Sunday, January 10, 2010


I apologize in advance, but this is going to be a pictureless post, mainly because I am lazy! :) So much has happened in the past month that the pictures would just be overwhelming anyway! But I really have been so lazy about updating this blog because life has been HECTIC.

First, we had finals and then DROVE the 18 hour journey Texas to spend Christmas with Landon's family.

Next, we had a rehearsal dinner and wedding for Landon's best friend James Leonhardi. He was married to his high school sweetheart on December 19 and Landon and I had the pleasure to be in the wedding party. It was such a sweet wedding!!

Then it was CHRISTMAS! Who ever thought that Christmas could be any better/more magical right? Well it is when you are married <3 I didn't even need any presents, just my Nan! The day was perfect.

After two weeks in Texas, we journeyed back to Utah and boy was I happy to be back in our tiny little apartment! Its crazy how much I love this place because it really is teeny and nothing special. Maybe its just the fact that its OURS. But I love it and I missed it. But it was definitely bitter-sweet because I HATE being so far from Landon's family. We miss them already.

The next day, we went to spend Late-Christmas with my family. My parents are SO cute and got us this scrapbook that has gift certificates for every month of the year for us to go on dates! It was seriously such a thoughtful present and we are SO excited to actually GO OUT on nice dates!

Right after that, the semester started along with my new job and life has got INSANELY busy...which is good. I like feeling productive. It probably isn't a good thing that Landon and I have recently become addicted to Lost...hopefully it won't get in the way :)

And Finally...WE LEAVE FOR OUR HONEYMOON TO MEXICO IN ONE WEEK! Yeehaw!! We are soooo excited to go away for a week and just relax and enjoy the SUN. I've never been on a cruise, so this should be great!

So anyway, stay tuned for:

-Pictures from all the events above
-Pictures from our wedding
-Pictures from our honeymoon

Sorry for the long, boring, wordy post :) Life is GOOD!
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