Thursday, October 12, 2017


My first impression of Landon was that he was the coolest person I'd ever met (and that he had a cute smile. Ha! You can read all about it here). He just has an adventurous soul and there really isn't anything he can't do.

Ever since he was a little boy he dreamed of being a commercial pilot for his career, but his back up plan of being an engineer became his reality when we realized how hard it would be to support a family on the salary of a pilot. We talked about it a lot and decided that if Landon couldn't be a pilot for his job, he would still need to have flying as part of his life. He is just born to fly and is so passionate about it.

Flying small planes as a hobby is pretty darn expensive, but we managed to make it work while we were living in Oregon without a baby and with both of us working.

Here's the video of my first flight with Landon when he purposely stalled the plane without telling me TO SCARE ME! Little stinker. You can hear the stall horn throughout the whole video, and I was just too distracted by the scenery to notice... I thought we were going down!!!

Once we moved to Utah, had a baby, and went down to one income, flying small airplanes just wasn't a possibility. So Landon decided to get into paragliding which then led to paramotoring (which is like paragliding but with a motor on your back).

It really is so much fun to watch him fly and to see how happy it makes him. We've actually had a rough 6 months over here (which I can't really get into now...) but thankfully this paramotor has lifted Landon's spirits, which of course lifts mine.

I get comments from people all the time (including complete strangers who pull over on the side of the road to watch him) how I'm a good sport or a good wife. But the thing is, I just love him so much and I love seeing him happy. There isn't anything I wouldn't do to make him happy! Isn't that what marriage is all about?

Charlie LOVES to watch Landon fly. Is is the cutest thing watching his face light up when he sees his Daddy flying. I just hope he doesn't get any ideas.. ;)

By the way, Landon is still the coolest person I know, just in case you were wondering. :)

Monday, October 9, 2017

A Charlie Update.

It's been awhile since I've posted about our favorite little guy, so here we go. :)

I didn't know it was possible, but he just keeps getting CUTER. He has so much personality and has ALL the feelings. He's been like this since day 1, but as he gets older it's getting cuter and cuter to watch that personality come out. He throws the biggest temper tantrums and will hit his belly or his legs and stomp his feet so fast. It's hilarious. He's turning 18 months next week(!!!) and I just can't believe it.

-He is absolutely obsessed with Nemo and carries around a "big" Nemo and a "little" Nemo almost everywhere. He loves to read Nemo books and watch little clips of the movie. I have a feeling a Nemo themed birthday party might be in our future. :)

-Charlie is talking SO much. Some of his new words are cookie, wa-wo (water), cracker, cheese, bou bou (bounce), pooper (MY FAVE!), bye bye, hu-oh (uh oh), go go (yogurt), Binn (his friend Finn), share, be-ba-ble (vegetable), park, and shoe. He also loves to say people's names. So if we are at dinner with Jason and Suzette, he will go around the table and one at a time say, "Nini! Papa! Dada! Mama!" pausing after each name to see our reaction. It is the SWEETEST thing.

-He is also learning animal sounds and knows the sounds for cow, monkey, owl, lion, dog, cat, and sheep. Some of the animals are more consistent than others. :)

-Charlie is getting soooo good at giving "mooches." He will pretty much give anyone a mooch on demand now, so we are pretty much demanding kisses alllll day long.

-Charlie is also obsessed with shoes and the way he says "SHOE!" with so much enthusiasm is my favorite. 

-Our friends Dave and Cherie are touring the country in their RV and came to visit us. It was SOOO good to see them. We know them from back in Portland and our sailing days. They are the best and spoiled us rotten with flowers, cookies, and an airplane toy for Charlie. We sure love them!

-We have started to take Charlie to story time at the library, and it is quite the adventure. He doesn't really know how to sit still, so it can be a little stressful. But he likes it :)

-Tanner came to visit and it was SO fun having him here. He loves Charlie, and Charlie loves him too! He kept giving him kisses (this was before he gave them freely). He also LOVED watching Tanner play the piano.

-While Tanner was here we went on a hike to Cecret Lake. It was gorgeous and Charlie loved playing with the rocks and the water.

-We spent a LOT of time at the park this summer. He is obsessed and gets so excited when he sees one.

Charlie and Lydia! :) 

It was so fun to go to Bear Park, the park of my childhood :)

-I had to take some pictures of Charlie during the solar eclipse. I loved the shadows and he seemed to be pretty excited about them too. :)

-I don't know why I always have a million pictures and videos of him eating food, but maybe it's because it's the only time he really sits still. He's still a big fan of food and loves grilled cheese, pizza, bananas, strawberries, grapes, and of course any type of chocolate. He'll say "num num num num" really fast when he sees anything resembling a dessert. He also signs for "more" when he wants more food, which is always.

-Daren and Liliana went to Italy and their flight home to Dallas was cancelled, so they got routed to SLC to spend the night. We were SO happy to see them, even though it wasn't long enough!

Charlie was extra grumpy because this was wayyy past his bedtime :)
-We took Charlie up to hike the Y, which turned out to be HARD! Ha! Landon was a trooper and carried him all the way up, but was basically soaking wet by the end. Charlie is heavy. The view was worth it though. :)

-Charlie loves to color... or should I say Charlie likes to eat crayons... ;) He's actually pretty good at coloring and I love how much he loves it!

-When the weather is nice, I like to take Charlie for a little wagon ride/neighborhood exploration in the afternoon. We have a little park around the corner from our house and Charlie loves to play there. He also LOVES to sniff the "flowers," look for butterflies, and play with the rocks in the church parking lot. Sometimes we run into our friends the Spencers and Charlie gets to play with "Binn" (Finn). And one afternoon my parents were here, so they had a lot of fun walking around the neighborhood pulling Mister.

-Mister got his first big goose egg when we were out playing in our culdesac. He face planted right not he asphalt. SO sad, but he was very brave!

-Nini and Papa babysat Charlie a few weeks ago and Charlie got his very first ice cream cone. Spoiled rotten! :) He also had so much fun playing at the park. 

We just can't get enough of Charlie. I don't know how we got so lucky to have him in our lives! We are thankful every single day and just trying to soak up EVERY second with him. Charlie Dean, you are SO loved.

And some more random pictures and videos, because he's just too cute!

Tibble Fork Reservoir was kinda gross but Charlie LOVED throwing rocks.

Sometimes he falls asleep on our walk and then STAYS asleep when I unbuckle him... and I get SNUGGLES. This is the only time I get to cuddle him! One happy Mama right there. 

This picture cracks me up because he threw out all of his toys except for Nemo. If I try to put the other stuffed animals back in, he just throws them right back out :)

cute cousins!!

Matching with Nini :)

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