Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Part 8: Ever Ever After

Well the rest of the story is history... :)

The best part about this story is that our love has continued to grow and grow and grow and we have the rest of forever to continue our happily ever after.

The best days are the most simple ones...
  • Coming home from work to Landon running to the door and showering me with kisses, my heart melting.
  • Being in the same room doing totally different things, but looking over at each other every few minutes with that look in our eyes that says "I adore you"
  • Missing each other every second we are apart
  • Air kissing at least 20 times a day. Real kissing even more :)
  • Nightly walks together talking about anything and everything and having time just to ourselves with no other distractions
  • Running to each other and jumping into Landon's arms for no reason at all
  • Huggling and watching our movies and shows
  • Sweet texts throughout the day to let each other know we are thinking of them

....I can't wait to see what happens next in our story. I know this is just the beginning and we have so much more ahead of us.

All I know is that no matter what life throws at me, I will always have my Landon and I can do anything. Life is wonderful. I feel like the luckiest every day!

Stay tuned for the rest of our life story :)

Part 7: The Proposal

July 15, 2009 (dating for 4 months and 10 days)

As I little girl you dream about how you will be proposed to. Some girls want a big fancy production, I just wanted the romance... just me and him.

Well, I don't think Landon and I had ever talked about how I wanted to be proposed to, but he knew me well enough to know it was not going to be in front of anyone else. He wouldn't want it any other way either.

It was just a normal day. I had work all day and Landon had school. We made dinner together and as we were cleaning up I asked Landon if he wanted to go on our walk now. He said yes, but it was too hot down in the valley so he suggested we go up to the mountains.

We had been ring shopping for a few weeks now, and I definitely had found "the one" but Landon wanted to keep looking just in case I found something I liked better. We literally went ring shopping the day before, so I really wasn't suspicious of a proposal anytime soon because he didn't even have the ring (or so I thought...) Plus, we weren't planning on getting married until February (we moved it up from the Spring, because that just seemed too far away).

We went to South Fork park up in Provo Canyon, the place where his parents got engaged. We had been there a few times before to walk around, so my mind is still completely oblivious. We walked around the river together, throwing rocks, teasing each other, and just enjoying the cool breeze of the canyon. Landon was acting different though... definitely more quiet than usual.

We stopped at this tree by the river that was full of knots. I was turned around looking at the tree and I turned back around to see Landon on his knee asking me to marry him. He was holding a wooden box, the one that they give you at Wilson's, so I knew he had the ring of my dreams.

I will never ever ever forget that feeling. So much joy I thought I was going to burst. I screamed for a few minutes before I finally gave him my answer...YES!

It was absolutely perfect. Romantic, just us, and in the gorgeous mountains.

Later I found out that Landon wasn't even sure when he was going to propose until that night! He had the ring for a few weeks and was thinking about different ways he could propose, one of those being in an airplane... But I'm glad he did it the way he did! Totally spontaneous and out of the blue that I had NO suspicion of what was about to happen. If he would've taken me flying, I definitely would have known something was up because that was so out of the ordinary.

I am so happy that Landon asked me to be his forever.

After being engaged for a few days we decided to move our wedding date to December 30, 2009.

After being engaged for a few months, we decided to move our wedding date again. November 25, 2009... Nine months after our first date.

We just couldn't wait to start our forever!

The love tree

My beautiful ring

Part 6: Inseparable

March 2009-July 2009

After our first date, we both fell hard.

Within 10 days we loved each other and knew we wanted to be together.

Within a month we knew we wanted to be together forever.

On Landon's birthday (three weeks after we started dating) I gave him his best birthday to date. I knew he was going to be away from family, so I wanted to make his birthday extra special. I made him lunch, took him to dinner and a movie, and then we came home to a surprise party. I spent 100 bucks on decorations alone! I definitely was head over heals for this boy.

And he was head over heals for me too :)

Here's a few love notes from the cutie:

"I love you babe! You're my whole world! I'm so glad I found you!"

