!

Creamy Chicken and Bacon Pastry Pockets (recipe here)

Mine definitely didn't turn out as pretty as the pinterest version, but they tasted good so whatever!

An omelet!!!!!

Okay no recipe needed for this one, but man I am proud of myself! Personally, I hate eggs. They smell funny. But Landon loves eggs and loves omelets... and I was way too scared to make one because I had no idea how to. But third time's a charm and I think I sort of have it now! It looks like an omelet (well kinda!)

  • We went to Washington to visit Landon's uncle and family. I just love them! We had a BBQ, played outside, and just hung out. Perfect Saturday! Emma and I even wrote a book about a little hummingbird :)

  • The work on the butt continues and this weekend I actually helped Landon. I took more pictures of the process, but I didn't have my nice camera yet so the pictures aren't that great but here's a look at how we fiberglass the boat:

    First we lay down the fiberglass planking and put a layer of resin... but I was in Orlando when Landon did that step so no pictures sorry.

    Second we lay the fiberglass mat. 

This stuff is mean. Don't touch it.

Next you pour the resin (which is kind of like glue, but turns rock hard once it's dried)

Add some catalyst and mix.

Then you use paint brushes and put a layer of resin onto the mat. Sounds easy, but it's not.

Next you lay down the fiberglass cloth.

Fiberglass cloth is nice. You can touch this one.

And then you use resin to paint over the cloth too

And voila! 

Oh man... it looks a lot smaller with Landon sitting in there! Hopefully we fit :)

Hopefully this baby is done soon so we can take it out before the rain comes... 
  • We go to 31 flavors (aka Baskin Robbins) weekly... and sometimes even more than that! Well I don't know if you knew this about Landon but he's pretty money conscious, so to save money we bought the ENTIRE TUB of ice cream. And it was only 45 bucks! Considering you pay 2 bucks per scoop, it is definitely worth the money! The girls at the store thought it was awesome and just couldn't believe someone was actually buying the whole tub. Only Landon :)

  • Landon teases me because according to me, we have three anniversaries... first date, engagement, and marriage. Well on Sunday it was three years ago that I said YES! Read all about the proposal here. Best decision I have ever made.

Okay I think this post is long enough :) Life is good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So I decided to get a real camera instead of a laptop for my birthday. 

Thanks Landon! 

I've always wanted a camera like this and now that I have it, I'm completely intimidated and realize I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing. 

So far I've taken some really great pictures.

Inspiring right? The sad thing is, I'm not even trying to be funny. These literally were the very first pictures I took with my camera...

Oh boy! 

Thank goodness for pinterest, youtube, and google because I have a LOT of learning to do.

Any advice for a newbie? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Butt

When I first met Landon my very very very first impression of him was, he is thee coolest person I have ever met. I knew life with him would be an adventure.

So want to know what his next project is? Not a little 11 foot sailboat. A 32 foot yatch yacth yacht. A sailboat that can literally sail around the world. 

F-32 Trimaran  (link to more info on the big butt here)
Now that's a big butt! If you haven't seen Finding Nemo... you're going to be horribly confused for the rest of this post, plus you are really missing out!

Who in the heck are we? Man, if you told me three years ago that I would be marrying a motorcycle riding, computer processor designer, pilot, boat maker/sailor I would have laughed in your face. Hysterically. 

I'm not making this stuff up. He's really just that cool :)
This boy has goals. Big goals. And most people, like me, would say, "that'd be nice but way too much work" or "I have no idea how to build a boat." He just says, "I've never done this before but I know I can do it!"

Dang, I want to harness some of that attitude! It took me SEVEN MONTHS to muster up enough self confidence to figure out how to take down a tiny strip of wallpaper across the top of our kitchen cabinets. Seven months of excuses, whinings, and I don't know how's. 
But because of Landon, one day I will own a yacht and sail around the world. Isn't that absolutely crazy?

In other less exciting, but still kind of exciting news, progress on our little butt is continuing. Her name is officially Thumbelina (most of you probably know why) and she will be gun metal gray, white, and black--a pretty classy looking butt if you ask me. 

Here are some recent pictures for your viewing pleasure:

covering the seats with fiberglass

on our grass drying. it was cool to see the butt off her stand and out in the open :)

almost all of the wood is covered by fiberglass now. It's a shame because the wood was so pretty!
By the way, I don't help much with the butt anymore. I sit on my own butt on a camping chair in the garage and read or blog while he works. 

