Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Sweetest.

Lately Landon has been extra sweet to me. I mean, he's always been sweet, but he has REALLY stepped up his game lately. 

Like when we were out to eat at Chipotle on Friday (p.s. we're obsessed) and afterwards I said, "maybe we can go to Gap!" and immediately he said, "Yeah, let's do that! That would be fun!" You guys, he hates shopping. But he loves seeing me happy and knows I love Gap. He then told me to get whatever I wanted. I chose two darling shirts that were on sale. He makes me feel so special and so loved. I can't really handle it. 

Or when he tells me I'm as beautiful as a princess. He knows how much I want to be a princess :)

Or this morning when I was rushing to get out the door (I literally roll out of bed and leave the house around 6 am) I saw that I accidentally woke Landon up. So I ran over to kiss him and he lifts the blanket (my cue to jump in and cuddle!) I just could lay there cuddling ALL day. Seriously. It really made my WHOLE day and made me cry happy tears. 

Or when I'm having a rough day and he lets me be all cray-cray and then just holds me and helps me to see that everything is going to be okay. 

I just can't really get over how GOOD he is to me. Sometimes I wonder how on earth I got so lucky to have someone that loves me so deeply. He is so good to me and I try every day to be just as good to him. I think he's winning.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Life Lately.

So I was looking through pictures and realized there are a few things I've neglected to mention on this little blog. So we're going to play catch up today k?

  • Trip to Seattle.

About a month ago we drove three hours to Seattle to watch a sailboat race. We went specifically to watch the Hobie Cat races, because Landon really wants us to start racing ours, but due to traffic and stopping at Ivar's for lunch beforehand, we missed the Hobies' race. Kind of lame. But we still got to see some of the other boats which was fun. And then a huge storm blew in and the wind was crazy so they had to stop early, but oh well. We walked along the gorgeous Puget Sound and got SOAKED. And then went to Costa Vida for dinner and then Sub Zero for dessert before driving back home. I seriously just went for the food ;)

  • Making cookies.

So I have a problem. I LOVE cookie dough. And I know eating raw eggs is bad. I've even gotten pretty darn sick from eating cookie dough before. But I just.can't.stop. Plus my mother-in-law gave me the best cookie recipe in the world. I think I might share it on my other blog... you know the one that's supposed to be about fitness? Ha! That's my kind of fitness plan... the one that tells you to eat cookies! I love food way too much to "diet."

  • New lego set.

For the past few years, on almost every holiday, I have printed out a little coupon or told Landon that he can pick out a Lego set. He LOVES Legos, and I love that he loves Legos. He's such a little boy and it's adorable! But, he has decided to wait until he saw a Lego set he absolutely LOVED before cashing in his coupons. A few weeks ago we went to the Lego store and he had his eye on a few different sets but told me to pick it out for him. I thought that was cute, because now it feels more like "our" Lego set :) I chose The Tower Bridge, because A) it is beautiful and a really cool set and B) we went there last October and have our picture right in front of it! England means a lot to me, so this Lego is pretty much the coolest one I've ever seen. Landon finished building it in like 2 days, which is insane. We're obsessed with it!

See, see! I've been there!
  • Blazers game.
A few weeks ago we had the chance to go to a Blazers game with Landon's work. It was SO much fun! I've always loved basketball and LOVE going to live-games, so I was pretty excited. Landon likes basketball too, but we just don't ever watch sports. He's just not very into it. But, we both had a blast and felt like real Portlanders because we finally attended a sporting event. For some reason they call it "Rip City" (I googled it and still can't quite figure it out) and they gave us t-shirts and these glow sticks because it was a play-off game. Before it started they turned off all the lights and we all turned on our glow sticks. It was SO neat. We lost the game, but it was still really fun to cheer for a team that before that night I literally knew nothing about :)

  • Working on the boat.
Landon is still building the F39 Trimaran in our backyard! He is almost done with 1/2 of one of the floats. The trimaran has three parts, the main hull and then two floats out on the side to stabilize it (since it doesn't have a keel like a normal sailboat). He seriously amazes me and I'm so excited for this boat to be done in 10 years so we can sail it around the world :)

image via

  • Still on the job hunt.
I am still looking for a nanny job. It's kind of hard because I need to find a job that has a good schedule, has good pay, and a job where I feel that "click" and feel comfortable with the family. Being a nanny is a pretty intimate position because you are in someone's home all day. It's really important for me to find a good "fit." I've had about 15 interviews and there have been some real potentials, but so far I haven't made a decision yet. I have a good feeling about a few of them, so we'll see :) I'm excited to be DONE looking because it pretty much takes up all of my time at the moment. And I hate interviewing. It's just not fun :)