"Dear babe, a month ago tonight I asked you out for the first time and I'm so glad that I did! I love you babe! You are the light and sunshine of my life. You're the best and I'm so glad I have you"

I still remember Landon asking me, very casually, when I wanted to get married. We were on one of our nightly walks and I really wanted a milkshake. For some reason, Arby's didn't have milkshakes anymore so I got frozen yogurt instead. We were walking back to Glenwood talking about nothing in particular when Landon said, "so when would you want to get married?" to which I responded, very giggly, "that's a very serious question Landon!" :) We decided that we would wait a year and get married that next Spring. I mean, after all we had only been dating for about two months!

We spent the summer spending EVERY waking minute together. We just lived normal life and didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but it was complete bliss. Grocery shopping, cooking, homework, and of course nightly walks.

I never knew I could fall for someone so hard and so fast.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Part 5: First Date

March 9, 2009 (Monday)

We were all set for our snowboarding date. I had never been snowboarding before and was definitely excited and nervous.

Landon picked me up at the JSB. I had just gotten out of my Doctrine and Covenants class where we talked about marriage the whole time. Coincidence? :)

We walked together to the WILK where Landon decided to rent a snowboard and boots for me, instead of letting me use his old board, which would've been much too big for me. Inside looking at the snowboards, Landon grabbed my hand and didn't let go. He was so smooth and just casual about it, meanwhile my heart was racing again!

We picked up my board and boots and put them in the back, then he walked over to my side of the car and let me in. True gentleman.

We got to Sundance and hopped on the ski lift. Landon gave me a quick lesson on how to get off and unfortunately, my uncoordinated body just didn't want to cooperate and I did a somersault off the lift. At this point, I was beyond scared. I slid over to where Landon was and he was so cute and patient with me, even though I was shaking and refused to stand for 20 minutes. When I finally got the courage to stand, Landon taught me how to snowboard and even though I fell every second and screamed down the whole mountain... Landon stuck around! He was a great teacher, full of patience even though I was so pathetic! :)

We went home and made dinner and decided to watch the office and snuggle.

It was after watching "The Injury" episode that Landon moved in for the kiss.

I probably stayed for an hour or so longer... and was definitely toast at this point.

Landon Dean had roped me in and I forgot all about my promise to myself not to have a boyfriend :)

Part 4: Butterflies

March 6, 2009 (Friday)-March 8, 2009 (Sunday)

I still didn't think much of my night with Landon, and really tried to remind myself about all the other guys I had crushes on too.

I was having a High School Musical party that night and invited a few of my crushes along with Landon. He had to work late, but promised he would come as soon as he got home.

We had finished watching HSM 1, skipped the second one (because it's just lame), and were onto HSM3 when I heard the knock. Landon has a unique knock and as soon as I heard it, I knew it was him. Suddenly, my heart was racing and my stomach was completely filled with butterflies. At that moment, I knew Landon wasn't just a crush. My heart was literally about ready to jump out of my chest thinking about seeing him again.

I think I was mad at myself for liking him, because I kind of ignored him that whole night.

I didn't see him again until Sunday night (I went home for church and spent the day with my family) and I just couldn't stop thinking about him...

Landon came over again and we had a bunch of people over watching Hercules. This time, I didn't ignore him and sat right next to him. I remember our legs were touching and I wanted him to hold my hand SO bad, but he didn't. Instead, he invited me on a date the next day. Just us this time :)

That night I got another love note from Landon "Can't wait to go boarding with you tomorrow! I missed you today :( "

So much for not getting serious with this guy...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Part 3: Like I've Always Known You

March 5, 2009 (Thursday)

Throughout the week we corresponded via facebook, classy huh?

Hannah: Landon! I'm so happy we've rekindled our friendship! p.s. Gilbert accepts your apology.

Landon: haha im so glad we have too! good cause i fealt really bad ;) so when are you coming over?

Hannah: You should feel bad, because Gil is my best friend. Don't let me forget to make a video for you guys by Sunday! Oh wait, I actually won't be at church this sunday... but anyway I can come over anytime!

Landon: you can come over anytime. i work tomorrow and wednesday but you could come over thursday night if you like and well watch a movie or something ;)

Hannah: Ok sounds good! My friend Trina will be with me too so I hope that's ok! She is coming down from Sandy. Anyway, just call me or text me :)

This is the part of the story that cracks me up. I invited Trina along to our first date :)
Like I said, I was in NO WAY interested in dating anybody seriously, so I wasn't going to allow my first time hanging out with Landon to turn into a date...

