Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Will Never Sew EVER Again.

I do not consider myself a very crafty person, however, it has been very rainy in Virginia and Autumn and I were feeling crafty. We decided it would be cute to make our moms something for mother's day and Autumn suggested that we sew them a tote bag. She desribed it as very simple--you just cut out rectanges and sew them together. Being an inexperienced sewer, it sounded easy enough to me. We'd be done in one day and mail them off in the morning--oh what foolish thinking! This "craft" ended up being a project. A work-until-two-in-the-morning PROJECT. Don't get me wrong though, it was a bonding experience for Autumn and I and we really did have fun doing it--but I will NEVER sew again :)

Literally diggging through the garbage to get coupons!

I love Dwight in the background.

It took us about an hour and a half just to plan out how we were going to cut the fabric! no joke.

Never-ending measuring and cutting and pinning and sewing...

They turned out pretty cute :)

America's next top model.

Anyway, it was fun to actually make my mom something for mother's day. I don't think I've done that since 2nd grade. Really, moms deserve much more than a simple card and homemade gift. Every mom deserves a gold medal! And not just a figurative one. I mean the legit gold medals, like from the Olympics ya know? After spending the past week and a bit with Autumn and her three kids I've realized how crazy life is for a mom--constantly on the go and constantly fulfilling the needs of your children and never your own! Moms are the most selfless, giving, and loving people! My mom is a saint. I honestly don't know how she had nine children, plus foster children, plus daycare kids! Her life has ALWAYS been dedicated to helping other people and she never does anything for herself. I don't know how she did it, but I know it takes a very special person to do what she did! Like I said, she's a saint! So, Happy Mother's Day Mama and to every mom!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

John Brown-Raid at Harper's Ferry

For those of you who are not history buffs, John Brown started a raid at Harper's Ferry around the time that the Civil War started. He was an abolitionist so he basically raided this barn full of ammunition and it was one of the precursors to the war. Anyway, we went to Harper's Ferry because it is only about 45 minutes from where Jer and Autumn live and we visited the John Brown museum. With no further introduction, I give you our impressions of John Brown....

I think Jeremy's won.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Cannot Believe I've Been Suckered In!

I've always thought that in order to have a blog you must be married and/or have children. Well I am not either of these things, but I guess I just got bored and decided to make a blog. So here it is! My very FIRST blog post! And I figured it out all by myself :) haha
I'm in Virginia right now visiting Jeremy, Autumn, and their cute kids! We went to DC and I was seriously so giddy the night before that I couldn't even sleep. I love everything about DC (and these adorable children!!!)

Aren't we just hilarious? hehehe this pic was totally my idea :)

At the FDR monument

Cute Saylor in front of the Jefferson Monument.

My Sweet Eowyn!
They are TOO dang cute!!! They called The Washington Monument the "big crayon" haha!
Mr. Lincoln himself!

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