Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May in a Nutshell

Well... I guess you could say I've been in a bit of a blogging rut lately. I feel like I have so much going on that I want to blog about and I don't quite know where to begin. I have probably started about 10 different blog posts that I just end up deleting because I get distracted with other really important things... like facebook, pinterest, or the bachelorette :) but then I just have to remind myself why I am doing this blog in the first place. I don't care if I have a large audience. I don't care if my life is too boring or uneventful to blog about. I don't care if I'm not the best writer.

However, I do care about recording my life for myself (I have the memory of a rock. Not joking...) but mostly i am doing this for my future family. This blog is like our own little family history, even though most posts seem insignificant to me, one day I think they'll be priceless.

So... this is going to be one of those catch up posts... Long and with a ton of pictures. You have been warned.

I can't say this enough, but I love flying. I love enjoying the beauty of the earth from the air. I love seeing Landon in his element, doing what he was made to do. I love the adventures we get to have together because of flying. I just love it all! Well a few weeks ago, we flew down the Columbia River Gorge. For those of you who have driven to Oregon before, you will know what I mean when I say the Gorge is simply breathtaking... And that's just driving through it! It was literally the prettiest thing I have ever seen, the river, the greenest canyon, at least a dozen waterfalls... Pictures just don't do it justice. At all. We landed at this tiny airport in the middle of the gorge and Landon said it was one of the hardest landings he has done, but he totally nailed it. The gorge is extremely windy, which is never fun when trying to land, and the runway was really short and surrounded by trees. He's amazing. The other cool part of this flight was getting to fly right over downtown Portland. Landon got clearance from Portland approach to go through their air space so we popped over the hill in Beaverton and came right over downtown. It was sweeeeet!!!

not the best picture quality...but you kinda get the idea
We were pretty close to Mt. Hood. It is SO tall and so pretty.

My father-in-law Daren came to visit for a week. It was so much fun having him here! It was great because he would work from home while Landon and I went to work. We didn't have to feel bad knowing he was home alone all day because he was busy with his work too. Perfect. While he was here we flew up to Seattle a few times to visit with family, went to dinner quite a bit, ate a lot of ice cream, went to Portland and mostly just hung out. Come back again soon Daren!

We are making a lot of progress on the boat and hoping to have it done soon so we can enjoy it this summer. We really hate fiberglass, but I think the finished product will be worth it. By the way, don't wash a cloth covered in fiberglass with the rest of your white laundry. Holy moly... Can you say ITCHY!

It was kind of sad to cover up the pretty wood work with fiber glass :(

We've always called it our "love boat" :)

I really, really, really, really love my job. I look forward to seeing these cute kiddos every morning. I have never looked forward to going to work before, and it's a great feeling. I feel so blessed to get to work with kids again. It's what I was meant to do. I always pictured myself as a teacher, but honestly I think this was meant to be. It's a better fit for me. I still get to teach, but in a more intimate setting. Plus, finding a teaching job in Oregon is impossible anyway. The other day I looked teaching jobs just for kicks and there were only TWO jobs posted for the entire Portland metro!!! was for a virtual online school and one was French speaking. But really, it's for the best. I love being a nanny.

Speaking of my job... I get to go to Disneyworld in two weeks!!! Ahhhhhhhh! I am a Disney fanatic so this is a big deal. I cried the first time I saw Mickey (and I was 16 years old. Ha!) I could watch Tangled, Alladin, Mulan, etc over and over and never get sick of it. I'm so excited! But... At the same time I get a little knot, okay a HUGE knot, in my tummy when I think about a week without Landon. I'm a wimp, I know. But I guess I'll have Mickey to keep me company ;)

My parents came to visit for Memorial weekend and it was so fun! I just love them and have missed them so much! It had been seven months since I had seen them last, which is the longest I have ever been. Way too long! It was so great having them here. We went on a lot of hikes, went to the beach, and went out to eat a few times. We even got my dad to play a game with us :) we loved having them here and can't wait to see them again in August when we fly out to Utah for a wedding.

We are finally filling up our house! And no, not with a baby. I have been on Craigslist all day every day looking for furniture and it really paid off!! We got a really nice dining room set (up to 6 people) and an awesome sectional couch that is so incredibly comfy, for under $1000! Wohoo! I have turned into quite the little savvy shopper. Who would've known?!

It is my birthday on Friday and I'm not sure how I feel about turning 23. It just seems a lot older an 22. Is 23 my mid twenties?! Or will I still be in my early twenties? Kinda freaking out a bit at the thought of getting older. Has it really been five years since I graduated from high school? Ahhh... Where has the time gone?!

Anyway, that's all for now. Life is good. We are happy.
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