Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Spotty Update

Spoiler Alert....this story does not have a happy ending.

After over a month of incubating Spotty the egg Landon decided it was time to give up (considering Quail hatch at 7-21 days). It was a very sad day in the Richins home as Landon prepared Spotty by wrapping him in paper towel and placing him in a ziploc bag. We buried him in a spot right outside our door. We said a few words and said our goodbyes.

I had to remind Landon that he did everything he could and that Spotty may not have ever been a Quail (maybe Spotty was just some yoke?) Poor Landon was pretty upset. We will miss you Spotty.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Six Months Ago Today...

At this very moment six months ago, I was sealed forever to my best friend! Its crazy how much time flies. It feels like just yesterday I was kneeling across the alter looking into the eyes of my forever, unable to wipe the smile from my face. These have been the best six months of my life and I know it is just going to keep getting better. My love for Landon grows every day and I am so blessed to go through life's journey with my best friend. There's no trial or tribulation that can come our way that we can't get through together. I'm so grateful that I get to keep him forever :) I love you so much Landon! Happy "Six Month" Anniversary!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I just need to write about how blessed and thankful I am to a wonderful Heavenly Father who is always looking out for Landon and me. I know we are constantly being watched over and blessed in more ways than I probably even recognize.

Well a few posts back you can read about my new car, Turtle. Turtle's tires were definitely not good when we bought the car, but somehow we passed the safety test. We knew we would have the replace the tires eventually, but we weren't too worried about doing it anytime soon.

Yesterday we were driving to go grocery shopping (on the freeway) when all of the sudden we hear a VERY loud sound coming from my side of the car. I was panicking and scared to death, but Landon handled the situation VERY well (I'm SO glad he was driving). Anyway, we pulled over to the side of the freeway and saw that the tread had come COMPLETELY off the tire (yet somehow it didn't blow??? like I said, we are being looked out for!) The rim wasn't damaged at all and we were able to drive on the shoulder going REALLY slowly until the next exit.

It was too late last night to get new tires so we woke up at 7:30 and headed over to Discount Tire. Well guess what? They have a sale (only ONCE A YEAR!) where you get a 100 dollar mail-in rebate with any set of 4 tires! Landon and I just couldn't believe it! Out of all the weekends for our tire to break! We know that Heavenly Father was looking out for us because we definitely couldn't have afforded the tires without that rebate, so we're just SO blessed that our tire broke when it did!

Its just little things like this that help me remember that the Lord's hand is always guiding my life and I know that he is CONSTANTLY pouring blessings on His children every day. We just need to stop and take a second to recognize those blessings--our families, our friends, our health, our happiness, THIS GOSPEL, ETC! ETC! ETC! I know I don't have much when it comes to material things, but I am SO blessed for the things that really count. I am sealed FOREVER to my best friend and I thank Heavenly Father for that blessing EVERY day. It just doesn't get any better than that. I am also SO lucky to be a member of His church and to have a living prophet, scriptures, covenants, the temple, and the blessing of being with those I love forever.

Isn't life great? This truly is a plan of HAPPINESS :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kiddies at Heart

One of the greatest things about Landon and me is that we are both children at heart. He is probably seven years old, and I'm definitely younger than five. We just have a lot of fun together laughing, playing, tickling, and being silly. Always. (Can I just say that it is the GREATEST thing in the world to be married to your best friend?! Man, life is good!!!)

Anyway, one of the ways in which Landon's inner-child is manifest is through his love of flying. You know little boys stop in their tracks when they hear an airplane and point to the sky, jump up and down and shout "AIRPLANE! AIRPLANE!" Yeah...that's my husband! That is why he is going to become a pilot! And boy, won't he look cute in his little uniform! Uggh, makes my heart melt just thinking about it!

Landon already has his private license, but it has been about 2 years since he has flown and he is definitely getting hungry to FLY. So we purchased this beauty.

It has been so much fun watching Landon fly, I love seeing him so excited and happy :)
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