  • Mother's Day
I love my mom and I love my mother-in-law. SO much. But for some reason, I just didn't feel like posting a tribute on Mother's Day. Maybe Landon is rubbing off on me, but these "made up" holidays are starting to get to me. I would much rather send my mom a card of love and appreciation randomly, not just because it's a holiday. It feels forced--kind of like Valentine's Day. And then on top of that, I feel like everyone was posting pictures of themselves. Like they are so grateful to be a mom. And I get that, because it really is such a blessing to have children, but I don't feel like that's the point of the day. The point is to honor your mother, or if you are the husband you can honor the mother of your children. But it's not a day to honor yourself. Maybe I'm coming across as mean and bitter, but that's just how I feel (maybe it has something to do with the fact that I want to be a mother more than anything in the whole world and all of those pictures just seemed like a slap in the face). Anyway, I was SO ready for that day to be over. Instagram and Facebook was blown up with "Mother's Day" stuff, so I posted this picture with a somewhat sassy caption :) The story behind it? Well, Landon and I bought some magnesium so we can start a fire in the wilderness if there's an emergency or zombie apocalypse or whatever. Haha! ;) I just think it's so funny that he was starting a fire in our house. With toilet paper by the way. So that's how my Mother's Day went :)

  • My boys.

Gosh, I love my little family. For those of you who don't own/love dogs, you may not understand this, but my puppies are really like my children. I love them SO much! When we were in Texas their Nini (Landon's mom) bought them new shirts and my favorites are these cute spiderman t-shirts. They just look like little boys! It kills me. She also bought Landon a spiderman t-shirt and they are all matchy-matchy. It's my favorite. I just love them all so much!

Okay that's pretty much all I've got for now. Life is good :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Visit to Texas.

We were planning on going to Texas for Christmas... but the cost of flights were pretty much a joke. So we stayed home and felt sorry for ourselves. Ha! ;)

Anyway, a trip to Texas was definitely long overdue. We got our plane tickets for DIRT cheap through Spirit. We were a little hesitant because we've heard horrible things about the airline, but you just can't turn down $240 tickets. Roundtrip. Total for both of us. Can you believe that?! It was basically free.

The boys just cuddled on my lap for most of the flight, but Henry got really curious during take off and just had to look out the window. He is so funny :)

Our trip was seriously perfect. We really miss being around family and friends, so it was the best thing to spend a week with people we love so much!

We split our time between Suzette's (Landon's mom) and Daren's (Landon's dad) houses. I honestly can't even give you a play-by-play of what we did every day, because it's all kind of jumbled in my head, but here are some of the highlights:
  • Our boys meeting Buddy (Suzette's dog). We call them "cousins" and even though our boys were kind of rude to Buddy, he was just SO happy to meet them and loved them so much. By the end of the trip the boys totally warmed up to him and they all had a sleepover on Nini's (Suzette) bed our last night.

They LOVE Nini! 
We tried to get all three boys to sit in this dresser for a picture, but Buddy did not like it haha. This picture cracks me up!
  • Spending time with Daren, Liliana, MJ, and Dawsen. We played Poker, BS, LB, and Scattegories. I LOVE playing games because it is quality time together. It really was so much fun! Daren and Liliana just got married in August and MJ is Lilana's daughter. It was really good to get to know both of them a little more and spend time with them, but of course I didn't take any pictures. What's wrong with me?! Our first morning there Daren made us a huge yummy breakfast and then later on in the trip we had a BBQ one night and went out to eat a few times with Daren. We ate really well--thank you!!
  • Hanging out with Suzette, Jason, and Dawsen. Trips to DQ, staying up late laughing and talking, and just being together. It was the best! Our second morning there Suzette surprised us by picking up Chick-Fil-A breakfast--our favorite! It was so sweet and thoughtful! She also bought us a few HUGE DQ blizzards and took us out to dinner. We were spoiled rotten! Of course, I hardly got any pictures of us hanging out with them either, because I suck at life. But we just had the best time.
  • Going to Six Flags. Okay, well this one has more of a story to it. It was kind of a crappy day. The first ride we went on was Mr. Freeze and while we were dangling 300 feet in the air, Landon's cell phone flew from his pocket. I couldn't believe it. He was sad, but had a REALLY good attitude about it. He was mostly concerned about all the pictures of the boys that he hadn't backed up. But he did a good job of just pushing it out of his mind and not letting it ruin the rest of his day. Then there was the ride called "The Texas Sky Screamer." You know those big swing rides, like they have at Lagoon? Well this is just like that, except for it goes 500 feet in the air. And you're just sitting in this tiny chair with tiny little chains. I was scared, but I have never seen Landon so freaked out before. It broke my heart! He's such a level-headed, calm person so it's very rare to see him like that. I hated it. And then last, but not least, there was the Texas Titan--the biggest roller coaster at the park. We all loved it, but it makes you almost pass out. At the very end of our second time riding it, I look over at Landon to see him covering his nose with his shirt. I start panicking thinking he passed out and now had a bloody nose. Turns out, he threw up. Poor guy! He was so embarrassed and rushed off the ride and into the bathroom with Daren to clean up. So the day started out with Landon losing his phone and ended with him losing his lunch. It was HORRIBLE. Needless to say, it was time to go home after that. We all felt pretty nauseous and my brain was seriously rattled from all the rides (I swear, I used to NEVER get sick from rides... I guess we're getting old!) Before we left I decided to go to security and ask if there was any way to find a phone lost during a ride. Darlene was a sweetheart and filed a report and told me they had a 60% rate of finding stuff and they would call me in the morning if the ride mechanics found it while inspecting the ride. Sure enough they found his phone! The screen was smashed and it was missing a few parts, but he was able to get all of his pictures. YAY!

