Friday, June 15, 2018

Life Lately.

I need to figure out a better way to document and stay on top of my blog. I am pretty good at blogging about big events, like a vacation/birthday... but not as good at blogging about every day type events. So for now, I'm just going to do a big post with one million pictures to get caught up. :)

-There are two new Miller grandkids! Elliott and Johnny are seriously the CUTEST. Charlie loves holding the babies, but I get really anxious because I don't completely trust him to be gentle. Ha!

-Charlie is getting really good at going pee pee (and occasionally #2) on the potty. He gets a few M&M's for going potty :)

-Charlie has always really loved music, but he's getting more and more into it. His favorite songs are Thunder, Good Day Sunshine, Black Bird, and Shiny from Moana. One day when Pops was over they had a little jam session with the guitar and Charlie just thought it was the coolest!

-We had a lot of fun with Ali and Sahalie in town and getting together with all of us Millers. Some of the highlights were:

Hiking to a little waterfall (where I did one of the worst mom things I've ever done and told Charlie there was a bear in a cave and he completely freaked out. The whole drive home he talked about the "bir" and how he was scared) But Charlie had a blast playing in the water and with the rocks.

My parents and the Jeremy Millers rented a boat and we all took turns and had SO much fun!! Landon had never been on a boat like that before, so it was his first time tubing and wake boarding. Charlie was a little nervous about the boat so he mostly cuddled with me and it was HEAVEN. He never cuddles haha.

Dinner at the Jeremy Millers' house and more time with the whole family. We don't get together enough!

-We have been to the lake multiple times so far this season. Suzette and Jason have kayaks, so it's been really fun to take those out and to just hang out at the lake!

-We had a little stay-cation and took Charlie swimming for the first time. He LOVED it! He was so brave going down the waterslides and we just had so much fun!

-Daren and Liliana got us a pass to Thanksgiving Point for Charlie's 2nd birthday and we have been going almost every week. Charlie LOOOVES riding the pony at the farm and seeing all the animals. The Curiosity Museum is also freaking awesome too. The Tulip Festival was a total bust though. I guess we were expecting more tulips?

Charlie's impression of a rooster is probably my favorite thing ever.

-We celebrated my 29th birthday during the day by going to the aquarium and then later that night we met up with my cute parents by going to Cheesecake Factory. I love sharing a birthday with my dad! We also met up with Suzette and Jason after dinner for Coldstone, of course. Landon surprised me with tickets to see Newsies at the new Hale theater. Landon HATES plays/musicals so this was a big deal for him ha!

-A week after Charlie's birthday he had his 2 year check up. Charlie was SOOO scared of the doctor and screamed the whole time! It was SO sad!!! But the doctor was really impressed with how smart Charlie is with his letters, colors, and shapes. He weighed 30.2 pounds (74%), was 34.75' (66%), and still has a huge head (91%). We sure love our little buddy! 

-Since Nana and Pops were gone for Charlie's birthday, they came later and brought him a tramp and a few things from England. Charlie LOVES his jump jump and red bus :)

And here are just some random pictures and videos :)

We took his binky away one week after he turned two and he seriously went right to bed and only asked for it a few times over the next few days. I was SO proud of him and just cried and cried haha
First time in big boy underwear! 

Nini's birthday! 

First time sitting forward facing! He LOVES it!

First snow cone at the grand opening of our neighborhood's new park! 

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