Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Utah is Beautiful.

Utah doesn't get enough credit. Seriously, it is BEAUTIFUL. I've been to Zions and Bryce National Park plenty of times, but each time I go I am amazed. Landon had never been to either of these places, so my parents took us to Saint George (they're such cuties). Other than this fun weekend, my life is pretty much blah...which explains why there have been no updates on the blog! I'm just working my tail off full time to save money for the school year. I miss school...I never thought I'd say those words but I really do miss being in school! Especially now that I FINALLY get to start the fun part of school and begin working on my major (Early Childhood Education) Wohoo! :) Anyway, here are the pictures from Southern Utah last weekend. If you haven't been to Bryce or Zions, you just have to go!

Me and Landon entering the River Walk at Zions
My camera died, so I don't have pictures of the other hikes we went on :(
It was raining, but it felt sooo good. Plus it made the hike WAY less crowded.

My adorable parents. Seriously, thanks soooo much for taking us Mama and Daddy!!

Bryce National Park

Hiking the Navajo Loop--by far my favorite hike in Utah!

STUNNING!!!!!!! This picture does NOT do Bryce justice...
Like I said, my camera died at Zions, so we had to buy a lame-o digital camera...
But these pictures are better than nothing, right? Well thank you Mama and Daddy for an amazing weekend!
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