Landon's phone really wasn't too bad, considering what it went through!

  • Hanging out with James, Christina, Grant, and Jamie (Landon's friends from growing up). Gosh, I suck at taking pictures. I wish I would've thought to take my camera out, but I guess that means we were just having too much fun. We seriously love these people and had so much fun just hanging out, chatting, and playing with James and Christina's adorable kids. While we were there Landon told everyone the story about his phone and all of the sudden James whips out a phone and tells Landon he can have it. Not just any phone by the way, it's an INCREDIBLE amazing, almost brand-new phone. We couldn't believe it! It was SO nice of James and Landon is obsessed with his new phone. He's kind of happy his old phone fell off the ride at this point :)
  • Visiting Kyle Tilley. This was actually a really sad moment, but I still wanted to blog about it. One of Landon's really good friends from high school was killed in a car accident back in October. We weren't able to attend the funeral, so we visited his grave on our first day there. It's just not fair. He was a swimming coach and teacher at the high school and just a really good guy who had a lot of positive impact on the whole community. I wish I could've met him, but from what I hear he was amazing. My heart just breaks for his friends and family, including my sweet Landon.

  • Getting to spend time with Dawsen, Landon's little brother. These two have such a special bond and love each other so much. It basically melts me to watch them together. We went to visit Dawsen at work and when he saw us walk in his face just lit up--it was so cute! He's such a sweet boy and they're the cutest brothers. I can't handle it.

We really had an AMAZING time and we already miss everyone so much. Getting back to Oregon always feels so lonely. Hopefully we will get to visit again soon :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm a Nanny.

For over three years I have been working as a nanny for the same family. It's honestly my dream job. I always thought I wanted to be a teacher--which is why I took out tons of loans and went to college--but being a nanny is a better fit for me. People ask me all the time if I want to be a teacher or if I'll continue looking for teaching jobs. Nope. No desire. Isn't that weird? I can totally see myself 40 years from now as a little old grandma working as a nanny part-time. I love the one-on-one relationship you build with the kids. I love how I get paid to play. I love how simple and happy my day-to-day is. I love how there's no deadlines. No test scores. And hardly any stress (unless the kids are sick, that is not fun). Did I mention that I literally get paid to play? Oh, and I get paid more as a nanny than a teacher. So for all my teacher friends out there, it's something to think about :)

The little boy is no longer a baby. He is FOUR, which is kind of insane. He used to be a BABY. I can't really handle how fast kids grow up. Enzo is so much fun and a little ball of energy. He makes me laugh every day! And he's so sweet. He'll randomly run up to me, give me a hug, and say, "Hannah you are the best nanny ever." I always tell him he's the best kiddo ever.

see he used to slobber and drool and sleep in a crib! He was so little..
The little girl is practically a teenager. Okay not really, but she is almost 8. She is such a sweetheart and seriously acts so grown up. She's so respectful, helpful, and sweet. We kind of had some "power struggles" when I first started and I remember my very first week we were at the grocery store and I asked her to hold onto the cart. She called me a sponge. "You sponge!" were her exact words. Haha! It was the best. It was one of those times where you know the kid needs to get into "trouble" but you can't stop laughing.

I love both of them so much. They seriously feel like mine. Not mine as in my own children, but mine as in they are part of my family somehow. Their mom refers to me as their "second-mom." If you ask Enzo who the members of his family are he will tell you mom, dad, Gabby, Peanut (their dog), Hannah, and Landon. As a nanny, you truly become a part of the fam. I love how much the kids love Landon too. Heart=melted!

But the thing is, kids grow up. And they go to school. And they no longer need a nanny. I'm in denial about it all. I really don't know how I'm going to do it.

can't they just stay little forever?!
I know I can stay in the kids' lives and still go to birthday parties and still visit, but it's not the same. Change is hard. I have known this was coming for over a year, but it doesn't make it any easier.

