Sunday, February 19, 2017

Charlie Dean: 10 Months Old.

Well, Charlie is officially in the double digits. What.the.heck?! It really isn't fair how fast babies grow up, but it is SO fun to watch him learn and develop. This was a big month for Charlie with a lot of firsts and a lot of new milestones (like scooting and a TOOTH! More on that later...) I say this all the time, but this age really is the BEST!


He is full of personality and feelings and makes us laugh every day! Like full on laughing our heads off because he is so silly. And he's started to kind of fake laugh right back at us! He is soooo good at mimicking sounds. So if you growl, he will growl. If you fake cough, he'll fake cough (one of his favorite things to do!)

This is how we BOTH felt about his 10 month photo shoot....
He's such a BOY and loves to spin wheels, bang toys together, and rough house with dad. He's getting less cuddly, which breaks this mama's heart! I miss our nightly snuggles... he's just on the MOVE and soooo busy. The last thing he wants to do is sit still and cuddle! But when he does cuddle you.... you just soak it up (even if it only lasts 10 seconds!)

Lucky Dad got a rare Charlie cuddle! 

By the time this post is published, we will be on our cruise in the Caribbean. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be leaving my less-than-a-year-old baby for a week... but if your hard working husband wins a free cruise, you go! (I actually seriously considered not going when I found out Landon won...) We are seriously going to miss this sweet boy sooooooo incredibly much. My heart breaks just thinking about it and I've cried a fair share of tears already!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier Charlie's 9 month was full of fun memories and milestones, so here's the update:

-We had plans to drive to San Diego and do the zoo, the beach, and Sea World, but a big snow storm came that weekend so we ended up doing a staycation instead. It was SO much fun!

Landon and I went skiing twice while Charlie was babysat by his Aunt Emma and also his Uncle Joey and Aunt Lorena (thank you!)

Hanging at Aunt Emma's :)
We got stuck on the ski lift for two hours... but it was fun re-living our first date at Sundance ;)
Charlie had his first stay at a hotel! We stayed at the Little America in Salt Lake for a night and had fun swimming in the pool and felt pretty fancy. We also ate out at Tucanos and went to the Planetarium.

Out to dinner at Tucanos 

We went to the Museum of Ancient History in Lehi. Charlie mostly slept and didn't really care about the dinsosaurs (ha!) but we had a blast!

Completely passed out haha!
We went to the Ice Castles in Midway. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was BLOWN AWAY. It was sooooo cool (pun intended). It was a lot bigger than I thought and the slides were really awesome. Charlie also finally got to meet Aunt Bab!

We went to the aquarium for the first time. Charlie was asleep for a majority of the trip, but he did love to watch the penguins! Landon and I loooooved it, so we can't wait to go back again when Charlie is a bit older.

Landon's favorite animal. I sure love him!

I wish Charlie would've been awake to go through the bridge with Dad. Landon is so funny. I almost peed my pants. He sat and waited in line with the kids hahaha!

The shark tunnel! We also got to see a shark feeding. 

And on top of all that fun, we literally ate sooooo much food. It was really fun going out to eat every night AND getting ice cream. Charlie was such a good boy and loves to sit in his little chair and watch all the people. He LOVED Benihana and all the excitement made him SCREAM like through the whole dinner... it was so funny but I felt bad for all the people around us. He just wouldn't stop squealing.

Cheesecake Factory
Red Lobster with Joey and Lorena

He wanted Daddy's steak!

Our cute little chef wanted to give Charlie a Japanese fortune telling, but Charlie wouldn't give him his hand. Boo! Haha

-On February 2nd, Charlie finally started doing consistent and multiple SCOOTS. He's officially on the move and scoots all over the place now!

-Since he's officially on the move, he's less and less interested in "toys" and more interested in exploring. He LOVES to find all the "naughty' things like cords and phones and remotes.... He's quite the adventurer and loves making his way around the house. His favorite thing to do is play with the vent, coat hanger, and slap the hardwood floor.