So on Thursday night, Trina and I walked down the hallway at Glenwood to apartment 135 together. We ate ice cream and talked and laughed and around 10 Trina said she had to go home.

I don't know what happened, but some switch flipped on in my brain and I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Landon. So I walked Trina to her car and walked right back to apartment 135.

Landon and I sat in his kitchen just talking and talking and talking and talking. I am a shy person at first, and I usually don't share my life story with a complete stranger, but Landon just didn't feel like a stranger to me. It was like I had always known him and I wanted to tell him everything and wanted to hear all about him. I thought he was so cool--he was a private pilot studying computer/electrical engineering, played the guitar, was a great swimmer/water polo player, snowboarder, etc. Plus, he had a great smile. I'm a sucker for cute smiles :) What really got me was hearing him talk about his family. I knew that Landon really cherished his mother and had a great relationship with his family. His family was number one, truly. I also found out that he coached swimming, to little kids. Oh boy... I was completely snatched at this point. A boy that is all about his family, has some way awesome hobbies, and is good with kids?! Icing on the cake!!!

I guess I told Landon how I was planning on serving a mission and he thought his chances with me were over. But he listened to me talk about how big my family was and how important they are to me. He heard me talk about kids and how passionate I was about teaching. He began to think that I would be a really great mom because I was good with kids and a "family girl" too.

We talked about our dreams, favorite movies, where we have traveled to, our friends, the gospel, our philosophies on raising children, favorite music and musicians, etc. I told Landon that I was short and he looked me in the eyes and told me I was "perfect"... my heart started pounding :)

Before we knew it, it was 4 a.m. (way past BYU's curfew)!

I left feeling like maybe this Landon was different and definitely VERY cute, but I still had no intentions of anything more than a simple crush...

Part 2: He Found Me

February 28, 2009

Fast forward five months and I'm a whole new person. I'm single and LOVING it. I'm happy with who I am and know what I want in life. I realize that I can't settle for anyone and I am not even interested in seriously dating anyone for at least six months. I have about 5 different crushes with no intentions of following through.

I gave a talk in church earlier that day and even though I rarely went to our ward's gathering every Sunday night, I decided to head over to the clubhouse with my roommates for ward prayer.

Landon rarely went to ward prayer either, but when he saw me that morning giving a talk he remembered meeting me five months ago and decided he would go to ward prayer that night looking for me :)

Well, when I saw Landon and his roommate Jared I walked over and started our conversation off right where we left off... talking about my fish Gilbert (who was still alive by the way). Being the flirty girl I had recently become I began to tell both of them how I spent Saturday night with my girl friends and how we snuggled and then continued to invite both of them to join us in our snuggle parties.

I walked away, still thinking nothing of it.

In our ward we had a tradition where you could write "love notes" to other people in the ward and they would be delivered every Sunday night.

That night, I got a love note from Landon that said, "Good to have you back. Tell Gilbert I'm sorry :( Come over to 135 anytime."

He got a love note from me that said, "I'm excited for our snuggle party" But this love note was actually addressed to his apartment... not just to him. I was definitely not in the market for settling down with just one person. No thank you!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Part 1: The First Time I Saw You

September 2008.

I had just transferred from Utah State to BYU. For some reason, USU never clicked with me and I just felt like I needed to be at BYU. I decided to live at Glenwood (heavens knows why.... it's rightly nicknamed "the hood") with complete strangers and felt like a freshman all over again.

At this time in my life, I was definitely conflicted. I was writing my high school sweetheart and dating another boy from high school. I always knew deep down that neither of these boys were for me, but I just couldn't let go. I think it had a lot to do with feeling insecure and scared that if I dropped either one of them, no one else would have me. Why are girls so silly?

Anyway, I was coming home from hanging out with my boyfriend at the time and it was past "curfew" by five minutes. Landon's roommate Jared, was a friend of mine in the ward and I walked past his apartment, sneakily of course (we're talking about honor code violations here!) and luckily for me, the door to his apartment was open and Jared "caught" me sneaking in late. Of course he had to tease me for sneaking in so late, and in the process his roommate, Landon walked out to see what was going on. I really didn't think much of our meeting, to be quite honest. I am a loyal girl and was not single.... The thought of Landon being cute really didn't cross my mind. We talked about my fish Gilbert and Landon actually kind of made fun of me for having a beta fish. We laughed and talked for maybe five minutes, and then I was off. A few weeks later Jared told me that I "made quite the impression on Landon." Still, I didn't think anything of it.
Landon on the other hand was thinking that I was cute and seemed different from the other girls in our ward...