I was trying to get them to smile "nicely" instead of doing the scrunch face thing. This picture cracks me up! :)
I started applying for nanny jobs last week and I've already had so many interviews, phone calls, emails... it's really nice to feel like I'm in "demand" but I doubt anyone will find a nanny better than me. Haha just kidding. But really.... ;) Ha. It's been SUPER busy and I'm going to be pretty picky about choosing my next family. But I don't even want to be a nanny for a new family. I just want my Gabby and my Enzo... :(

Anyway, I am so grateful for the opportunity I've had to nanny these kids and to the Magyars for letting me be a part of their family for the past three years. I'm grateful for the relationship they've built with me and for the open communication we've had. Being their nanny has been better than I could have ever imagined and I'm just overcome with so many emotions right now. Change is hard.

In about a month Landon and I are taking the kiddos to Great Wolf Lodge for one last shebang before my last day. I hope these kiddos remember me. I hope they remember the things I've taught them. I hope I've had a positive impact on their lives. Thank you Magyars for an amazing adventure and for letting me be a part of your family. Gabby and Enzo--I love you so much!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Detroit Lake Camping Trip.

This year we've decided to do smaller trips, like visits to family and camping, instead of big trips. We love to travel, but sometimes the best trips are the little weekend ones not far from home. Plus, I'm kind of obsessed with camping so even though I still find myself dreaming of a cruise, I am VERY happy with our little weekend getaways. 

We weren't planning on going camping last weekend, but the weather was looking so nice (sunny and in the 70's! Thank you Oregon!) and we didn't have any plans so we decided to go for it. One of the perks of not having kids yet I guess ;) We went to Detroit Lake so we could bring the Hobie and go sailing... best decision ever! Camping AND sailing was the best combo :)

The campground is right on the water and they have boat ramps for you to use... but unfortunately the water levels were CRAZY low so the campsites were more like 1/4 mile from the lake and the boat ramps were unusable. 

This bathroom is supposed to be a "floating bathroom" for you to use if you are out boating on the lake. It was nowhere close to the water. 
Luckily, there was a boat ramp a few miles down the road. So we drove to the boat ramp and then Landon sailed the Hobie back to our campsite while I drove the car/trailer back to our campsite and then met him at the beach with the boys. They were in HEAVEN getting to explore the rocks and water!

It was really fun to watch Landon sail the Hobie and get some pictures. It's such pretty boat!

The view of Mt Jefferson was really pretty!
You can see all the logs and sand really well in this picture. That should all be covered by water. It was really kind of ugly and depressing.
Our plan was to pull the Hobie up on the beach and leave it there overnight so we wouldn't have to re-rig it and put it back on the trailer at the end of the day. It would just be ready for us to sail whenever. But there wasn't a very good "beach" since the water levels were crazy. But it all worked out okay :)

Pretty beach right? ;)

After pulling the Hobie up on the beach we decided to let the boys try swimming for the first time. I'm not even kidding you, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I seriously DIE every time I look at these pictures and I've watched this video 100 times. I just can't even get over it. Also, can we just talk about how cute of a puppy-daddy Landon is? Oh my word.

I mean seriously? Is that not the cutest thing? They were just so brave!

After our little swimming adventure, we went back to our campsite to set up and then we all put on our life jackets and went for a little sail. Yep, the boys came on the boat too! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture because Hobies like to tip over and you definitely don't want anything that can be destroyed by water on the boat. Ever. I need a Go Pro ASAP. Anyway, we got some really decent wind and I was a little nervous because I did NOT want to capsize with the boys on the boat (like that one time on Vancouver Lake... that was terrible!) But our skipper took good care of us and we just zoomed back and forth across the lake. The Hobie goes SO fast--it was so much fun! The boys were a little nervous I think, but overall they are just our little sea-dogs and such brave adventurers. I just held them tight :)

Back at camp we made our fire (well I made the fire. Landon dubbed me "fire girl" after last year's camping trip) and roasted hot dogs and s'mores (pronounced smoes in our family). Landon said this was his favorite part of our trip :)

I loved how the boys sat so nicely waiting by daddy to get a taste of the s'mores. Of course daddy gave them some licks :)

We took the boys on another walk after dinner and then put them to bed so we could go out to the lake and watch the stars. One of my favorite things about camping is how BRIGHT the stars are in the middle of nowhere. I just can't get over it. It makes me feel SO small and it's just so beautiful. We laid on the tramp of the Hobie Cat and found satellites and just stared at the stars in awe. It was an absolutely perfect day.

The next morning we ate breakfast, went on walk, took down camp, ate lunch, and then took the Hobie out for one more sail. We didn't have much wind at first, but it picked up and again we were just zooming back and forth across the lake SO fast. I love it!

We had the best weekend and we've decided that from now on we are only going camping near water because it was so much fun to do both sailing AND camping. When we got home we immediately started planning our next camping trip and we are going to a different lake over Memorial Day. Ahhh I can't even WAIT! 
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