We just like being in the same room :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012


You know those "How are you feeling today?" magnets. Well this is how I'm feeling today:

yes my hair is in braided pigtails. my husband happens to be fond of pigtails. so what?
Blah. Blah. Blah-ity-blah.

I don't even know why. Well I guess there are lots of little things that are causing me to feel so whiny, but there's nothing really wrong. 

Sometimes I think my blog is too "sunshine and rainbows" ish. I just seem to be motivated to blog when something exciting or happy happens. I don't always feel like blogging about crappy, not-so good days. 

Despite popular belief, I am not always happy. Some people have told me they can't imagine seeing me angry. HA what a joke! Trust me people... I definitely have my moments (just ask Landon! Poor guy...)

So in case you were wondering I do have a temper/anger problem. I also have anxiety have had to learn ways to cope and keep myself sane. 

My sister has always told me when I am feeling stressed or anxious or sad, just write down a list of things that are making you feel that way. Once you see it on paper you will realize how silly it was for you to be feeling so overwhelmed. This list REALLY helps. For some reason it all seems so jumbled and a HUGE deal in my brain and then I write my list and only can think of two or three things that aren't really a big deal and suddenly I feel much better.

So here's my list:
  • Possibly not being able to go to Utah in August anymore. I will get to go in December, but I was really counting on going next month. Boo.
  • Missing my little brother's missionary farewell. 
  • Not having any hobbies or working towards any goals. I'm so used to being in school and constantly having stuff to work on and learn... and now I feel like a bump on a log. I kind of feel like a waste.
Really not a big deal, I know. Luckily I have a husband who knows how to make me laugh and smile even when I just feel like crying. Oh, I have so many stories I could tell you, but for some reason they're just way too cute and I want to keep them to myself. Oh man, he's a keeper. I'm so lucky.

Anyway, here are a few of the other contenders for the "How I'm feeling today?" picture, simply because I enjoy embarrassing myself.

It's true actually. I really enjoy being embarrassing. In middle school my friends and I would go to the grocery store or the mall to "make fools of ourselves." That's what we called it. Belting out the national anthem in the middle of the mall with my hand on my heart (you know how they have those big flags hanging...), garbage bagging, loading a single grape onto the belt at the grocery store (they cost 2 cents by the way), meditating in the elevator, dressing up like complete lunatics and going out in public, etc. etc. etc. 

Maybe one day I'll even get brave enough to post my Zac Efron video on here. It was on the blog for about 3 hours and then I deleted it :)

Well those memories definitely cheered me up a bit. Here's to the weekend and a happier attitude tomorrow!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beach Weekend

I definitely know we were meant to live in Oregon. We just love it here. Remember this post when we were weighing the pros and cons of living in Oregon or Texas and I was a complete stress case? It's funny looking back on that now because I just know this is where we are supposed to be!

We spent the weekend at the beach and even though it was only low 60's and kind of rainy, we had a blast! (By the way, Oregon's summer doesn't start until July 5th!) We drove up to Long Beach, Washington and spent the night at a hotel right on the beach. My employers are the best and invited us to their annual "Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza" at their beach house. They also paid for us to stay at the hotel. Told you, they're the best. 

The Adrift Hotel was "eco friendly" or as Landon said, an excuse to have empty hotel rooms without any furniture besides a wood pallet nightstand. Yes, only one nightstand. Gotta love the pacific northwest.
The hotel had complimentary beach cruisers so we took advantage of that and went on an 8 mile bike ride. So much fun! Long Beach has a paved trail right along the beach and it was simply beautiful. We had a blast!

The bones of a 38 foot beached gray whale. Pretty cool!

I love small towns! How cute is this little movie theater?

After that we went over to my boss' beach house for dinner and fireworks on the beach. Their house was incredible, the food and company was great, and it was awesome seeing the huge fireworks right on the beach. 

That night we walked along the boardwalk and watched tons of people light off huge fireworks. I love the 4th of July!

We woke up Sunday morning to cloudy, high 50's weather. We brought our neighbor's wet suits and were both a little nervous about getting in the 40 degree water on a cold day... but we decided to be brave and just do it. Oh my gosh, we had SO much fun! Oregon beaches are beautiful, but they are normally WAY too cold to get in the water. But with a wet suit, it really wasn't bad at all. We are definitely buying some so we can play in the ocean more! 

It was a perfect mini-vacation weekend.
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