And that's where our story would've ended... if I hadn't given a talk in Sacrament meeting February 28, 2009 (5 months later)

Our Story

I was looking back through some of my old posts, which is one of my favorite things to do, really. It's so fun looking back and reliving happy memories, scared feelings, excited feelings, and everything in-between. This is why I blog... ANYWAY I was looking through my old posts and noticed that I didn't write a lot when Landon and I were just dating or even write about the proposal... These memories need to be preserved! What was I thinking not writing it down?

Well two years later... better late than never, right?

I will post these in a series and include all the details so in 25 years my kids can look back and see EXACTLY how their family started.

Plus, I think it's a really great story. My most favorite in fact.

Stay tuned :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just Another Ordinary Day

Cleaned the house, made lunch, took a nap with the husband, drove to our hanger, flew our airplane 30 minutes to visit our family and take them flying.

No big deal right? Holy cow, I still can't get over how AWESOME flying is. Landon thinks I might even like it more than him the way I can't stop talking about it :) I think I may have caught the flying bug! I'm obsessed. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it's all so unreal.

These cuties weren't even scared!

Landon and his Uncle Rob :)

I'd say it was a pretty good day :)

Days like these I just never want to forget.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Tonight I flew with Landon for the first time. Needless to say, I was scared out of my mind and excited all at the same time!

This may look like a happy face, but this is actually my "scared out of my mind" face!

For about the first twenty minutes, I was just completely SHAKING because I was so scared.

Then after I got used to the bumps and the sounds of the airplane I relaxed a bit.

There's my REAL happy face :)

It was SO amazing to see Landon in his element, doing the thing that he loves most. It was adorable hearing him talking to the towers and communicating with other airplanes. It was all unbelievable and one of the coolest experiences I've had to date :)

Landon is in HEAVEN! This is definitely where he belongs.

Isn't he cute!

In this next video you'll hear an alarm going off the whole time. Landon told me about this alarm before we started flying to let me know that means the plane is about to stall (the wings lose their lift) and then the plane will start to fall. Landon meant to do this stall, but I was completely oblivious to the blaring alarm and just enjoying the scenery when all of the sudden I see the propeller pretty much stop and then we just started dropping! You'll see my reaction in the video! For about half a second I thought we were about to die, then I realized it was just a stall! :)

We got to do 7 landings, which was really fun. They are called "touch and go's

Landon wasn't too happy with this landing, but I thought they were all great!

And here's a video of a take-off

Pilot and co-pilot :)

Oregon is GORGEOUS. Have you ever seen so much GREEN?!

Such a perfect night! I LOVE MY PILOT!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Missing My Pups

I'm sure everyone is getting sick of me saying how much I miss my family, but I have neglected to mention how much I miss my PUPPIES. It was almost harder saying goodbye to them because I couldn't tell them why I had to leave and how much I was going to miss them. One day we were there, snuggling with them every morning and spoiling them every day and then the next day we were gone.

I really think about them every day and just hope they are doing alright. Call me silly, but dogs really do become a part of the fam and I truly love these cuties.

Bundled up for a walk

When Millie was just a fluffy puppy (and I had blonde hair)

Baby Toby

Toby and his Landon

They loved their Landon Dean

He used to be so fluffy

Snuggle bugs and best friends from the start

I can't wait to see my puppies in a month and a half (and my family too, of course!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Month in Oregon

Well, we've been in Oregon for a whole month. Time flies! Here's a recap of what we've been up to:

Unpacked in two days. Record time. Thanks to the help of my little bro and his friend Tyler

We drove an hour to the beach

Little {big} brother

Went to Saturday Market down on the river and people watched

Walked along the river and fell in love with Portland.

Drove up to WA every weekend and spent time with Uncle Rob, Diane, and these cute kiddos

Uncle Rob taught Landon how to fish

Watched Landon tease the girls :)

became buds with Emma
Joined Hillsboro flying club and are now co-owners of this beauty

It really feels like we've been in Oregon a lot longer than one month. It just feels like home! We love it here.

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