-Charlie had his 9 month appointment and weighs 19 pounds 14 ounces and is 27.8 inches tall. He's in the 30th percentile, with the exception of his head... which is in the 70th percentile. He's so smart... ha! I knew that he didn't have to get any shots, but didn't realize that they still had to prick his heal.. Luckily the front desk lady gave Charlie a rubber ducky and he was so busy chewing on that, that he seriously didn't even flinch for the prick. Brave boy! He also tore up all the paper on the exam table... he's just crazy! On our way out, the lady at the front desk let Charlie have another toy because she said he was just way too cute. I completely agree. :)

-Charlie LOVES to stand and would play at his activity table or stand at the coffee table for a lllooonnngggg time. I still don't completely trust him, because he'll forget sometimes and let go and fall, but he still does really good. He's also started pulling himself up on his knees, so I'm sure any day now he'll be pulling himself all the way up!

-On February 3rd I had my exit interview with BambooHR and I'm officially a full time stay at home mom! It has seriously a dream come true and I'm now crying as I type this. I am just soooooo extremely grateful that I get to focus all my energy on being a mom and a wife. Even though I only worked part time and I got to work from home, it was just getting too stressful for me. Being Charlie's mom is definitely the most important thing I could ever do and I LOVE that it's my sole focus now.

-Charlie is still a big fan of food and will eat anything I give him. He also learned how to suck food from the pouches, which is super handy when we are on the go. The problem is, he NEVER wants to be done eating. He screams and screams when you take food away from him.... He's like his mom! He also claps between bites and it's the cutest thing ever!!!!

-He LOVES bath time and now sits up like a big boy without slipping. He loves to play with his toys and splashes like a crazy person. He also SCREAMS every time you get him out of the tub because he doesn't want to be done!

-Charlie makes the BEST sounds and always has so much to say. He's soooo funny! He says "ma ma ma ma" all day long, and in the past few days he's started to say "da da" too, but I haven't gotten it on video.

-On February 11th Charlie got his first tooth (bottom left)!!!! I had no idea he was even teething! Charlie loves to chew on our fingers and of course when he does it I always have to say, "ouch! Charlie bit me!" (from that YouTube video) but this time it actually hurt! He bit down and I felt his tooth and I immediately broke into tears! Not because of pain haha but because he is growing up SOOO fast!

If you zoom in, you can see that little tiny tooth! 
-Henry and Charlie are still best friends. Oliver on the other hand... Oh man, he wants NOTHING to do with Charlie. He was shaking SOOO bad when I made him sit next to Charlie for a picture haha.

-We celebrated Charlie's first Valentine's Day! We sure love this little love!

-Nini came over on Valentine's Day to give Charlie a book. He LOVES it. His Aunt Tanya also sent him his very first Valentine all the way from Canada! Charlie is SOOOOOO loved!

-We have had a couple of warm days, which has been nice! One of the days I went on a walk with my sister and then we played at the park.

-My brother-in-law Dan and little nephew Bodhi came into town from Hawaii for a snowboarding trip. I was so happy that Charlie finally got to meet his Uncle Dan. He's officially met everyone from my huge family now! :)

-Sometimes Landon gives Charlie back massages and his reaction is PRICELESS. Seriously so dang cute!

And of course, about another million pictures and videos. He's just way too cute!

He does a really good job at sitting and playing with his toys independently. So big!

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?!

He's my buddy.
Not sleeping... just squinting because he hates the bright sun and won't keep his sunglasses on anymore!
Charlie LOVES books! He has recently discovered how to pull them off the shelf.

He's getting more mobile in his crib, so I frequently find him at the opposite end of the crib...

Charlie played with a doll for the first time at my friend Jenna's house. He loved it! 

It's blurry, but I love this picture and how he's holding my face!

Fell asleep on his tummy for the first time! 
My boys!
I absolutely LOVE watching Charlie pick toys from his basket. He definitely has favorites! 
Playing in his "fort." Ha!

He gave Dad a snuggle for approximately 5 seconds. I'm glad I caught it on camera!

Charlie Dean! We can't believe you are 10 months old! You are getting so big and we are so proud of you. I know that sounds silly to say to a baby, but we really are. You are everything to us, sweet boy, and you make our life soooo happy! How did we ever survive without you?!

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