Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Landon (well birth-week actually!)

Landon turned 22 on the 23rd (oh my heck! I just realized his golden birthday is next year! eeek! I gotta start planning!) Anyway, he told me he didn't want any money spent on him so I had to get a little creative. His favorite blanket at home is a Denim Quilt (made from jeans, of course!) So I have always wanted him to have one of his own. So, with the help of his amazing cousin Melyssa and some donations of money from Suzette and jeans from Ang, I did it! It was definitely time consuming and I did end up spending a little money, but it was worth it! The blanket turned out AWESOME! And most importantly, Landon LOVES it! Here are a few pictures of Melyssa and I crafting away!

So last Saturday we went to Tucanos for Melyssa and Landon's birthday. I am a big believer in BIRTH-WEEKS. Not just Birth-days...but a week long celebration! So we started his Birth-week off at Tucanos. Landon probably ate an entire cow :)

So on his actual day of birth, he went to class in the morning and I hurried and decorated the house and had the jean quilt laying out on the couch for when he got home. He was so excited about the blanket! It was pretty cute.

Landon then went snowboarding with his good friend. Apparently there was a lot of powder on the mountain, so I was really happy that he had a good time! It hasn't snowed much this season, but he deserved some powder for his birthday!! That night we had good ole Little Caesar's pizza and costco cake! mmmm! Landon's mom gave Landon our new favorite game (Killer Bunnies) and I got him one of the extra expansion packs for the game! He was SO stoked! So we finished the night off with some bunny killing! (If you haven't heard of this game, it's basically the most pointless game EVER but also SO much fun!) It was a very good day, and I'm happiest when Landon is happy!

I definitely made a good choice by marrying Landon. I feel so blessed and it just keeps getting better every day! He is the reason I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. He is my best friend. He loves me. He supports me. He comforts me. He makes me laugh more than any other person. I'm so grateful for him and so happy to have a whole week dedicated to my love! I wish it was his birthday every day! :) The birth-week celebration continues this Saturday at the Clarke Planetarium. We're going to see an IMAX about space or something... :) HAPPY BIRTH-WEEK LANDON! I love you SO much!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Love Nest

Landon and I live in a little basement apartment and it is my absolute FAVORITE place in the world! It is nothing special...but I just love it SO much! It is going to be really hard to move. One of the best parts of our apartment is that Landon's cousins Melyssa and Zac live right above us! It is SO much fun! We eat dinner with them every day and get to play with their cute baby all the time! It is the best. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our little love nest :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our Story

Every couple has a story....ours just happens to be my favorite!

Yesterday was mine and Landon's one year "anniversary" of the first time we hung out. To celebrate I gave Landon Chapter One of a story I am going to write about our life. Writing is probably the one thing I'm good at, so I decided to put it to good use. So Chapter One is all about the first night we hung out and then every wedding anniversary I am going to give him another chapter to our story! So by the time we are 80 we will have like 50 chapters and it will be a real book! I think it will be a really amazing thing for our children to have too. They can go back and read about how we met, how Landon proposed, our wedding, and even how we felt when we first held them in our arms. Its basically like a little family history.

Anyway, here is "Chapter One"

This is not your average fairytale, other than it does end in happily ever after. One year ago today (March 5, 2009) two people met, which changed their lives for the eternities. Hannah had been recently heartbroken and decided she really did not want anything to do with boys. She had no intentions of dating or even interest in Landon when she walked over to his apartment in Glenwood. He was definitely cute, but she couldn’t trust another boy, at least for now. Landon had not been dating very much either, due to some heartbreak and also a general lack of motivation.
Yet somehow, despite their lack of intentions, they began to realize that maybe the other was different. Hannah was fighting so hard to rid the feelings she felt when she talked to Landon—she was not ready to fall in love. But the way he looked at her made her feel like he was really listening and genuinely cared about what she had to say—he made her feel special. She knew he thought she was beautiful, without him even saying it too. Hannah, a shy girl, does not open up to people right away, but without even realizing it she began to tell her life story to this stranger. She felt completely comfortable in expressing her opinions, views, hopes, dreams, fears, everything!
Landon also began to tell Hannah about his views on the family and how family is first and always takes a priority, immediately melting Hannah’s heart. Hannah learned about how important Landon’s family is to him and how close he is to his mom, dad, and brothers. Hannah saw how much Landon loved and how deeply he loved the people who are most important. Heart pounding, Hannah couldn’t help but picture a man like Landon raising her children and loving them unconditionally. Her heart almost leaped out of her chest when Landon told her that he coaches swim to little kids in the summer (she was a sucker for a guy that knows how to play and teach children). Not only could he love her children so deeply, but he also knew how to discipline and work with children! Hannah was mesmerized.
But Hannah wasn’t the only one who was starting to fall. Landon was also impressed when he learned Hannah was going to school to be a teacher so she could learn more about kids and be a better mom. Landon was lucky enough to be raised by an amazing mother who gave everything for him, and he was searching for someone who would do the same for his own children. He was in luck, for Hannah wanted to be a wife and mother more than anything else in this world! Landon began to tell Hannah about how he wanted to be a pilot, but was going to school to get his degree in electrical engineering so he could have a backup plan. She realized that every decision he made was well thought out and centered on how he could support his future family. She was amazed. He was smart, funny, and had so much love to give!
Their conversation continued to flow so naturally and both of these strangers began to realize there was something special there. Hannah and Landon could not wipe the smiles from their faces. Even though it was past BYU’s curfew and they had to wake up early in the morning, they could not seem to peel themselves away from each other. After hours of conversation, Hannah and Landon decided that at 4 a.m. it was probably time to leave. Neither of them realized that they would be seeing each other every minute of every day from this point forward and in less than nine months they would be sealed for time and all eternity.

I can't wait to see the rest of our story :)
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